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  1. So happy for you!!!! FINALLY!!!!!
  2. I had my sleeve at 51 and now just having turned 54 have officially hit menopause (no period for a year). So, I reached goal during the hormonal craziness of the perimenopausal time frame. BTW, I never had the moodiness, really I didn't. Damn it I didn't!!! You are one of our long term success stories. You have proven that you are a WLS success! What you do next should be determined by how you feel. If the extra 10 pounds makes you feel less than OK, you and only you can fix that. If you are happy where you are, go for it!!
  3. My mother does the same thing; she loves to watch on the screen and get the scoop from the doc. Not me, I said I didn't want to know anything...not who was in the room, nothing. I was blissfully unaware anyone or anything was up my butt lol. Now, when they put in my IVC filter when I had a blood clot, I did watch that on the screen and found it quite fascinating. That went in through the neck though
  4. My BCBS paid nearly all of mine. It's not the insurance company that makes the rules, it's whoever contracts with them (usually your employer) who determines how much of what will be covered.
  5. We all have the right to determine who knows our business. You obviously felt comfortable sharing in one scenario and not the other and did some good in doing so. Good for you. Ignoring your instinct with Baba would probably lead a direction you wouldn't be comfortable with and then that relationship might suffer. But you don't have to actually lie either; with people I don't really want to have the conversation with I usually say something along the lines of "I eat mostly high protein and veggies and I walk 4 miles every evening". Not a lie. Maybe not the entire truth but not a lie. People who want to know just to be nosy and you know they will gossip...nope. People who genuinely care and/or would benefit from knowing, well that's entirely different and you get to choose.
  6. Welcome, Amanda! Congratulations on making the decision to take control of your health and your future! Glad you found us here; this has been an amazing place for learning, sharing, and support.
  7. You're doing great, congrats and keep up the good work!
  8. I eat popcorn, but didn't until I was out maybe 6 months or so. It is something I have to be careful with because you can eat a LOT of popcorn and it's easy to get into that mindless munching thing that was part of what got me to the point of needing WLS.
  9. I enjoyed a few last suppers as my preop diet approached. Not suggesting it's the right thing to do, just that I did it As I recall, I visited my favorite Mexican place, my favorite BBQ joint and my favorite microbrewery, thinking it would be my "last chance". Guess what, now that I'm at goal, I occasionally eat at those places again. Not what I ate before but I feel good afterwards and have at least 2 more meals from the leftovers lol. Life post WLS is so good!
  10. Congrats on the new house! I'm sorry life has been so stressful (and painful!) but it sounds like you are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My fiancé and I are building a house and I just did the electrical walk through on my lunch break today, so I can relate to some of what you're experiencing. He works out of state so it's all on me, or at least it feels that way. We're getting married in 2 weeks and I am so glad we are going away for a quiet private stress no drama. I work every evening after my job ends to get projects done around my current house which will go on the market right after we get back from the wedding. I have a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder that I never had fixed because with PT and steroids it was fairly pain free for 3 years. Not so much now, dang it. So, yep I relate to a lot of your journey and struggle some days to stay in control of eating. I did the 5DPT a couple of weeks ago which helped a lot. Hang in there, we can do this!!
  11. I scope it all out first and identify those things that seem really special or that I know I love. I take a small portion of my favorite protein then a bite of two of 2 or 3 other items. I skip things I can live without...rolls, mashed potatoes, etc. I enlist anyone who wants to, to go for a walk with me after the meal, then later have a bite or 3 of a dessert. So empowering to really savor the good stuff and experiencing quality over quantity. I always feel completely satisfied and do not at all miss the stuffed sick feeling.
  12. I am so sorry for all you're going through and for this latest in a long line of disappointments. Did they say why they cancelled it? Can you be on a "call" list for cancellations that might open up a spot somewhere? Was it a scheduler who did this or the actual providers? I know you have probably tried everything but I think it's time to get very assertive and insist on a resolution. Being in misery until next March is unacceptable, unless of course there is a medical reason for postponing. Some large practices have a "patient advocate" who can sometimes be helpful navigating the system; perhaps it would be helpful to check that out? Complain to everyone you can find contact information for; it's time to be the squeaky wheel!
  13. I understand. I was afraid of that as well since I tend to be a mouth breather (also related to allergies). I found that with this if your mouth opens the air goes from your nose out your mouth and (briefly) wakes you up, at least enough to close your mouth. I slept pretty good with it; much better than I anticipated. I didn't notice any benefits from the CPAP except less headaches on awakening, probably because I wasn't having any other issues to begin with. None of the usual daytime sleepiness, trouble concentrating or memory. Ok maybe memory but I attribute that to menopause lol. Hopefully the one that is on the way to you will work and that will be the end of your troubles! But if not, you might give the nasal pillow a try. I went with it first because I tend to be a bit claustrophobic and was afraid I would not tolerate a full face mask. Good luck!
  14. I used a nasal pillow mask that was very lightweight and (almost) not even annoying lol. Here's a link to what it looks like... | US | Main Shopping&utm_term=1101201909748&utm_content=all products Hopefully you'll have better luck with what is already on the way but if not you may want to try something completely different. Good luck!
  15. Just now finished a "Power Red" donation where they take 2 units, separate out and keep the RBC's and return the other cells and plasma along with some additional saline. Wasn't sure my hemoglobin would be high enough for a double, but it was 14.7 so good to go.