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  1. I think I was at six months? As long as I have my protein requirements met that day and I'm under my caloric goal I will have a few pieces.
  2. Do you have access to a pool or a lake? I don't know what your disability status is but maybe you could get a scholarship from a Y or something?
  3. This is just my opinion but you might be working out too much and not eating enough good calories. Again, just me. But at some point your body is going into starvation mode and trying to hold on to everything. Also you are going to be gaining muscle. I couldn't deal with the mind F of gaining muscle so I barely worked out the first year. I know, bad bad bad. But I know how I am, I put on muscle really quickly and if I had started to gain muscle weight I would have gone off the track. Anyway I think everyone should measure their bust, waist and hips and only weigh yourself once a week during stalls. Also I got a body fat scale because I will lose it if muscle makes me gain weight and start to think what is wrong with me, etc.
  4. I honestly can't remember how I set my goal weight! I guess I just looked at what percent of body weight it is normal to lose and looked at pictures of people who weighed that amount who were my height to see if it looked possible. So I set it at 180 but got down to 165. At 165 my face looked gaunt and at my age I just looked old. So I think around 170 is where I need to stay. With water weight I have been up to 178 but then I lost four pounds in a weekend, I have no idea why. Maybe my scale needs new batteries. Right now I'm at 171. Also keep in mind the mind F that muscle can make you weigh more. I have a hard time with that one which is why I bought a body fat scale. Also measure yourself, at least your bust, waist and hips so that you can see you are losing inches.
  5. Hopefully you won't have little physical activity after you get surgery!
  6. Is there a possibility of a reversal? I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I hope this isn't too personal but were you bulimic or just having issues with throwing up?
  7. Now I'm down because it's only 80 and I think it's too cold to swim. I might go up in late afternoon and see how it feels!
  8. I love that suit! So cute!
  9. You know I'm glad that's what they are thinking and they aren't feeling repressed or bad about it. I am such a mermaid I think even if I were in that country I'd be depressed watching other people swim when I couldn't!
  10. Oh yeah, it only lasts about fifteen minutes for me. The thing is most sleevers don't dump. And I haven't in so long. I guess some things just hit you wrong. Maybe it was because I hadn't eaten very much and then I was swimming so I was burning a lot of calories and then had that? I have no idea.
  11. I would call and ask to talk to the manager. That is not ok.
  12. The best thing about getting a divorce was moving to this complex that has the nicest pool ever. I think my daughter and I have been every day since it opened. No kidding. I was just thinking it is so nice to just swim and not feel self conscious about being over weight. And to not get winded or something when I'm playing with my daughter. At the same time, the typical female brain of a woman living in this culture starts doing really annoying things. Like looking at other women's bodies and missing my curves, missing my larger size breasts, looking at women in bikinis with totally flat stomachs and realizing I will never have that. I just wish when I was young and thin I would have appreciated my body for one damn day! Oh well I tell myself I need to love myself. I didn't have surgery to look good, I did it to feel good. And I need to love the fact that I made the right choice for me. This surgery was so life changing. I live in an area where half the people at least are from other countries. And so there are many times I am literally the only white American at the pool, which is fine, that's how I like things to be, I've always tried to put myself into situations where there is a lot of diversity. One thing that really bothers me is that the women from some countries apparently aren't allowed to swim. But their husbands can. And I just feel like it's so unfair. I have seen everything from a woman wearing a sari, a woman wearing the full on hijab with the full body gown/dress thing sweating by the side of the pool, and then just women who apparently have to wear long pants and three quarter length sleeves at all times. And I look at them, then look at their husbands, and I just feel like this is shitty. This is so shitty. And then I wonder what they think of me, not just me, I wear a suit that has swim shorts and a tank top type thing, it's more sporty than sexy. But then you see women with huge breasts with them just hanging out or suits with almost butt floss. And I wonder what these women are really thinking, are they feeling like we American women are slutty? Does it bother them that their husbands can see us but they have to sit there in the heat and just watch their families have fun? I do have to say the husbands don't seem to notice the American women, they feel very safe and like they aren't pervs or anything. I'm not trying to say that at all. Most of them are focused on their kids and it's cute to see. Or who knows, maybe the moms are thinking about something else and it doesn't bother them or they are so devout that this is their religion and this is how it is, this is their role and they wouldn't want anyone to feel sorry for them. I love swimming and if I couldn't swim because it was supposedly wrong for me to show my legs and arms in public, I would be so sad.
  13. Ok first of all I don't even really like mayo, never have. But my daughter is home all summer most of the time by herself and she really likes to put mayo on ham and cheese slices and roll it up and eat it, so I bought some for her. Well then I realized I was out of Greek yogurt. And I really wanted chicken salad and didn't want to go back to the store. I was eating under my calories/fat/carbs for the day so I thought ok I'll just make it with mayo. About fifteen minutes later I was dumping! You guys I haven't dumped on anything in like two years! It was pretty bad, I had heart palpitations, I felt clammy and my intestines were hurting. Mayo, I dumped on mayo. Sometimes I do dumb things. Good lord now I don't even want to eat chicken salad even if it is with greek yogurt, and I was getting obsessed with it. I was making all kinds of different chicken salad with different spices and ingredients.
  14. For me it was also the loss of animal protein. I would not eat any pureed meat because it's gross. It wasn't until I could get animal protein back in my diet that I felt like a real human being again.
  15. What I do is pack my protein powder and other high protein snacks so that no matter what I know I have something with me that I can eat. You can't rely on someone else, and especially if you are in a new place you have no idea what food is going to be around. I also think of going out to eat as a social thing. If I am going to a new place and I can't look at the menu online before going and I have the suspicion that there isn't going to be anything for me to eat I'll just eat before I go even if it's a protein shake and then get a small appetizer or something and tell people I'm not really hungry. I know it sucks. I think th first year is really hard because you have to get through all kinds of new experiences and adjust to it all. You have done so well! Almost to goal! Keep going!