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  1. Hi, i have been dealing with stomach problems, like cramping and vomiting since about a year post op. I have had several EGD, ultrasounds, and other tests trying to figure out what the problem is. Also, I spoke with Nutritionists and such about possible solutions. I recently had an EGD and the doctor discovered that my pouch is not digesting or expelling food the way it should. Instead the food is getting caught and creating large balls of food in my pouch. Now that I know the cause of my problems, the question is how to fix it. The doctor that did the EGD sent me home with diet restrictions that are nearly impossible to follow because they restrict me from the normal food I eat as a bypass patient, including cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. I have an appointment set emeritus my original WLS surgeon but that is a few weeks away. I'm really scared that this is going to mean more surgery. I'm trying to get pregnant and worried that it may impact that as well. Has anyone had this problem or do you have any suggestions that may help?
  2. He just said the risk was high in general. I asked him about creating a new belly button and he said it was either keep the one I had or nothing at all. No in between
  3. So I had the consult with plastics and the surgeon told me to take out my navel and do not worry about how I will look without a belly button because the risk is way higher to keep it. My boyfriend and family heard this and are pressuring me to just get rid of my belly button but to me I think it will look and feel strange to not have one. Can I get some opinions on this from people who have done the surgery? Is the risk that high and did it feel strange to you? Thanks
  4. I did talk to the surgeon. He said I will need a cat scan because the symptoms are different from the ulcer that I had a few months ago. They also suggested a liquid diet for now, though it sounded like that was for comfort and what I eat/drink makes no differences on pain levels.
  5. I called them, I am awaiting an answer
  6. Hi, I don't know if anyone else has had a similar situation, so I thought I would ask. I am having very sharp pains in or near my pouch. It is worse with any food or drink. It feels similar to food being stuck, but it hurts worse with even protein water. I can't explain it.
  7. I'm considering a LBL/ tummy tuck, breast lift and my arms
  8. Hi everyone, I'm almost two years post-op and considering plastics. I am at a weight and body image that I'm overall happy with. I don't have as much extra skin as many people.m, but I do have a significant amount. I have a difficult time leaving my house without shape wear and corsets because of both physical pain of jiggling skin and the mental thought that people are staring at me because of my "jigglies." My boyfriend is good with the way I look and supportive of whatever decision I choose. I have canceled 3 consultations so far because I'm nervous about cost and recovery. starting at almost 400 pounds and now at about 200, I almost don't even look like the same person and my appearance and self esteem have greatly improved. I can't even comprehend how I did it all for so long. Anyway, if anyone is willing to share their story or some incite, I would greatly appreciate it. As I said, I'm on the fence, part of me wants to do the plastics so bad and the other part of me wonders if it is worth it.
  9. Hi. Thank you for this. In to the point that I can have the surgery. Of course, same as with bypass, everyone has an opinion about it. I have heard horror stories and people telling me not to do it. My boyfriend has said multiple times that he likes my "jiggles." That makes one of us. lol I'm sure I will be happy with the results but not sure about the recovery and such.
  10. Hi May, sticking to the diet is hard. Your family needs to understand that while it is easy to say you can do it naturally, that isn't always possible. Also, this is not an "easy way out." Bypass takes a lot of work and you need to be both mentally and physically prepared for all of the changes you will go through. As far as the pre-op diet, I wasn't required to do it, but instead chose to do it because it helped my mental state going into the surgery. The way I looked at it was if I could do it before, I would have no problem after. I can say that I went in very mentally prepared and ready. I have friends that have had bypass and struggled because they were not prepared. They cheated after the surgery and had a lot of regain. Another friend struggled to cope just with daily life and ended up with a transfer addiction. The bottom line is that you need to do what is best for you and not worry about how people in your life view your decision. Best of luck with your surgery.
  11. Welcome Stacey! I had low energy/ sleeping post-op but once I started getting energy, it was like a whirlwind and I could hardly sit still. I taught preschool and would run races with the kids just to get rid of some of the energy that I would have just sitting in the classroom. Lol
  12. Well here is the update from the doctor. I am to eat what I can. Everything I eat does not sit well, so I drink shakes only, now. I have to have an ultrasound on my gallbladder. He is thinking it is either my gallbladder or a hernia. I have to go back in to see him on July 10th. This could be a long time to the 10th because I am now actually starting to get dizzy spells and that sort of thing. I was feeling great as long as I didn't eat but now I am having a harder time exercising and what not. I may need to bump up the number of shakes or something. I don't know what else to do with it. If the food is at all solid, I cannot eat it.
  13. Thank you! To be honest, I feel great, as long as I don't eat anything. I can drink anything and I am fine. I had an episode where had I eaten, I would have thrown up but that is it. In some ways it is bitter sweet, I lost 4 pounds yesterday doing absolutely nothing, but the only thing I could keep down was the shakes and a little cottage cheese. lol
  14. I called the surgeon's office and they switched the appointment to Friday instead.
  15. I have an appointment with him on July 10th. I fell pretty okay, unless I eat. I have a ton of energy.