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  1. You'll be fine. By the way, to get rid of excess water weight after a trip (when you probably will eat lots of salty foods), just increase your water consumption for a few days. That will flush the salt and thus the water weight out of your system. About three months after my gastric bypass surgery, I added caffeine back into my diet and I currently drink lots of caffeinated beverages every day.
  2. Here are lots of ideas - enjoy the food choices! Care Services/Departments and Services/Weight and Wellness Center/GBP Diet Manual12611.ashx
  3. I am very sorry that you are going through this. I had no such problems after my surgery.
  4. Paul, It is really great to see you back here at TTF. Your wisdom and inspirational weight loss story have been missed.
  5. Yeah Tom!!! Great job!!
  6. Wonderful news! We are here to support you.
  7. To be clear for any newbies reading this, not everyone reacts the same way after weight loss surgery with respect to blood sugar variations or with eating carbs. I had a gastric bypass several years ago and I currently have no problem with eating any form of carbs (unless I eat something liquid or that melts with so much sugar and fat that I dump - such as a bowl of ice cream). Of course, many carbs are useless calories that can prevent me for eating enough protein in a given day unless I am careful. Accordingly, many days I drink a Premier Protein chocolate shake in the afternoon as a snack to make sure that I will consume enough protein that day. Now that I am at my goal weight and since I was never diabetic, I can and do eat carbs in reasonable amounts. and as part of a healthy diet, without any adverse effects. Thus, almost every day I enjoy eating some carbs - such as a small bowl of goldfish crackers, a nice slice of fresh French bread, some rice with an Indian curry, a few pieces of chocolate, or a cookie or two (but usually not all of these items on the same day). Of course, if I gain a few pounds, then I go back onto a very low carb and low calorie diet, and I find that the extra pounds fall off very rapidly. The simple truth is that everyone's weight loss journey is a bit different and everyone has to find out what works best for them.
  8. I am very sorry that you are not able to have your first choice in weight loss surgery, but this change may prove in the long run to be a blessing in disguise. Although the sleeve has some advantages, the gastric bypass also has some very important advantages including quicker average weight loss, greater average weight loss, lifelong malabsorption of calories (to help you lose and then maintain your weight), a better ability to put diabetes into remission, an ability to essentially cure acid reflux, and (for many of us after the initial month or so) a much easier ability to drink lots of liquids. For me, another advantage of the gastric bypass was that nothing was taken out of my body during the surgery - It felt more natural to me as I didn't like the idea that I with the sleeve I would lose almost all of my stomach. Although medicine malabsorption issues can arise with a gastric bypass, resulting in a need to switch away from XL medications, most of us find that once we reach our goal weight that the need to take almost all of our medicines has gone away. I currently take no medicines (besides daily vitamins). I have not seen any study that shows that there is less hair loss with the sleeve than with gastric bypass. Some people have serious hair loss after weight loss surgery, some people have no hair loss after weight loss surgery, and most of us have some hair loss in the months after weight loss surgery, but most of the lost hair comes back by 12-18 months out. Being sure to have enough protein and liquids in your post op diet, along with taking your vitamins and a biotin supplement, appears to help with hair loss. I have never regretted having a RNY gastric bypass instead of a sleeve. Not once.
  9. Great job with the party! And great job with your weight loss so far! My wife and I raised two boys, so we never had a Disney Princess Party.... As your post shows, one of the secrets of mindful eating after weight loss surgery is to realize that a party should be about having fun, talking to people, and (if you are hosting it) ensuring that everyone has a good time - it should not be about eating and no one else will notice if you do not eat much.
  10. Very very awesome!!
  11. The slightly longer story is the @NerdyLady has done a fabulous job at losing all of her excess weight and regaining her health.
  12. I agree that this sounds like it could be dumping. What makes a person dump can change over time. Let us know what you learn when you see your surgeon.
  13. Wow indeed!! Great job and welcome to at goal weight group.
  14. Great photo. You look fabulous (and happy too). Sadly, since you were in Indonesia, I doubt that there was any rum in that drink...