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  1. He doesn't because his office is in the hospital where they sell them in the pharmacy. The problem is the pharmacy is only open during work hours. I'll look into Walgreens.
  2. Does anyone know of any chain stores that carry these? I ran out and I just want to get some today instead of ordering online. I don't know if GNC or something would have them? Thanks
  3. What a great idea for a thread! So many great ideas.
  4. You can do it if you follow the plan. Your taste buds will change, your likes and dislikes will change. You are going to be doing a complete withdrawal of sugar, soda, caffeine, high fat, and hopefully during that reset you will realize that you don't NEED those things. And the weight just drops off in the beginning. I think the people who don't stick with the plan think that surgery is a magic wand and it's going to resolve their psychological and emotional reasons for eating. It is just a tool! You have to want to give up your current relationship with food, and find other things to entertain yourself with, other things to comfort yourself with. You can do this! I just love that food doesn't control me anymore. I used to get so hungry. And now I'm just like having to remind myself to eat! Never thought I'd see the day!
  5. I wish I had known that if you follow the plan and do the head work and emotional work, you will lose weight no matter what! I can't emphasize how much you need to work on the mental and emotional reasons for why you over ate and come up with substitiions for dealing with emotions. Maybe see a counselor after surgery who works with bariatric people if you feel like you need to.
  6. I'm sorry you are going through so much! I know you are in Europe and obviously it's different there. I know for my program, they wanted us to lose weight but they would only send people home if they had gained weight. And really they did say some people had gained. Just try to hang in there, do you have a diet that you have to follow that they gave you? What can you have? I just had to do liquid diet before surgery and I tried not to even focus on calories. If I got hungry I would just have another protein shake. I did cheat one time and had a small chocolate bar and felt like the worst person in the world. But I managed to lose 11 pounds in the few weeks before surgery. You can do it!
  7. Thanks for sharing, I'm almost to three years too! Keep up the good work, you look happy!
  8. Did I mention she has ADHD too? So that's another bonus. Oh and a math learning disability. She also has asthma but knock on wood, since hormones kicked in it has calmed way way down. But still the memories of hospitalizations and ER trips and doctors offices and nebulizer haunts me. Thanks for saying that! You are sweet!
  9. I told myself that I was divorcing food. And it's been a fabulous divorce, let me tell you. LOL.
  10. The only thing I would say is that it isn't your age that is the problem, it's that you need to do a LOT of head work. You have got to really dig in psychologically into why you are over eating, and you need to try eating the way you would after surgery for a while. If you don't do the head work and figure out what your triggers are, what you use food for, why you are using being overweight, you won't be able to stop eating the way you are. I would really suggest counseling with someone who has experience with people going through WLS and eating disorders. The sleeve is JUST a tool. It is not a magic wand. The program I went to had a dinner every January for the people who had surgery that year. There were hundreds of people there. The program invited one guest so I guess they felt like they needed to have "normal people" food as well as healthy choices that we should be eating. I was literally kind of sickened by some of the people at my table. At that point I was about 120 pounds down and had about thirty pounds left to lose. I ate what I usually eat, stayed with lean proteins and veggies. I had like one bite of my husband's desert and I was fine. I had been logging everything I ate into my fitness pal for a year and so I was looking at what these other people were eating, and I would guess they had at least 2000 calories. At one meal, at a dinner celebrating their surgery! I talked to a husband and wife who both had gastric bypass. I was just so stunned by the amount of food these people could eat. They'd had surgery a month before me and I just could not believe it. The surgeries are just a tool. If you are addicted to food, you will find a way to get as much food into your body as possible. I think they were just drinking a lot of water so that the food would empty out of their pouches ASAP. I can tell you neither of them looked like they had lost any weight, you would never know that they had pouches, they were both still vastly obese. It is very easy to get in slider foods. I was talking to a woman who was going from a band to a sleeve in the surgeon waiting room one day. She said that the band didn't work for her, I asked why and she said "well those ice cream shakes go down so easily." If you don't want to stop eating, surgery can't help you. I went in for my year check up and my surgeon was dumb founded by the fact that I had lost 150 pounds. And I've kept it off, my third anniversary is in March. I have gained a few pounds and then I always immediately change my ways and figure out what happened and start losing again. Good luck to you!
  11. Good for you! Keep in mind that your tastes are going to change a lot after surgery. Things you never liked you will love, things you love will make you sick. There's nothing wrong with picking up food from the deli. Instead of getting fried chicken I get a rotissiere chicken. My daughter usually eats the dark meat and I eat the breast. And then I can take the rest of the meat off and boil the carcass and make chicken soup. Cooking for one person is a challenge. Be careful with the cooking shows. I never used to watch them and then this past year I started to because my daughter loves them so much and it calms her down. (We've been through some very stressful changes.) I found myself suddenly craving sugar and chocolate. It of course coincided with the holidays so people were bringing stuff into work. And I gained a few pounds and went "holy crap, this stuff is real!" If I'm going to watch a cooking show I have to remind myself before hand that I'm going to see things that aren't good for me and set the intention that I'm just watching from an outsider point of view. I lost the pounds I gained. But lesson learned! I'm almost to my three year mark and so far so good! I wish there were a cooking channel just for healthy food!
  12. Ha, I was just posting about how I had a dream last night about Diet Pepsi. It is crazy how we can be addicted to something for so long and then it's just gone.
  13. I was just joking with a coworker who is in her late 40's about how our younger doctors are saying things to us now like "at YOUR AGE, it's going to take longer for you to recover." Sheesh. But it's true. It took me five or six weeks before I started to feel like I resembled something like a normal person. My surgeon did say that a lot of people just can't feel energetic until they can eat animal protein. I refused to eat pureed meat so basically I didn't have any animal protein except for broth for like four weeks. Once I was cleared to eat real meat I felt so much better. I guess I'll never be a vegetarian. And I was tracking everything in MFP so I know I was hitting my protein goals. I guess I just need dead animal flesh. LOL. Everyone's recovery is different. I know it's tough when you feel like you are the slow poke but it'll happen soon enough! Edit: Also it depends on what you are withdrawing from. If you had a history of heavy coffee or diet soda use, your body is trying to adjust to not having that (I would hope). If you are used to having a lot of caffeine and now you presumably don't have any, your body is going to be really tired. I just had a dream last night about Diet Pepsi. I used to drink it all day for years and years. And I think I've had maybe three in the last three years when I was in a place where there wasn't any other caffeine, and I just shook it up and tried to get as much of the bubbles out. But yeah I don't miss it in waking life but I really wanted one in my dream. LOL>
  14. Start tracking everything you eat in My Fitness Pal. Recognize when you are eating out of boredom or sadness and when you are truly hungry. Get in your water and protein and focus on that. Good luck to you!
  15. Please also measure your hips, waist and bust. Sometimes when I had stalls I would lose around my waist but be the same weight. You just never know.