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  1. Tomorrow makes me 8 weeks post op and after 18 nights (not all at the same time) I am able to eat and drink ok. I have had a hard time due to a connection near my bowel being tight. I have had to EGD's to be dilated. But now the connection has relaxed and I am doing so much better. I didnt see it being this hard in the beginning but everyone keeps telling me its going to be worth it in the end to hang in there. I am still having a hard time with protein and vitamins. I'm just glad I can drink and stay hydrated.
  2. I have to be at the hospital at 11:30 am tomorrow for surgery ! I've been working toward this since December 2013 and I'm so happy its finally here. I am nervous about how I'll feel after surgery as far as the pain but I am ready for it to get here and start losing weight and living life healthy. If you know the word of Prayer please keep me in yours !
  3. Got a call today that the surgical nurse that helps my Surgeon is on vacation next week. So my surgery has been reschduled til the 16th ! I was so bummed yesterday and felt like my feelings were so hurt ! But after thinking about it today I guess its for the best and I want her to feel comfortable doing my surgery. I'm having Duodenal switch and she said with that surgery she didnt feel comfortable with anyone else helping her. So I am to continue my liquid diet til then and hope for the date to hurry up and get here without any other delays !
  4. Good Luck !
  5. Good luck and I hope this is your final date and you get your surgery.
  6. I'm having DS surgery July 7 th. This is my second date and I can not wait !!!
  7. I want to ride with my husband on his motorcycle. Also just feel like living !
  8. Thats awesome ! Does you surgeon require a liquid pre op diet ? I am on my 5th dayof mine and I have surgery July 7th.
  9. So I have to follow up the surgeon on June 27th now to do my pre surgery physical again. Thursday they called and rescheduled me for July 7th and I am so thankful I did have to wait til the 27th visit. So I start my liquid pre op diet next Monday. I dread it but I'm ready to start it to get this surgery finished. I will finish all my antibiotics tomorrow. I am just trying to drink plenty of water and eat right this week.
  10. Well today June 9th was my scheduled surgery date. But sadly it did not happen. Last week I was having some minor discomfort in my left lower stomach. Then Friday night is had gotten much worse so Saturday morning I had to go to the local ER. The Dr thought I had a kidney stone but ! After a CAT scan with contrast I was informed I had Diverticulitis(which is something I had never dealt with before that day). I was then transferred to the hospital where my surgeon was and admitted until today for IV antibiotics. So now I have another weeks worth of antibiotics to take and see my surgeon on June 26th for a reevaluation which means that the two weeks I had struggled thru on the liquid liver shrinking diet will start over with a new surgery date ! I have had such a range of emotions I wouldn't even begin to explain ! But I will get better and I will do this thing ! I am looking at it as that's more weight I will take off during that next two weeks liquid fun ! That's the only thing keeping me from crying ! Things happen for a reason and it wasn't my time YET !
  11. Had my final visit with my NUT and surgeon this morning and looks like everything is going as planned. I'm having my surgery June 9th at PMC. I am in my 6th day of my liquid diet and wow wee has it been rough. She told me today to increase my protein shakes to 3 a day this week so I can know how it feels to have to drink all that protein. I have an umbilical hernia also so she'll be repairing that also.
  12. From the album Untitled Album

    Me and my family June 2013
  13. My surgery is on June 9th and I started my liquid diet on the 26th because my surgeon requires 14 days. It has been really rough in the evenings. My NUT suggested that I take a section of cabinet and put only my stuff and its helped. I just look for inspiration on this forum and I have a great family support system. Cooking is also hard so I tried to make sure there are foods my family can prepare easily. Good luck on your journey !!
  14. G d luck !
  15. Thanks I sure hope so !