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  1. Thanks you....feeling better today.....and back on tract. I SO appreciate the support.
  2. I have done so well with my emotions since my surgery, been through a lot, another mini stroke, lost my brother unexpectedly, a lot..........but for some reason, I broke today...I have eaten all day and bad stuff. Issues with two of my kids, my oldest had an emergency appendectomy and I couldn't get home, my knees are hurting so bad today, ended up in ER yesterday with a surface blood clot.....had one knee totally replaced in November and the other last month and it takes a year for full recovery......just lost it today........I feel guilty and like a loser....just feel horrible!!!!!!!
  3. Thank you....I'm joining the gym as soon as my legs heal.....see if I can get strong and healthy
  4. From the album Losing weight progression

    170....can't get below no matter what I do
  5. Been awhile guys. I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy!!!!! I was sleeved 10/6/14 and am down to 170....where I have been for well over a year. Goal is matter what I do I can't get that last 20 pounds off. I recently had both my knees replaced.....the right one on last November 8th and the left on on March 7th, which of course has really limited me....I haven't done well with it but getting better. I plan on getting my legs healed and joining a gym and see if this helps. I'm also having diverticulitis issues....after having 18 inches of diseased colon removed, I now have it on the other side and it flares up fairly often....I just don't go to the hospital anymore because they said if it keeps fairing up, I'll have to have it removed and I'm afraid I'll end up with a colostomy bag, I just have the antibiotics ordered from my Dr. I'm still having issues with getting enough water in......I've never been a thirsty type of person, ever have drank much......and it's still hard....I usually manage it but it's a real struggle
  6. Thank you. I'm having a really hard time. I'm alone a lot as hubby is on call 24/7. I so scared of getting addicted to pain pills, but it's just unbearable if I don't. This leg had been bad for about 15 years and has not had much ROM to stsrt with.
  7. Thank you
  8. I had Total Knee Replacement on Tuesday morning, the 8th. I'm at home now and I have to say...this is the worst pain I've had from any surgery I've had. Anyone have this? It feels like I'll never be the same again.
  9. Severe diahrhia...nauseous. No way I'm getting water in. If I can hold it tomorrow.... Will I be OK ad far as dehydration? Thank you
  10. I have those days...a lot right now since I can't exercise or anything...I try to take one a week, a set day, to have something I want badly. The I can tell myself..well, I onlt have to go till Sunday (my eat something I want day) and I'll eat the lasagna or whatever else it is I'm wanting
  11. Thank you.....I'm so so worried. Like today, my butt is stuck on the couch doing absolutely nothing, meaning I can eat hardly nothing because I can't burn off any calories...I will not gain....I go to the specialist the hopefully I can get these things addressed.
  12. I can't believe how fast it's gone by.....however. I had another mini stroke last week. I went to our tiny local hospital here in Winslow and they airlifted me to Phoenix. I'm OK now. I had one in 2011. I just had my Bariatric labs done and everthinv was good other thany cholesterol is 75 points high. I don't eat meat, eat very healthy. My brother passed unexpectedly a month ago. His heart just blew up. My biological father also passed from his heart do my Dr thinks it's hereditary. We haven't found a station that I can tolerate yet. I'm hding easily at 170. I just can't get this last 20 off...I'll just keep trying. I'd do it all over again
  13. Thank you
  14. Congrats.....I hope I can be the same at 5 years!! I do have some lose skin but at 61 I'm not gonna mess with it, it's not a whole lot but it's there. I watch "Skin Tight" and they all mention the pain and how long for 61 I just don't want to do it
  15. Thank you!!