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  1. I am very sorry that you are not able to have your first choice in weight loss surgery, but this change may prove in the long run to be a blessing in disguise. Although the sleeve has some advantages, the gastric bypass also has some very important advantages including quicker average weight loss, greater average weight loss, lifelong malabsorption of calories (to help you lose and then maintain your weight), a better ability to put diabetes into remission, an ability to essentially cure acid reflux, and (for many of us after the initial month or so) a much easier ability to drink lots of liquids. For me, another advantage of the gastric bypass was that nothing was taken out of my body during the surgery - It felt more natural to me as I didn't like the idea that I with the sleeve I would lose almost all of my stomach. Although medicine malabsorption issues can arise with a gastric bypass, resulting in a need to switch away from XL medications, most of us find that once we reach our goal weight that the need to take almost all of our medicines has gone away. I currently take no medicines (besides daily vitamins). I have not seen any study that shows that there is less hair loss with the sleeve than with gastric bypass. Some people have serious hair loss after weight loss surgery, some people have no hair loss after weight loss surgery, and most of us have some hair loss in the months after weight loss surgery, but most of the lost hair comes back by 12-18 months out. Being sure to have enough protein and liquids in your post op diet, along with taking your vitamins and a biotin supplement, appears to help with hair loss. I have never regretted having a RNY gastric bypass instead of a sleeve. Not once.
  2. Great job with the party! And great job with your weight loss so far! My wife and I raised two boys, so we never had a Disney Princess Party.... As your post shows, one of the secrets of mindful eating after weight loss surgery is to realize that a party should be about having fun, talking to people, and (if you are hosting it) ensuring that everyone has a good time - it should not be about eating and no one else will notice if you do not eat much.
  3. Very very awesome!!
  4. The slightly longer story is the @NerdyLady has done a fabulous job at losing all of her excess weight and regaining her health.
  5. I agree that this sounds like it could be dumping. What makes a person dump can change over time. Let us know what you learn when you see your surgeon.
  6. Wow indeed!! Great job and welcome to at goal weight group.
  7. Great photo. You look fabulous (and happy too). Sadly, since you were in Indonesia, I doubt that there was any rum in that drink...
  8. Congratulations Steph on your four year surgery anniversary and on your outstanding weight loss surgery success!! And thank you for writing such a long and thoughtful post that really spoke to me (and I am sure to many of us) in so many ways. We all have different weight loss surgery journeys and yet I think that we all share many of the same diet failure histories, surgery fears, and (finally) joys (when we succeed). You truly are an inspiration to us all.
  9. Yes and, sadly, wine also does not count towards your liquids quota....
  10. Welcome back! Acknowledging a need to change and planning the change are really major steps - now just stick to the diet plan that you first used to lose weight and let your weight loss surgery tool (which is still in you) do its magic. In case you no longer remember all of the post-op diet rules, this guide from one of the best hospitals in Boston should help you (note that with most surgeons the same diet rules apply to both gastric bypass and gastric sleeve patients): Care Services/Departments and Services/Weight and Wellness Center/GBP Diet Manual12611.ashx We are here to support you.
  11. Wow. Great job so far. You are melting away before our eyes. Keep it up!
  12. As usual, I totally agree with Greer (GAviv). Relax and enjoy the dinner and any other parties that you go to. We all worried about this issue after our surgeries, and have found out that most people really don't care what other people are eating or not eating, especially in today's world when so many people are on special diets for medical, religious, moral or some other reasons. Just focus at the party on talking to other people and having a good time. If someone does ask why you do not want more food, just tell them that you are on a special diet that limits what you can eat. If they push more (and they won't) just explain that you need to eat high protein food in limited amounts only (although try not to say that as you munch on a cookie).
  13. You are looking great and in a great city.
  14. Add me to the to club that used to hide from the camera whenever photos were being taken. I hated the way that I looked when I was overweight and so there are very few photos of me in the 20 or so years prior to my gastric bypass. Thankfully, now that I have reached my goal weight, I have no problem posing fro a photo and so there are lots of photos of and including me.
  15. It should get a lot better soon. The first month or so after surgery is the roughest time. Hang in there. By the way, if you really want to see crappy drivers, I suggest that you come to Boston as we lead the nation in that category.
  16. New Day Rising - Husker Du. RIP Grant Hart (of cancer at age 56)
  17. Welcome back to TTF - we missed you. I am glad to hear that you have a surgery revision date and am looking forward to welcoming you to the gang of us with a gastric bypass! In terms of your employment termination, as an employment attorney I strongly suggest that you consult with an employment attorney in your area to see if your termination was illegal. I raised two sons with learning disabilities, so I know that it can be tough. Do not give up and him/her, as a learning disability should not limit a child's potential to accomplish anything (for example, my oldest son has a serious learning disability, yet with hard work and lots of support will be graduating in a few months from one of the top 8 law schools in the nation).
  18. Mrs.NA, Relax.It will get a lot better soon. It really will. The first few weeks after the surgery can be rough, but the results of the surgery are totally worth it. We are here to support you.
  19. Great news and welcome to the losers bench! Just stick to the diet plan from your surgeon, take your vitamins and minerals every day, drink lots of liquids, and lead an active lifestyle - if you do this you will be amazed at how much weight you can and will lose over the next few months.
  20. We have all experienced something like this, and a wonderful thing about losing a lot of weight is that everything will fit! I also love that I no longer get hot and sweaty after even mild exercise.
  21. Wow and congratulations Jen! Your weight loss and your ability to thoughtfully self-reflect are both impressive and inspirational. I suggest that you do not buy too much clothing now as it will not fit once you reach your goal weight. Thank you for posting the photos of Oman. Oman looks lovely.
  22. BarbCole, I totally agree with the others that she or you should ask these questions to a surgeon. While there may be a risk in having surgery and losing a lot of weight with only one kidney, logically this risk may be counterbalanced (at least in part) by the remaining kidney being under less stress for the rest of her life as her body will become smaller and more healthy. For example, one of the normal risks of having only one kidney is increased blood pressure. And, most people who lose a lot of weight see their blood pressure drop a great deal. High blood pressure can bring many serious health problems.
  23. Welcome. My weight loss surgery allowed me to lose all of my excess weight in less than a year. Was it easy for me? No, but it also wasn't very hard once I accepted that I would have a new and healthier relationship with food going forward. Life at goal weight is wonderful, and I look forward to the day that you reach your goal weight, and can experience life as a truly healthy, thin and more active person. We are here to support you.
  24. Let's all plan to meet at 6:30 pm in the lobby of the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel. Other Boston area people who want to come are very welcome - just let us know by posting here (or by messaging GAviv or me) to let us know that you are coming (or hope to come).
  25. I agree with everyone else - just ignore the foolish statements of others. I even had a person ask my wife if I had cancer since I had lost so much weight. She reassured the person that I was fine.