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  1. I got pregnant 5 months post-RNY. I don't recommend it but everything ended up fine. Baby was/is healthy even though we were high risk, and my weight loss stalled but that was to be expected.
  2. Think you might like this one I love love love this hat!
  3. Hey guys. Haven't visited in forever, hope everyone is well! I've kind of lost hope on losing any more weight. Never made it to Onederland. I lost 115(ish) lbs, got pregnant, gained 20, then lost it right back after I gave birth but I've been stuck ever since and now she's 6 months old. I haven't gained at least, I suppose. But I know that precious window of "easy" loss is gone. I still use MFP daily to make sure I meet my protein goals but that's about it. Not sure what the purpose of this post is, but I figured if anyone would understand it'd be you folks. Best!
  4. I was in my 8th grade history class. School was put on lockdown. We could see the smoke off in the distance. They wouldn't tell us exacty what was happening but students whose parents worked in NYC were allowed to use the teacher's personal cell phones to try to get a hold of them. I got home later on and my parents were glued to the TV and crying. How could anyone forget that day...
  5. Today is the first day in 9 months that I've eaten a low-carb meal and not felt guilty about it! I've been trying to force feed myself for baby's sake and finally, it's over. She's here and I can eat like a post WLS woman again! I almost just started crying during dinner-- two small meatballs and some sauteed fresh peppers and broccoli. It felt so right I just may reach goal after all!
  6. I hate how the pics flip around when I upload them lol
  7. Thanks guys we're doing well, probably going home Tuesday or so once I feel up to it. Can't wait!!
  8. Little miss Daisy Jean, arrived 8/22 just before midnight. I'm exhausted, just wanted to share a quick picture!
  9. My favorite is the cookie dough!! The bar is kind of the consistency of cookie dough so it almost fools me lol. Keep trying them, you'll find ones you love!
  10. Rooting for you. I can't wait to get back on track myself. I've allowed myself to eat way too much crap these past few months. 5DPT here I come, soon as I can.
  11. Hemoglobin was a 10.8 at my last check, which was a little low but nothing to freak out about. Never had an infusion. They didn't seem to be too concerned, just told me to make sure I kept up with the vitamins daily. I pop an extra iron here and there maybe once a week now, when I remember. From what I understand low iron during pregnancy is rather common, not just for WLS patients. If the doctors were concerned I'm sure they'd let you know!
  12. Today's my one-year too! Congrats!
  13. Yeeeeesh. That sounds horrible! I learned on the 4th of July (by making bad choices of course) that I can have a piece of apple pie!...but GOD FORBID I have half a cup of frosted mini wheats. Sorry you had to "learn your lesson" like that, been there, it sucks!
  14. :) I'm sure I'll love it! You're too sweet!
  15. I carry 230-something pounds pretty well eh? Lol