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  1. Mavisavis added a post in a topic Trouble with vitamins   

    I just went to a support group last night and the owner of Celebrate Vitamins was there. One of their newest products is a protein powder with your multi vitamin and calcium in it. It comes in a tub or individual packets. I hated the chalkies and the liquids way back when. I was nauseus my first 4-6 months out....ugh. Good luck, you will find something.

  2. Mavisavis added a post in a topic I hate protein shakes   

    Any chance you like hot chocolate?? I am almost 5 years out, so you can imagine how tired I should be of protein powder. I can hide it away in homemade hot cocoa so easily. I drink it every morning.

  3. Mavisavis added a post in a topic Long term WLS roll call!   

    Yaaaaaay, some old friends!! Life is good....it truly is. I am healthy and happy. I'm just making sure I find my ways and connections to keep it that way. I am so glad to hear from you guys. It sounds like you are all doing well too and that is so encouraging.

  4. Mavisavis added a post in a topic Long term WLS roll call!   

    I used to be a regular around these parts, so I am hoping a few of you remember me. I do check in and read a little on and off. I'm at a point where I am hoping to get back into some posting and mutual support here. I am coming up on my 5 year anniversary in a few weeks. I originally got down to goal within a year...and kinda hovered there. But honestly, I had not dealt with the head part and I struggled. I ended up finding 50 of the lost pounds....YIKES! I got myself into OA and a Back on Track program and have taken the weight back off. I am finally at a point where I don't use food for comfort, fear, boredom, celebration, etc. I am working at finding ways to stay connected in the wls community locally and online to keep my head in the right place. I'm glad to be back!


    Wow, just previewed my post and had forgotten about my signature quote....I needed to read it again today!
  5. Mavisavis added a post in a topic Book that deals with the emotions of losing weight   

    Hey there Beth...how are you? I am majorly struggling and am gearing up to work on myself yet again. Obviously I have not done near enough behavior mod and changing my relationship with food. Anyhow, I just bought the workbook from Beck and it looks awesome. I am going to try and find at least one person to go along for the ride and diet coach/support each other. I am planning to ask my sis and another friend, but thought I'd see if anyone else from the board has come across the book. Is this book helping you?
  6. Mavisavis added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Donna   

    Well dangit....it was balloons...
  7. Mavisavis added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Donna   

    Hey Donna...sorry I just ran across this too. I am glad you had such a wonderful Birthday! I will attempt a graphic....

    Happy Birthday!!
  8. Mavisavis added a post in a topic 6 1/2 yrs. Post-op RNY- update   

    Wow, I am so happy for you. I too have looked into the Stomaphyx. I am 2 1/2 years out and back into some bad habits. How was the surgery as far as pain and recoop time?
  9. Mavisavis added a post in a topic TOTALLY OT... Am I crazy, or just losing it?   

    Cindy......I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your Dad. I also believe they can visit from "the other side". I forget why, but it seems in reading I came across an explanation of why it is difficult for them at first. My Grandma rarely comes anymore in dreams, but the entire family finds dimes constantly, and there is a song we always hear at just the right time. He'll come eventually. Also, maybe because you are so sure of where he is, and you guys had no unfinished business and such a great relationship, he has less need to prove anything to you. Hope he comes soon!
  10. Mavisavis added a post in a topic Am I welcome Back??   

    Welcome back Dyann!!!
  11. Mavisavis added a post in a topic Wheres Marty and Pam these days?   

    Hey, just happened on tonight for some odd reason. I've been busy with a college class that has Field Experience (education class), a visit with out of state family (niece in Michigan), then a visit from some other out of state family(step-daughter from N. Carolina), a new dog (Miss Fanny.....an awesome Goldendoodle), an upcoming surgery planned (scar tissue in the new ta-tas again...sigh), upcoming surgery for my wonderful Rottie, Baxter (pretty sure it's only a fatty tumor), etc. You know how it goes when life keeps rolling. Other than still struggling with weight and snacking......it's all good. Thanks for asking Bridget.....how the heck is it going with you out here in cold country?
  12. Mavisavis added a post in a topic paula on american idol   

    I was doing something else while it was on......and I stopped my DVR to see if the show was almost over. For a second I thought I was the one that had lost my mind. lol I know she is a nice person, but she sounded pretty strange.....
  13. Mavisavis added a post in a topic Help! 7 years out and I am in real trouble   

    Hey Jenni......nice to see you on. I haven't run across you on the boards lately. I am happy to hear you were able to lose your regain. I too feel it will always be an effort for me.....a diet so to speak. My food choices are ridiculous. I am gathering my strength to work it off now that good weather has arrived!
  14. Mavisavis added a post in a topic Help! 7 years out and I am in real trouble   

    Loaded question..... I went on it.....did perfect.....dropped 3 lbs.....and promptly ate like CRAZY for some days afterwards. lol I do think it helped, and I will do it again, just make sure you mentally prepare for right afterwards.
  15. Mavisavis added a post in a topic Donna (SDGrrrl)   

    I hope you get well soon Donna!