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  1. Most of us aren't good with patience. It's kind of how we got into this situation, isn't it? We couldn't wait so we ate some more and more and more. I highly recommend that all WLS people get a body fat scale and a tape measure. Keep track of your bust, waist, and hip measurements at least. Some people do arm and thigh too. Sometimes when you plateau you still lose some inches. Sometimes your body is just resting. Sometimes you are just adjusting to a hormonal shift, it's complicated stuff. Don't let it get you down when the scale doesn't move. Come here and talk to us! We've all been there. It used to drive me crazy but people would point out how much I had already lost and told me I was still doing all the right things so of course the scale would move again, and then it did!
  2. I think the honey is a good idea, especially if it's local honey. That helps with allergies and can fend off viruses and bacteria too!
  3. Oh my god you look like a different person! What great work you've done!
  4. Wow I haven't seen you in years I think! You have done so well! Just let it go, get back on the horse, it's just a learning thing. You'll do better next time right? If you need to get on My Fitness Pal and start tracking everything, surround yourself with healthy high protein snacks so you just have something to eat when you can't think of what you want. Find some other way to get your emotions out! Talk to us instead of eating bad food! I hope your knee heals well and quickly. I'm so sorry about your brother.
  5. I went from DD to C. They look "normal" for being a 45 year old who had a baby and breast fed. I have some loose skin on my arms but most people don't notice it. I wear sleeveless stuff and I don't really feel self conscious about it. I was lucky that my skin tightened up quite a bit. It's still not the way it was but I'll take it!
  6. Thanks, I'm 45!
  7. Oh seriously I thought you were in your twenties! Wow.
  8. I wonder if the sleep is due to just low carb?
  9. I tried watching her on Marriage Bootcamp and I just couldn't. At my age it just doesn't make sense for me to get skin surgery. I think if I had done this in my 20's or early 30's I would. But I'm heading toward 50 and I'm not supposed to look all tight and perfect. lol.
  10. I didn't use it until after surgery. But if I see something on there that isn't going to match up with exactly what I'm eating, I always estimate on the side of caution. That's my first rule. Like if it says it has 25 grams of carbs and I think maybe it only has 15, but I don't know, I'll just assume it's more. At the same time you want to do the opposite with protein. I really would focus on protein and trying to get in as much lean protein as you are going to need to eat after you are cleared to eat solid foods. Go to some bariatric recipe sites and find some ideas for new recipes and foods you haven't tried before. I don't think it would have been possible pre surgery for me to eat this small amount of food, I would have gone nuts with hunger. But you can at least start looking at bariatric recipes and getting creative even if you are eating more than what a post WLS person would eat. I would get a food scale and start weighing and measuring everything you eat until you get to the point where you are able to eye ball how much something is. It could take months and you should test yourself to make sure you are being accurate. Always err on the side of caution I think. I usually look at my protein in the afternoon and see where I am with it, have a protein snack if I need it and then plan on how much I'm going to need to eat for dinner. Good luck to you! It's an awesome tool. I love being able to scan things in too!
  11. It looks like she got her neck done, good for her. I can't imagine having that kind of excess skin on my neck. How uncomfortable. Just her accent drives me nuts though. But again, good for her. And yeah if you are self pay most of the time you can find a surgeon who will do it. I know my surgeon madem e jump through hoops that the insurance company didn't require because he wants his patients to be educated and informed and successful.
  12. You have to do the emotional and head work if you haven't already. Know what your emotional triggers are for eating, the difference between head hunger and physical hunger, how to deal with your emotions without using food to stuff them down if that is your issue. Everyone has their reasons for gaining so much weight, it's up to us to figure out why. The sleeve is only a tool. My surgeon has a dinner every year for all the people who had surgery with him in that year. When I went I was about twenty pounds from goal so I had lost about 130 pounds in about ten months. You were allowed to bring one person with you, so they had very healthy food choices and then "normal" food choices. There were two people at my table who had both had bypasses who I swear probably ate at least 3000 calories. I wasn't trying to judge but at that point I knew exactly how many calories were roughly in most foods from tracking so long on My Fitness Pal. I could not believe the volume of food these people were able to put into their pouches. I have no idea how much either one of them had lost but I just was almost disgusted by thinking about how much work went into getting the surgery and how much it costs and how much pain they went through to have it and then to just stuff themselves like that and stretch their pouches out. If someone is really addicted to food and doesn't address it they will always find a way to keep eating. As someone told me in the waiting room of my surgeon's office "those milkshakes are really easy to get down." She was going from a lap band to a sleeve. I hope she figured out that your sleeve can't control what you choose to eat. Anyway good luck to you! I wish you the best! Sorry to get on a soap box!
  13. I would track everything in My Fitness Pal. Focus on getting in enough protein and when you are hungry and you already ate enough for the day try eating veggies or something that is low calorie to fill you up.
  14. I went from DD to a C. I do sometimes miss them, but it is what it is. I would rather be healthy and have medium boobs than big ones. I sometimes in general miss all the curves but I'd rather be healthy really. I lost a shoe size too. It's so weird to think you have fat on your feet.
  15. I really can't stand her for some reason. But good for her for doing it. I just saw a picture of her yesterday on a magazine and she looks healthy.