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  1. Premier Protein seems to be the most liked one among bariatric patients I've heard of. Not everyone likes them, but a lot do. That said, don't stock up on a specific flavor. I used to hate chocolate because it was too sweet, but loved vanilla. My first vanilla shake once I was cleared for them post op...threw it right up. Tried it three separate occasions with the same result. But, the chocolate was great. Still drink them to this day. I've wanted to try the banana cream, but not enough to buy a whole case. I buy the 18 pack cases from Costco for $25 regular, sometimes a deal for less.
  2. I am cold most of the year. I used to not be, but it is consistent now. I use light sweaters and sometimes gloves. If I have to work, I take occasional breaks and go wash my hands in the bathroom under hot water to warm them up again.
  3. I have learned that it is very, very easy to slip back into old habits. Maintenance takes work and diligence. Don't think for a minute that once you've lost the weight, it will stay off for good. It's easy to slip and most of us do, but keep up the work even after you hit goal. Your health will thank you.
  4. Agreed. Also, Ritz Crackers might not be a good choice, but I get it. Call your surgeon. This isn't normal.
  5. Hit my 3 year surgiversary last week on Friday. I was so busy last week and this week, it snuck right by. Still around goal weight. Dealing with a pinched nerve, so my back is screwed up...meaning no exercise. However, I'm feeling really good still.
  6. Chili and canned tuna are staples for me. Doesn't take much to fill me up.
  7. All clinics give differing instructions. The best advice I give you is to follow the guidance you are given for your particular program. I was liquids for 2 weeks, purees for 2 weeks, soft foods for 2 weeks, lean meats for 2 weeks, then the all clear for everything...so I was not given the all clear until 8 weeks post op with the RNY. I still drink at least one shake a day for breakfast and I drink the Premier Protein pre-made shake as well. It gives me a good boost in the mornings and helps me out until lunch, where I eat a lean, light lunch. Every plan is different.
  8. Yes, all the time. I used to be burning up in the dead middle of winter, but now: freezing cold most of the year. My fingers are in fact cold as I type. I'm getting used to it.
  9. My standard meal is: Breakfast: cup of coffee and protein shake Lunch: one string cheese and can of drained tuna with little mayo for moisture Snack: Danon light and fit Greek yogurt Dinner: half breast of chicken or ground turkey patty and a 1/2 cup veggie or fruit This isn't every night, but it's pretty standard fare.
  10. I'm 3 years out and my breakfast is a protein shake. It's not because I have trouble hitting my daily protein goal...it's because I think they are tasty and they keep me satisfied until lunch. Plus, you can't beat 30g of protein. Yes, I've heard it's better to eat your protein instead of drinking it, but it's not bad if you continue to have shakes daily.
  11. FMLA gives you job security while you are out on medical leave for your procedure. All it is for is protecting your job and giving you an unpaid leave time off. I utilized it. It doesn't hurt and will protect your job security while you are out on leave. I recommend to do it. It allows for I believe up to 12 weeks of leave per year.
  12. Yeah, we have been so far, especially now that things are moving. We also did when we bought the house we just sold because we bought it when it was a dirt lot as well and it was fun to see the progress and how fast some of the building stages were.
  13. I have really had no updates, things have been status quo. We've been "settled" (and I use that word very, very loosely) with my sis in law for about two months now. I think we have a routine, but living in the smaller space has been challenging and frustrating. We close escrow on the home sale this week, though! Actually, in the next few days. Should be signing the paperwork in the next day or two on our end and our realtor said the only thing we're waiting on is the loan documents from the buyer, which is easy and should get today. So, yay! One huge chapter closing. And, with the buying saga, that's finally moving forward. They FINALLY released the lot for us to put down on in late March, so 3ish weeks ago (right before our anniversary), so we are locked into our price and have money on our lot. They jacked up the price and I called and spoke to the sales director and he basically told me I had to suck it up. I was floored! I talked to our sales agents and they said "let us talk to him, I'll get back to you." They are awesome. They managed to get us an additional design center credit for the bullcrap that we had gone through and the misinformation we were given since January. Would have been better for them to lower the home price, but a design credit is basically the same thing. We had a meeting with the electrical contractor and put together a list of things we want done on the wiring and electrical end and are waiting to hear back on that cost. We go to the design center to do the rest of the upgrades (flooring, counters, fixtures, etc) at the end of next week. And, after a LONG wait, they finally chalked out our lot yesterday (they chalk the lines on the lot to indicate where they need to trench for the underground piping and the perimeter of the house for the footings and eventual foundation). AND, to top off that good news, I drove by this morning on my way in to work and they were actually trenching the lot. There is actual work being done and the home construction process is officially under way! It looks like we may be in the house in September after all....I was beginning to wonder... On a down note, though, my daughter broke her collar bone last week. She was riding a scooter at her school (and riding it incorrectly and was told continuously from her teachers to ride it correctly). She ended up tripping over it and falling. I thought it was probably a bruise because she had some mobility, but she was acting like she was hurting. Doesn't help that she is pretty overdramatic, too. Anyway, this was Wednesday afternoon. Thursday she was still hurting, so I took her in to the doctor. They checked her out and took x-rays. After the second one, the radiologist walked in to position her for the third and told us "Oh yeah, that's definitely broken." We were shocked! She took us in to look at the images and, sure enough, it was very, very clear that she broke it. My poor baby...she is turning 5 next week, too! The doctor sent the images to the medical center and spoke to the orthopedic specialist. They said no surgery, which shocks me because the break is really, really bad....I don't see how it could just heal on its own with her arm in a sling. But, they said they didn't think she needed it. Okay, they're the specialists. So, she is in a sling at the moment and has an appointment with the orthopedic specialist in about an hour and a half. They'll likely do more images and see how she is doing and we'll talk about next steps and if surgery is actually needed (I'm still not convinced she doesn't need it, but we'll see). I hate seeing my baby in pain. And she sometimes forgets she is hurt. She is so active and wants to do so much, but she is limited. She broke the left one and she is left dominant, so that's been a struggle, too. Like I said, she has mobility in her elbow, wrist, and hand, but when she tries to move her shoulder, it pulls and hurts the area where the break is. We'll see what they say today. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping they don't say she needs surgery. I hate the idea of my little baby going through it. If she has to, I get it, but it still scares the crap out of me. So, good news stuff, bad news stuff. I haven't stepped on a scale in over a month, but I don't think I've gained anything. I was also set to go to the gym again starting last week, but the injury to my kid happened and she needs an adult around to take care of her (not going to make my teenage son help her take her pants down and pull them back up when she needs to go to the bathroom, sorry), so that's kind of on hold. I'll try to get in a trip tomorrow when I don't have any plans, but we'll see how it goes. Take care, everyone.
  14. Hey, good to see you on here again! You have been missed! As you know, I've had the same struggle with the weight gain thing and I know how to lose it. You know how to lose it. Don't stress about it and it will come off again, you know what you need to do. Happy you have found someone as amazing as Joseph! I hope it works out for you, he is very easy on the eyes and I'm in the "He's British, you've landed the jackpot!" camp. Hope to see you coming around soon! *hugs*
  15. It definitely does get better over time. I had to sip constantly, but I used flavors, as plain water did not sit well for a few weeks for me. I drank (and still do!) boullion or broth, sugar free popsicles, and tried many different temperatures. Now, I can do about 8 oz at a time easily and regret trying to do more without a 10 minute break. The swelling you are experiencing is likely the cause of the issue and it really, really does get better. You are absolutely right: you are only two days out. I didn't start feeling normal for at least a solid 4 weeks or so on my end. Keep it up, take it slow, and try your hardest to push fluids first: you don't want to deal with dehydration. Good luck!