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  1. Thanks GAviv, I’ve been away too long.
  2. 80 not 100 for me, that is still my goal over 3 years out.
  3. As a physician I know you appreciate that your new sleeve is very swollen and healing right now. It is in no way at its new normal. You will be able to hydrate more each day you just need to be patient. You also need to remember that normal has now changed. You must come to accept that you now have a new normal, which entails different amounts of food, needing to chew much more completely while eating much more slowly. I’m sure you get the surgical implications better than most of us here on TT; but please acknowledge that there are Psychological implications you must also learn about and develop skills to be address. Is there anyone you can talk to about your difficulties?
  4. Due to the skin issues and back pain it was covered, If I ever want to do my arms, back or legs that would be out of pocket. Not sure which version of Paul we’re on, perhaps 3.0 due to the hip and some other changes over the years. Man I’m getting old. :-)
  5. Thanks you so much @cinwa that means so much to me.
  6. Glad you’re getting this tested, please let us know how it goes.
  7. I’m only 4 days post-op and still on some great pain meds. :-) Serously though, I have experienced pain when I miss a dose of pain killers. I would rate the pain as not as bad as my hip replacement but worse than my sleeve. On whole it is serious surgery and has the appropriate pain to go along with it. It is really amazing, even with the current bruising and scarring looks amazing. With the swelling taken into account I’ve never had a flat stomach or no man breasts my entire adult life. A truely amazing experience and quite wonderful.
  8. I agree with Cinwa, see your PCP. I just had skin removal this past Wednesday for this very issue. No matter how much I cleaned it and kept it dry the problem conitijudl
  9. I think you’ll be just fine, one small dose from a water pill won’t do any harm.
  10. Hello Tracy. Sounds like a rough situation you’re in. But hunger post sleeve is a strange beast. There are probably a group of interweaving things gong on. The sleeve stretches but very very little. Don’t expect much more room than you have now. That being said, swelling from the surgery is probably just going away and your tolerance for denser foods should just be increasing; so you’ll be able to start eating denser foods like Chicken. Just be sure to chew dense things really really well. I’m still not able to eat much of dense foods if I don’t chew it well. So be mindful when you eat dense things, chew until its mush. As for hunger, few Sleevers I know experience hunger pangs ever again after surger. For example, I have not experienced a hunger pang since getting my sleeve in 2014. However, whether you ever have them again, this early out you are probably experiencing acid and fluid gurgling which can often be mistaken for hunger pangs. My sleeve is very noisy and stil talks to me at least once a week. My money is on you’re hearing the gurgling and understandingly interpreting it as hunger pangs. All the above said there is also head hunger where our minds are convincing us we’re hungry. Wish I could say this goes away but I and too many other WLS’ers I know still battle that beast on a daily basis. Just know that you can succeed, you have the tool needed. Best of luck!
  11. You’re doing fantastic! Pick up a 14lb weight and carry it around all day and you’ll appreciate that 14lbs is significant.
  12. Thank you, its been far too long since I’ve been here.
  13. I've always been a fan of just doing it. In that though, take it a step at a time. Identify the biggest area of sugar intake and cut that back to the bone. Then if no change do it again with the next biggest area...and so on.
  14. Congrats, awesome news.
  15. You've always been an inspiration Tom.