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  1. I am very sorry for the delay. Hang in there. Your experience is not unusual. The very comprehensive health testing that most people get before weight loss surgery often picks up previously unknown medical problems. The good news is that now these problems can be addressed rather than allowed to get worse.
  2. I had a gastric bypass, which is much more surgery than a sleeve, and was back at work part time (at an office job) 6 days after my surgery. I could have returned to work full time 6 days after surgery, but I became tired in the afternoons until about 14 days after my surgery. I had very little pain after the first day or two.
  3. Welcome Raddy! We are here to support and inform you on your weight loss surgery journey. We have lots of members from all over the world, united by a goal to stop being overweight and become thin, active and healthy. By the way, I spent a year going to university in New Delhi, India. I still miss the wonderful people, culture, sights and food of India. With respect to food, most Indian food is relatively low in protein and relatively high in carbohydrates and fat, so you will have to plan what to eat after surgery with some care (especially if you are a vegetarian and thus cannot eat meat). Breads, rice, and ghee are all to be avoided. But dal, eggs, lamb, chicken, and fish made with as little ghee or cream as possible are all fine. You should also try to get and eat lots of "hung curd" (what we call Greek yoghurt) as it is very high in protein. Finally, this post-surgery patient guide, from one of the best hospitals in Boston (USA) should be helpful to you. Although it is written for gastric bypass patients, in the USA the same post-surgery diet and vitamin requirements apply to VSG patients. Care Services/Departments and Services/Weight and Wellness Center/GBP Diet Manual12611.ashx
  4. I am very sorry to hear of your problems, which are not normal for gastric sleeve patients. You should continue to seek answers and a solution from doctors. If it were me, I would seek a second opinion on all this as soon as possible from a surgeon at another hospital. You may need bariatric revision surgery. In addition, your doctor should be sure to rule out both ulcers and twisting in your intestines, as well as cancer of either the stomach or the duodenum. What you may have could be even more serious than you realize. Hang in there. We are here to support you.
  5. I only vomit once every few months. In every case I caused it by having firm beef (like steak) or lamb. Vomiting now is no big deal as my stomach is so small.
  6. You can literally live the very true statement that: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
  7. I had serious foot arch pain that prevented me from going on long walks or playing tennis. I had orthopedic shoe inserts. All of this was totally cured by the weight loss.
  8. I had foot pain prior to my surgery - this pain totally went away after I lost 100 pounds.
  9. Welcome to TTF! You should go see a doctor on this very soon as it could be something very serious.
  10. Welcome! Almost all of us here have had a similar experience of dieting and yet gaining weight in the long term. For me, a gastric bypass allowed me to fairly easily lose my extra weight and keep it off. It allowed me to become healthy, thin, active and just more alive. Having the surgery was the smartest decision of my life (besides marrying my wonderful spouse). We are here to support and inform you on your weight loss surgery journey.
  11. I had one person approach my wife recently and ask her if I had cancer since I lost so much weight. My dear wife let that person know that I was fine.
  12. Holly, relax, you've got this. Weight loss surgery is the right choice and can make your life so much better and longer. Remember that the surgery is only a tool, a very powerful tool but still a tool. You will need to develop a new relationship with food to succeed in the long term, but this is not hard to do during the "honeymoon" period in the months after your surgery when you will have not much appetite or desire to eat. We are here to support you through this process.
  13. Bella, I am very sorry to hear of your recent struggles. Almost all of us, including me, have gone through post op stretches of hours and even days making bad food choices. What is important now (besides getting your medication at the right level) is to recommit yourself on eating right. Get all of the "bad" food out of your house, increase your no calorie liquid consumption, follow your post surgery diet plan to the letter, try to lead an active lifestyle, and pull out some old photos of yourself to remind yourself what you have left behind you and never want to go back to. Finally, remember that we are your tribe and are here to support you no matter what. You can do it and we all know that. What is important is not where you have been, but where you are going.
  14. Congratulations on your weight loss success!! I am very sorry about your marriage ending. We continue to be here to support you.
  15. I told my family. I also told my co-workers, as another person in my office had a gastric bypass a few months before me and everyone was very supportive of her. When people ask me how I lost my weight, I generally tell them that I radically changed my diet and became more active. This is truthful, but of course incomplete. Sometimes I tell people that I had a gastric bypass and have not had any negative responses. Do not forget that once you tell someone, you cannot "untell" them, so do not tell anyone that you think will not take the news well. Finally, who to tell and when is an intensely personal matter - so there is no one right answer to this issue.