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  1. The doctor reviews his posts on a regular basis, but he may take a few months to respond. If you have an urgent medical matter you should raise it with your own surgeon.
  2. I try to avoid eating pizza as it fills me up in a way that sometimes does not feel great. When I am at a meal and pizza is served, I generally eat one slice.
  3. Welcome Karen! You should find that your bypass is much more effective at weight loss than your band ever was. We are here to support and inform you on your continuing weight loss surgery journey.
  4. Hang in there as it gets much much better for almost all of us after surgery. We are here to support you.
  5. Wow. Just wow. You have done a really great job of losing weight and transforming your life and your health. I am very inspired and impressed. I cannot wait to celebrate when you reach your goal weight.
  6. First of congratulations on your surgery date!! Happy dance time!! I had my gastric bypass about two weeks before Thanksgiving. I was worried about what I could eat at the meal, but it was a total non issue. I spent the meal enjoying lots of family conversation and I didn’t have that awful overstuffed feeling afterwards. Nobody cared what I ate or did not eat. Oh, even though it wasn’t really on my post op diet plan at that time, I did have a small piece of turkey breast at Thanksgiving which I ate in very small bites with a bit of gravy (chewing it into a paste before swallowing). The major change for me that year is that I came as a guest in that I had other family members do all the cooking (I am the cook in my family and usually cook everything for a 10-12 people traditional New England Thanksgiving meal). The following year I returned to my normal Thanksging cooking duties. Once again, congratulations.
  7. I agree, unless the liquids are glasses of nice wine.....
  8. Great news!! I am very happy for you and cannot wait to welcome you to the losers bench!!
  9. Great job so far!! If you stick to your diet plan, and take things one day at a time, you will reach your goal weight - and then you will really be amazed at how wonderful life is at goal weight.
  10. This is great news! You should be joining us on the losers bench soon!!
  11. Absorption of medicine can be helped in many cases by crushing the pill before you take it. Not yummy.
  12. Yeah!! Great job!! I still remember eating lots of left over cake after my son’s birthday parties when they were young (many years ago). Even though the cake was not great tasting, I ate lots of it anyway. Now left over birthday cake does not tempt me at all (although to be on the safe side I avoid having it in my house ).
  13. I am so very sorry for what you, your family and your part of California are going through. Our thoughts and prayers are for a quick end to the fire season with no more loss of life and property, and a rapid rebuilding. In terms of avoiding stress snacking, my best advice is to drink a liquid that you enjoy (and is low in calories so no wine, sorry) whenever you feel the need to snack. The liquid will fill up your stomach and the glass/bottle of liquid will keep your hand busy. We are here to support you.
  14. Welcome! Everyone's weight loss surgery journey is a bit different, but TTF is a great place to come for support, information and inspiration.
  15. Your look great! You have done a fabulous job with your weight loss.