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  1. I am almost 4 yrs out and haven't felt restriction since last March. With a slew of new drugs on board, cardiac and gastro issues and cancer I have regained 30lbs. I choose my foods correctly, chew well, exercise and take my daily supplements but still no feeling of being full ever....HELP! Please be kind in your responses or just don't reply, thank you.
  2. Hi! I have had a talk with all my docs. See the oncologist in about a week, GI in 2 months which needs to be moved up. He put me on Linzess but IBS isn't the only thing going on.... Hopefully someone will respond.
  3. Well I am 3 yrs out from bypass and lost 180 lbs. I have been diagnagnosed recently with 'C' and been grazing! I have had a stomach ache since surgery and they said Gallbladder, strictures, and now IBS. Lowest weight was 250lbs and Im at 280 lbs, very scary for me. I need someone in my area that is willing to walk and workout with me, male or female. I need someone that can push me without killing my self-esteem. Thank you and I hope to hear from someone, please!
  4. Im interested in the 24's if you have any left. Let me know...Thanks
  5. The BMI chart said a number unrealistic to my none structure and girth at start. I am 2 years out and 100 lbs away from that number. I am at 260_275 lbs due to congested heart failure. I can not seem to drop more than 5 pounds can anyone suggest some says to drop more...I do cardio, walk, lift weights, planks, sit ups and push ups. Please be kind because I do try all suggestions and take information personally. TIA
  6. I am interested in size 20 blouse and 24 slacks (need wide leg). Please show pictures. Thank you.
  7. I'm interested in these if you still have them. Please let me know thanks. [email protected]
  8. It's been a while since I've been here....Been having digestion problems and had to do a radioactive egg test yesterday. The test was to see how long food stays in my pouch. Does anyone know how long we keep food in our tummy? Thanks, in advance for your help.
  9. Good lucky Kentucky folks....I am still looking for a DC buddy.
  10. Please go to the ER before you do some real damage to your body. I wish you luck and hope all gets well fast.
  11. Test
  12. My Doc and But have looked at charts and picked a number to have my final weight be but being realistic I have chosen a number myself. If I get below it then great for me but to keep being so focused on pleasing everyone with numbers on MY journey is miserable. I am loosing very slow but not gaining so that is a plus. I take everyday as a blessing cry for a bit but keep pushing on towards MY goal not anyone's projected goals from a generic chart because I am unique and I just discovered it. Have a happy, productive, and blessed day.
  13. Don't forget that your water also includes your protein, fluid used to take supplements, and sips during the day. They do add up so sip, sip, sip.
  14. Hi. I am interested in the clothing if you still have them. Please email me at [email protected] if they haven't been claimed yet. thanks