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  1. Welcome! Not a Nebraskan but am in neighboring Kansas. Best to you as you begin the journey to your healthiest self.
  2. I wore a 10 pre-op and now wear a 9 or sometimes an 8 1/2. I had lots of shoes that had to go away but that just gave me justification to shop!
  3. Is there really a wrong time to shop for new clothes Personally as soon as what I had looked and felt too big I shopped for enough to get me through to the next size change. The closer you get to goal the more fun it is! If you like to shop anyway, and I realize not everyone does. I don't understand it but I acknowledge that it exists lol. You don't have to spend a lot to do that; lots of people shop thrift stores or good will during the active losing phase. I personally don't have much luck (or more likely enough patience) with thrift stores, but did a lot of clearance and sales shopping. Eventually everything you now own will be too big for you, including underwear, bras, even shoes. OK, socks will still fit but other than that you will likely eventually need new everything. It is amazing!!
  4. Periods can be rather wonky with weight loss as estrogen is stored in fat cells; when you lose weight you get a surge of estrogen released. So, I wouldn't be terribly concerned about having some bleeding. But, I would be concerned about not being able to feel the strings. That warrants a call to whoever put it in; they probably will want to do a placement check. As to the question of removing it to aid in weight loss, IUD's are probably one of the least likely to impact weight so I don't think that should be a concern. Yes, Mirena in particular has some progestin but it has more of a local (in the uterus) than systemic (throughout the rest of the body) effect.
  5. There are several sources to order it from, but I bought mine directly from the company's website.
  6. I am so sorry you're suffering. You need to get care, bloody stools and this level of pain are not normal. Get to the ER and hopefully you can get some help. Please keep us posted.
  7. Oh my, this does not sound normal for 5 months post op. I would try calling your surgeon's office one more time and emphasizing to the nurse that it is so bad you are trying to decide whether to go to the ER or not. If you still get nowhere I think I would go ahead and go to the ER, preferably while you're having the pain. I wonder if you have a leak or something? It seems more severe than an ulcer would be, and it seems a bit unusual to have a severe ulcer this early on. But, if you're not already taking a PPI (like Nexium) I would certainly consider adding that in to see if it helps while you wait for answers. I hope you find answers and relief soon. Let us know!
  8. You might try the Unjury Chicken Soup flavor protein powder. I really liked it both pre op and post op. I used it plain as directed on the jug, and also stirred it into other savory cream soups for added protein when my post-op diet advanced to that stage.
  9. I hope you can get some answers and relief soon. In the meantime I'd try a PPI like Nexium if you're not already on one. Or if you've been on it a long time, switch to a different one. And yes, you have to give up smoking. Ask hubby to smoke outside if that would help. I quit smoking 25 years ago with a husband who smoked and the only way I could do it was with him being outside. Oh and gum, lots of gum
  10. I'm not an expert but as I see it the only advantage would be if you developed complications and had to be out an extended period of time. It would protect you from losing your job. I think I did fill out the paperwork because I had to in order to be able to use sick leave over winter break (I work at a university which is closed over break and didn't want to use vacation) and my surgery was mid-December. It's exciting to have your date, best of luck to you!
  11. Keep your focus on the end goal, not the details of the process. You surely won't be in the hospital long with a sleeve; I know I was there a grand total of 23 hours lol. I also didn't have a drain or a week's worth of self-administered shots though so that may be a difference in surgeons. I assume the injections are blood thinners. I think the nurse gave me a couple of them; one right before I left but I didn't do any after that. Anyway, whatever the process is it will be so worth it and you then you'll have a whole new healthy life ahead of you. Best of luck to you!
  12. The straightening up thing is normal; it took me a good 2 weeks before I looked remotely straight. Part of the back pain is from walking bent over, but the lipo also may be responsible. It sounds to me like you're right on track and yes, the swelling will go down. Congrats!
  13. I add some sliced almonds for a little crunch plus a little protein.
  14. I often order an appetizer shrimp cocktail and a side or house salad. Perfect amount, good protein and delicious.
  15. Just eat what you can tolerate for now; food aversions usually don't last and you'll be able to expand your menu. For now as long as you're getting your protein and fluids you'll be OK. And, use this time to develop non-food ways of dealing with the world as it won't last forever and then you'll be tempted to let chocolate be your answer At around 8 weeks I developed an aversion to avocado which is a food I have always loved and had so looked forward to. Taste, smell, texture made me gag. I was crushed. Fortunately it is now back on my favorites list. Good luck!