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  1. I second trying the 5 day pouch test. Even though sleevers don't really have a pouch, it's a good reset for our brain, which is what usually causes us (at least me) to mess up. You can do this!
  2. I'm so very sorry for what you are facing. It is so hard to watch someone you love in such pain and deteriorating before your eyes. I pray for strength for you and your family to get through what's ahead. Take good care of yourself. Mary
  3. My sleeve likes everything as well, which is why it is so important to permanently change eating habits. Stop the sugar now. Like right now. At 3 weeks out you shouldn't be having anything off plan because of the healing your baby sleeve is doing, never mind that it is setting you up for failure. This honeymoon period is the easiest it's going to get in terms of managing what you eat. Future success depends upon establishing good habits now while it is easier. Believe me, I know how difficult it is! I also know how much sweeter life is without sugar
  4. It happens to me occasionally, usually when eating something spicy or of a hot temp. Of course I also have hot flashes under many's just so much fun!!
  5. I had dry heaves post op but was lucky it only lasted about 48 hours. That was a miserable couple of days though so I feel for you. Smallest of sips or even just letting ice chips slowly melt in your mouth. I hope your surgeon was able to help you with this.
  6. I started dating in the past year after a very long time (1985!). My husband had loved me through many size changes and I was very comfortable naked with him. When he died 7 years ago, I really thought the days of being naked with someone were over. So, I really struggled with this. I look pretty decent with clothes on but between skin that's been stretched multiple times over the years and age the naked don't look so hot That was a very difficult conversation to have with the man I am dating. Fortunately, he loves me and finds me attractive as I am. I am scheduled for some work in March, and he is supportive of that, but loves me either way. None of us should settle for anything less.
  7. I would suggest protein drinks at your computer station, and then when you get an actual break eat something. It won't be easy because we all know nurses don't always get their breaks but if you're doing the protein shakes regularly you should be able to meet both your fluid and protein goals.
  8. I still have a protein shake for breakfast nearly every day and I'm 2 years out. I do it because I have never been a breakfast eater and it's just easier. I too wait before drinking other fluids.
  9. Welcome, Jade! This is an excellent place to find valuable information, support, and the occasional kick in the pants (lovingly of course). I looks like you've got a great start on this journey to the new healthier you!
  10. I had mine right before Christmas 2 years ago and was very concerned about how I would manage the post-op diet during that time of food overload. Turns out it wasn't that difficult. I wasn't really hungry, especially in the early days, and even doing all the usual cooking I experienced very little temptation. It is an effort just to get your fluids and proteins in. I remember scoffing to myself about "not being able to eat more than a spoonful or two". Yeah right, like that's gonna happen. But, it did One thing my advancing age has taught me is that worrying about things does not change the experience whatsoever. Your experience is yours...not necessarily like mine or anyone else's so just go with it. You got this!!
  11. You're doing great!!!!
  12. I feel your pain! My hormones are all over the place and on the one hand I am glad the periods are gone (knock on wood, none since August) I really hate what the hormone fluctuations do to my energy level, my metabolism, my moods, my skin. Sigh... I think you're right though, we have to be even more diligent the older we get when the instinct is to relax more as time goes by. Your posts have always been a source of hope and inspiration to me so please don't consider yourself a failure! You are a WLS rock star and you got this!!
  13. Hope things continue to progress smoothly for you! Congrats on beginning your journey to health!
  14. Welcome and best wishes on your journey to health.
  15. Welcome! I can't think of a better reason to get and stay healthy than those grandbabies! Congrats on your excellent start on the road to health.