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  1. Multicare Tacoma

    While a responsive doctor’s office may seem very important, I strongly suggest that you pick the best and most experienced bariatric surgeon for your weight loss surgery. A gastric bypass is major surgery and you want to do all you can to maximize your odds of a smooth surgery without complications. The best programs are bariatric centers of excellence.
  2. Disability Pay?

    On a related note, six weeks seems a bit long for a medical leave for weight loss surgery unless you have a very physical job. For example, I had a gastric bypass (which is more surgery than a sleeve) and I was back on a part time basis at my desk job six days after my surgery, and back full time about a week later.
  3. Stressed!

    Remember that we are here to support you.
  4. 4+ years post-op Carbs, fat, fiber, sugar

    I only keep track of daily protein and calories (I drink a lot of liquids so I have no need to keep track of my liquid input). I try to have at least 65 grams of protein a day and to keep my calories under about 2,000 per day. It is very manageable and my weight has been stable ever since I hit my goal weight. I do not worry about my carb, sugar, fiber or fat levels However, as a guy it may be that I can eat more calories and not gain weight.
  5. 6 Years Later

    Wow, just wow. Your success is an inspiration to us all. Thank you so very much for sharing the photos.
  6. Hang in there folks

    Wow. Tom you are an inspiration to us all.
  7. Thank you - everything that I wrote after my two year surgiversary is still true.
  8. AHA! Moments 2

    My "aha moment" is a bit different - I remember shortly after reaching my goal weight that I suddenly realized how wonderful it was to be at a healthy weight. I could walk for miles and not get hot, sweaty, tired or out of breath. I felt very healthy for the first time since my youth. I could buy and fit into attractive clothing in normal sizes. I could fit easily into airplane seats. I was no longer at increased risk for high blood pressure, a heart attack, a stroke, or an early death. My knees and back did not hurt after a workout. I felt so much more confident when I walked into a room and met strangers. I felt so much more in control of my life. I did not feel that I was prejudged by people due to my excess weight. I just felt more alive and happy. And, then, as my aha moment I realized that this is what most people at a healthy weight feel every minute of every day. My life as an overweight person with all of its related problems was over (as long as I stuck to my healthy diet and lived an active lifestyle). In short, life is very good with all of my extra weight gone, and I can never allow myself to gain any of it back again as that would mean a loss of the joys and wonders of being at a healthy weight.
  9. Don't worry, there is lots of room on the losers bench! I cannot wait to welcome you all to it. Be sure to post after your surgery to let us all know how it went. My best thoughts and prayers are with all of the November newbies, especially since I had my weight loss surgery in November.
  10. Nine months out and nine pounds to GW

    Yes! I also found that this is one of my secrets for sticking to a healthy and successful diet after my surgery.
  11. Anyone With Aetna Insurnace

    Co-pays usually are not made to the insurer (Aetna in your case), but instead to the doctor or hospital providing the medical treatment. The co-pay payment usually is made just before you receive services. If you truly cannot pay the $500, you may want to contact the doctor or hospital in advance to see if they have a program to waive, spread out or reduce co-pays for people who cannot afford them.
  12. 6 month surgiversary!

    Wow, just wow. Your weight loss success, especially since you have faced a lot of adversity, is both amazing and inspirational. I cannot wait to see you reach onederland very soon!! At some point you may want to revisit your goal weight, as 175 pounds seems too high and there is no reason once you have come this far not to reach a weight that is perfect for you.
  13. Kinda Miss the Camaraderie Here

    I have not gone through periods of time when food does not taste good to me,. On the other hand, I have essentially no appetite so I can skip meals without any problem.
  14. Yeah and welcome to the losers bench!! The first week or so after surgery can be a bit rough, but it gets a lot better. You are now on your way to a much more healthy, thin and active you!!
  15. Mclaren heath advantage

    My gastric bypass has changed my life for the better is so many wonderful ways that I cannot imagine my life now without it - so if I was in your shoes I definitely would firmly call them for the denial reason and to ask that the decision be corrected. If they do not immediately reverse their denial due to a paperwork error, etc., let us know what they claim is the denial reason and we all will try to help. And if they will not informally reverse the decision, then you want to appeal. We are here to support you. Do not give up.
  16. "Perfect 1 week check up" quoth my Dr!!!!

    Looking great! You are a TTF success story!!

    Thoughts? @NerdyLady @BurgundyBoy

    OK. Relax. I’m local and am here to help. There are others like me (us Mass people support each other). It is going to be fine. I have never regretted having my gastric bypass. What are your concerns?
  19. Nine months out and nine pounds to GW

    You are doing great and it is really wonderful that you are almost at your goal weight!
  20. Need thoughts and prayers!

    Yeah!! Now you just need to stick to the post op diet, and watch the pounds fall off of your body. Great (and thin) times are ahead for you.

    Great news and welcome to the losers bench!!
  22. Day 1!

    It is really great to see you safely on the losers bench Michael. The surgery-created discomfort and problems should end soon. One thing that you should notice now is that you are not hungry like you were before your surgery. Also, most hunger after surgery is "head" hunger rather than "body" hunger. By the way, reaching the water goal with a gastric bypass usually is much easier than reaching this goal with a vertical sleeve, since with the gastric bypass the liquids that you drink should easily flow out of your stomach pouch and into your intestines (as there is no pyloric valve), leaving room in your stomach pouch for more liquids. In contrast, with a vertical sleeve liquids stay in the stomach pouch (or sleeve) since the pyloric value restricts the flow of liquids (or food) into the intestines.
  23. Hello

    Welcome Rob! I spent my summers as a kid in Michigan, so I have very warm feelings for your state. By the way, the primary reason that you are asked to lose weight prior to surgery is that when you lose weight your liver "shrinks" which makes the weight loss surgery safer as there is less risk of the surgeon inadvertently damaging the liver when it is smaller and a bit harder.
  24. Surgery next week

    Welcome! My weight loss surgery was my first major surgery and I had no problems. Exciting, and thin, times lie ahead for you!
  25. Need thoughts and prayers!

    I am so very sorry - my best thoughts and prayers are with you. Having a catheter is not fun. Hopefully things will resolve themselves soon!