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  1. Song of the day Post -

    RIP David Cassidy. So the song is: I Think I Love You - by the Partridge Family (with David Cassidy on lead vocals).
  2. Great news and welcome to the losers bench! Exciting and thin times lie ahead. We all remain here to support you.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    I also want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving full of special times with family and/or friends. We all have a lot to be thankful for. By the way, my Thanksgiving dinner plate will look a lot more full than the one posted by @Jen581791
  4. Happy turkey day!

    I also am very thankful for the help, support and friendship that I received from TTF this past year. Do not be surprised if I am on TTF early tomorrow morning as I will be up early to make the brazil nut stuffing and to then get my 30 pound turkey into the oven!
  5. Pre-Op marriage counseling?

    Your primary reason for weight loss surgery is to maximize your life longevity - which is an amazingly rational and good reason to have the surgery. If you currently have a strong relationship with your husband which is based on mutual respect, then I doubt that you will need any pre-operation counseling. He will see you taking a bold but necessary step to improve your health, while becoming more thin and active at the same time. If he truly loves you he will be a bit scared for the minimal short term surgery risk, but will support you. As a guy I can tell you that men don't like change, so I suggest that you reassure him that you will still be the same person - just thinner, more healthy, and more active. If you are the cook in your family (as I am), your spouse may be worried that your surgery will mean unappetizing "health food" from now on will be all that will be served in your family. Try to reassure him that your long term diet in very much protein focussed, so there is no reason that you will not continue to make lots of chicken, turkey, beef, pork and fish dishes for the family - you just will eat less and avoid lots of carbs. What is true if you are the cook in your family is that you may end up cooking some foods that you will not eat much or any of - this never has been a big deal for me as my wife is a vegetarian so I cook lots of foods (e.g., brussel sprouts, broccoli, spinach, yams) that I do not eat on my protein focussed diet. So, I agree with your suggestion not to discuss the topic of relationship risks with him. By the way, if anything, my weight loss surgery has made my already very strong marriage even stronger.
  6. 10 weeks tomorrow!

    Being down about 100 pounds is fabulous!! Just stick with it and you'll get to onederland in a few months. In terms of dense protein - I suggest dishes made with ground chicken or ground turkey. For example, there are some very tasty fresh chicken sausages sold in the supermarkets, and chicken or turkey meatballs or chili are other options. If you do not eat poultry, try eating some baked cod (which, as you know, we call scrod in New England ) using really fresh fish - it should be mild on your stomach. You are doing really great and taking up much less room on the losers bench now!
  7. Thanks for keeping my seat warm!

    Congratulations and welcome to the bench! Just stick to your post op diet and drink lots of liquids, and you will be amazed at how the surgery will help you lose weight and transform your life. We remain here to support you. Very exciting times lie ahead.
  8. Did you bring medications to the hospital ?

    Good luck with the surgery and we all are saving a nice space on the losers bench for you!
  9. Hi! New Here!

    Welcome! I have never regretted having my gastric bypass as it allowed me to lose my extra weight and become thin, healthy and much more active. Life is really good on the “losers bench” and I cannot wait to welcome you to it.
  10. Multicare Tacoma

    While a responsive doctor’s office may seem very important, I strongly suggest that you pick the best and most experienced bariatric surgeon for your weight loss surgery. A gastric bypass is major surgery and you want to do all you can to maximize your odds of a smooth surgery without complications. The best programs are bariatric centers of excellence.
  11. Disability Pay?

    On a related note, six weeks seems a bit long for a medical leave for weight loss surgery unless you have a very physical job. For example, I had a gastric bypass (which is more surgery than a sleeve) and I was back on a part time basis at my desk job six days after my surgery, and back full time about a week later.
  12. Stressed!

    Remember that we are here to support you.
  13. 4+ years post-op Carbs, fat, fiber, sugar

    I only keep track of daily protein and calories (I drink a lot of liquids so I have no need to keep track of my liquid input). I try to have at least 65 grams of protein a day and to keep my calories under about 2,000 per day. It is very manageable and my weight has been stable ever since I hit my goal weight. I do not worry about my carb, sugar, fiber or fat levels However, as a guy it may be that I can eat more calories and not gain weight.
  14. 6 Years Later

    Wow, just wow. Your success is an inspiration to us all. Thank you so very much for sharing the photos.
  15. Hang in there folks

    Wow. Tom you are an inspiration to us all.