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  1. This forum is my primary support group and has allowed me to succeed long term with my weight loss surgery. I strongly suggest that you commit to visiting this forum every day or so for at least the next year (unless you have a great in person support group). This forum will give you information, inspiration, and a feeling that you are not alone and really can do it. Geoff
  2. I also am very sorry for your trouble. As far as I can tell, however, pancreatitis is not a common side effect of the sleeve. You may well have gotten it even if you did not have a sleeve.
  3. I totally agree. But DebiW how can we help you on your weight loss surgery journey?
  4. Relax. You've got this. I can tell you that having weight loss surgery was the smartest decision of my life (besides marrying my wonderful wife). The surgery allowed me to lose 130 pounds and (even more importantly) keep it off for years. The surgery allowed me to become thin, healthy and active.
  5. Answers are above.
  6. I wanted to be able to meet new people and not have them instantly judge me due to being overweight. Now that I am at (or a bit below) my goal weight, when I meet people for the first time they have no idea that I used to weight 130 pounds more.
  7. The best solution to hunger is to drink more liquids. Another solution is to eat more high protein foods (such as protein shakes, baked chicken, Greek yoghurt, etc.). Hang in there it should get a lot better.
  8. I like Chobani non-fat flavored Greek yoghurt, but most folks eat the Dannie light flavored Greek yoghurt which has fewer calories. Greek yoghurt is much higher in protein than normal yoghurt.
  9. Welcome. I have never regretted having my gastric bypass a few years ago. It has allowed me to become healthy, thin and active This guide from one of Boston's best hospitals may be helpful to you in knowing what to expect: Care Services/Departments and Services/Weight and Wellness Center/GBP Diet Manual12611.ashx
  10. Relax. It is going to be OK. For food: Try Jello instant no sugar added pudding made with your own skim milk (the chocolate fudge flavor is yummy), Carnation light start mix with your own skim milk (I like the chocolate flavor), and Chobani Greek yoghurt. Fir liquids: Try Vitamin Water Zero (I like the orange (Rise), fruit punch (Revive) and Lemonaid, as well as iced tea made without sugar. For priein shakes: Try Premier Protein chocolate flavor ready to drink - available at Walgreens, Costco, and Amazon.
  11. The premier protein ready to drink chocolate shakes (Walgreens, Amazon and Costco sell them) are the only protein snakes that I drink. I find them tasty and high in protein (30 grams), while fairly low in calories (160 calories). I probably drink three or four of them a week.
  12. Welcome to the losers bench! The first week or so can be a bit rough at times, as your body recovers from the surgery, but it will get better. Just stick to the diet, drink lots of liquids (but not just before, during and right after meals), take your vitamins (although some doctors have their patients not take vitamins the first few days), and be as active as you can. You will be amazed at how much weight you will lose over the next few months.
  13. Hang in there and stay strong. You can do it. Every pound that you lose now will be one fewer pound to lose later on, will help make your surgery easier and safer by "shrinking your liver" and will get you more used to your post-op diet. Remember - nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
  14. One more thing, a huge support to me in the early months and thereafter was watching the YouTube videos from this woman. Funny. Insightful. Very helpful. Uplifting. Great cameos from her husband. Be sure to start from the beginning.
  15. You look great. Fabulous job with the weight loss.