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  1. Kellie, SV2 and Greer, you guys look beautiful today! I got those extra holiday lbs off and can get back into my size 4 pants. Navy Vince Camuto ankle pants, size 4 and small, striped mixed medium sweater blouse from the Limited and brown pumps.
  2. Dang Raeme! Smokin!
  3. Today I'm wearing a black and white sweater from Talbot's, size medium and a black skirt with silver grommets, size small, black Hue ribbed leggings and black boots. The zipper from my boots ripped a hole in my leggings when I crossed my legs a few mins ago so I'm a hot mess in person but the outfit sure was cute before the hole.
  4. Hi LonaNicole. Sorry to hear about your son's health issues. Good luck with the weight loss. We'll be here rooting for you.
  5. Sounds like you're doing well, Tom. I mix coffee and vanilla premier protein on a regular basis and drink it over ice. I agree, I think the chili is a soft food. It was one of the first solids I ate, too. Glad you're doing well.
  6. I had a massage yesterday and the therapist said "you're a bony little thing". 1+ years in maintenance and comments like that still blow my mind. Me? A bony little thing?
  7. Welcome back! It sounds like you hit some bumps but are getting back on track. Thanks for sharing your story and keep us posted. We'll be here cheering you on!
  8. Awww- Thanks Raeme!
  9. I love deviled eggs. These sound delicious! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Good job!
  11. Happy New Year! Today I'm wearing a taupe sweater dress (the perfect winter garment), size medium from Loft. Hue black leggings, espresso brown boots and a scarf.
  12. Looking good! Way to go!
  13. I had one in my left side, too, for about a month that i'd forgotten about until now. It's funny the things you'll forget as you get farther out. Hang in there!
  14. Hi Valerie. Glad to hear you're doing well post surgery. I'm also an easy-going, non-stubborn, non-structured person but I'm also a compliant, rule follower. Having clear guidelines ("rules") has helped me stay on plan. I do stray but it goes against my nature to break rules so I end up back in plan pretty quickly. Also, I'll be honest, I'm vain and I love clothes so as shallow as that may sound, I love my slim body and how clothes look on it. You'll find what motivates you! Good luck!
  15. Hi Teachingaimee! Congratulations on the new baby and welcome back to TT! Maybe the 5 day pouch test will help you reset and get back to basics? Or maybe try cutting out one bad habit at a time- e.g. This week don't drink while eating, next week don't drink while eating AND measure your food, etc. Just some suggestions. We'll be rooting for you!