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  1. I think it's about the hair all over the place when you're losing it, not how it looks on your head. 50 strands of long hair is much more visible in the drain, on clothes, etc than 50 strands of short hair. Also, short hair often looks fuller, depending on the cut.
  2. Didn't sound judging at all
  3. I'm 2 1/2 years out and I do not spend nearly as much time on here as I did in the beginning, for exactly the reason cinwa suggested...I just don't need the same level of support and information as I did in the beginning. I still pop in regularly, particularly when I'm needing inspiration, or when something new and glorious has happened that I want to share with people who will understand what it means. For example, people who haven't been obese don't understand the joy of fitting in an airplane seat because they've never been faced with that humiliation. Will I someday leave and not return...perhaps. Life gets busy and priorities change. I will always remember how valuable this forum was to my WLS success though, and appreciate the people here for all the input.
  4. I would echo the above advice; in the US many bariatric surgeons have stopped doing banding at all because of complications and ineffectiveness. Now, let's talk about the alcohol issue. Your liver is likely enlarged now from a combination of obesity and regular alcohol use. Though probably at your age mostly from obesity. Generally, we are put on a pre-op diet aimed at shrinking the liver so that the surgery is easier. They have to retract the liver out of the way to do any of the WLS procedures and the bigger it is the more difficult that makes it. One very real problem post-op is addiction transfer which is what concerns me most about your regular alcohol use. Most of us are food addicts. We use it for comfort, for celebration, for everything but fuel. When we no longer can do that we often turn to something else and it's very easy for alcoholism to become the next problem. Or shopping addiction, or whatever vice of choice. Do your research and determine if you are ready to make a permanent change in your life. I hope that you will decide you want to be healthy and will address the things in your life that are not healthy. This forum is an excellent place to find information and support and it's mostly because we've all been there. I can tell you that it is glorious on the other side
  5. Sleever here with a honeymoon of around a year. I continued to lose after that but with a lot more effort and intention. I have come to believe that the type of surgery is not as important as the will of the recipient.
  6. I had a beloved pair of jeans that I just couldn't let go of. They were a couple of sizes down from my biggest, and it was such a thrill to get into them, and them have them get loose. They were really the first jeans I felt cute in. I thought I'd keep them "just in case" which was stupid. However, I came across them the other day and when I held them up they just looked so giant that I had no trouble at all sending them out the door. Interesting perspective now that I've been at goal awhile. Shopping is so much more fun at goal, you have more to choose from and cuter options.
  7. I've only had cornea transplants so can't help with personal experience. I do think that weight loss and eating healthy can only help keep your new organs healthy. I wonder if the anti-rejection drugs will make it more difficult to lose weight? You have a lot of exciting changes to look forward to; will be anxious to hear more of your story and how it all goes for you!
  8. Happy to see you back and doing well. It does suck when the honeymoon ends...if only it was forever! You keep doing what you're doing, it's obviously working for you!
  9. So close! You're doing great and soon will have that date!
  10. You're doing great!! You must feel really wonderful!
  11. So, like many folks post WLS I experience chronic constipation and acid issues. I had been taking nexium for the acid and switched to pepcid after reading all the long term issues with ppi's. Since switching I have had 2 episodes of intense abdominal cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. First episode I thought was just a stomach bug but it happened again today out of the blue. Went to primary who thinks it's "just a virus" but I've never had a virus that acted like this. I ate nothing unusual before the episodes and nothing was really different except the switch from nexium to pepcid. Felt perfectly great and normal between episodes which were just over a week apart. Both episodes were preceded by several days of constipation which as noted above is not unusual for me. Any experience with something similar? I will contact my surgeon if it recurs for sure. Just kind of puzzled. And slightly whiny, I'm never sick
  12. 8

    I've never had any dreams about food thankfully. I do notice that the nights I'm having heartburn which is fortunately infrequent, I have weird dreams. Like last night I was having Shaq's baby
  13. My program makes all their patients have a sleep study and if shownbtp have sleep apnea you have to have a cpap for at least 2 weeks before they'll do surgery. I was not happy at all about it and had a miserable night at my sleep study. I knew I snored bit had no daytime sleepiness or trouble staying awake at all. I was not at all happy to discover I had mild to moderate sleep apnea and had to get a cpap. Fortunately they are not as medieval as they used to be and I really got along ok with it. Turns out the headaches I often woke up with got better. Anyway, my program told me about a patient they lost who had undiagnosed sleep apnea; post op he took a pain pill and laid down for a nap...never woke up. So I decided that I didn't really want to die and should just suck it up and do it. I didn't need it for long post op but am glad i had it while I needed it.
  14. I took my 10 year old granddaughter to the county fair tonight and rode every single carnival ride with no fear of not fitting on the seat or of being too heavy. I felt very free.
  15. Avocado/guacamole was like that for me in the early times. I was so upset because I love me some guac! Glad to say it was a temporary aversion and I now can happily eat it again. Hope you do the same with broccoli.