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  1. Impressed to find a Murphys fan!
  2. hey - hope things are good...not back...just popped in for a look around. glad to see people are still doing well, as am I. I dont require support any longer but can say my time here was beneficial. Take care.
  3. Nice list - Coldplay is present on my playlist as well.
  4. Zoodles....Need Help!

    I like to lightly salt them and let sit for a while , then squeeze the moisture from the zoodles. I saute' them in garlic and a little olive oil, I will eat zoodles with marinara sauce and meatballs. This is my favorite way to prepare zoodles.
  5. I make different playlists to coincide whatever activity I am doing. When running I like songs with a quick tempo/beat as I try to keep up or exceed the tempo. I usually listen to heavy metal when lifting.
  6. Song of the day Post -

    Thanks Jeff - I will try and check in as time allows. I feel the need to give back as there were many that supported me along the way.
  7. Hi ! I will try and get on periodically. I am glad to read that folks are doing well and that new members are carrying the torch of the newbies! Imagine - we were once newbies? Seems so long ago?
  8. Song of the day Post -

    Hey - things have been great. It is amazing what becomes the new norm. I am sure i am not alone when saying it feels like I have always lived a healthy lo\ifestyle!
  9. Song of the day Post -

    Sad but True Metallica!
  10. Amber - so sorry to hear you are taking the long way to healing. I have no doubt you will get there soon. I hope all is well and you continue to remain healthy! I am still doing well. It is amazing how much our lives can change by choosing to have WLS. I am amazed on a daily basis. I still stay away from Carbs and spend 3-4 nights a week in the gym. I changed jobs a few months ago ( I never would have looked preop) and am working closer to home ( 1.5 miles to be exact...LOL) Things are great. I am glad that I saw this post when I logged in. I do not get here often anymore, am glad people are still able to find support on TT. Take care, Mike
  11. Miss you.....

    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Sadly, he has not posted in a year.  I miss him too.  Hopefully he is doing well.  

  12. New Arrival

    How did I miss this Post? Congrats to you! You look great!
  13. Just stopping by!

    Tom - Glad to hear you are doing well. I am going to use your line - The scale is a lie and the only real indicator is how you feel. That is a great one!
  14. Smoked Gouda Cauliflower Casserole

    What is another clicky "staple " ?? Something you may make every week? I need some fresh ideas....
  15. Song of the day Post -

    The Video was eery, Like he knew the end was near. Great rendition.