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  1. People compliment people for two reasons, it makes you feel good, and it makes them feel good. People like to be positive to other people, usually. By giving a compliment, they are really saying that they want you to know that they care about you, and that they notice changes going on in your life. Try not to overthink compliments. It's weird at first because, you have all these internal things going on in your head, but you should take these comments as a positive. All you have to say is "Thank you," you don't have to go into details about how/why you are losing weight. Just thank them and move on.
  2. I looked at that! I was concerned because it's a mix of Carbonate and Citrate, so I wouldn't know how much calcium I absorb.
  3. I found that you can buy 2lbs of powdered Calcium Citrate on Amazon for $15. It says 1tsp is equal to 600mgs. I ordered it and like it so far. I put a tsp in my coffee in the mornings with my and a tsp at night. The only downside is it doesn't have vitamin D in's just Calcium Citrate. My question is has anyone tried this long term? How did your labs turn out? Currently I'm taking my morning multivitamin with the calcium because it has a ton of vitamin D in it, and taking a softgel vitamin D with it at night. And an iron supplement during the day (If i take the iron first thing it upsets my stomach, and it keeps me up at night, so I take it at lunch.)
  4. Thanks for posting this. I'm always looking to take as few pills as I have too. Do you take a separate calcium supplement?
  5. I hope things are ok, after 2 hours, it should be past the pouch.
  6. You should be very proud of yourself and all of your hard work this year. You look great!
  7. I miss Cedar Point. We used to go every year when I lived in Michigan. Congrats on your success!
  8. I second protein bars. Quest is good, but try a few others for some variety. I know it's tight in the cab of an ambulance, so it's not feasible to keep a lot with you, Fast food is still doable, just keep the calories in mind when you eat. And remember this is a long road, not an all or nothing race. If you screw up occasionally it's ok. Chicken Fingers are generally a good choice when it comes to fast food. Burgers without the bun, Chili, and Grilled Chicken without the bun are also ok choices. Do you have any grocery stores that have deli's on your route? They usually have sandwiches and chicken (I'm looking at you Publix) that are made already that might be a good alternative to fast food.
  9. I was a slow as a turtle in peanut butter, but I ran it. My time was 1:21:34. Not that great, but at 40, I'll take it.
  10. I had a few negative comments and it really opens your eyes to whom you can trust and are true friends. Be confident in yourself and your new life. Remember being confident isn't knowing people will like you; its knowing you'll be fine if they don't. Being positive is a choice. Being happy in your life is a choice. So those negative people in the world have made the choice to be focused on the failures not the successes in life.
  11. You should always try to get your protein in. It helps in so many ways that it would be foolish to cut your intake too much. Here's a good summary from Harvard about how much protein an average person needs and a good calculation to determine your individual goals. Now it should be noted that this is for a person without malabsorbtion issues, so I'd err on the side of more protein than less. source:
  12. Is it sandy colored? Do you have any back pain? Do you still have your gallbladder? When my gallbladder stopped working about 2 years after RNY, I had diarrhea and when I did have a firmer stool it was sandy colored. I also got a back ache after I ate. I'd try imodium, and if it doesn't improve, or gets worse go to the doctor first thing Monday morning...or urgent care, depending on your needs.
  13. Try to remember a few things. 1) you just had MAJOR surgery, your healing time will be at least 6 weeks, so don't feel like you are failing because you're not healing fast enough. 2) Your hormones are going to go crazy after RNY. Your insulin is going crazy along with your androgen and other hormones. You might be angry as your husband says but realistically, you will feel out of balance for a few weeks while everything settles down. Your husband should know this and be suportive. 3) Remember this is not a win/lose proposition. You are going to have bad days but that doesn't mean you have failed. 4) Buyer's remorse is also perfectly normal. We all have that "What the F*ck have I done to myself," moments after surgery. I hope that you don't beat yourself up mentally, and that you keep in mind that you have made a positive choice to change your life and health for the better. That alone is something a lot of people don't do. Even in your bad days, you're still lapping everyone still on the couch. Keep us up to date, we'll help as much as we can.
  14. Your are not a drug addict, it's going to be okay if you see food, or look at someone else eating. It's not like you will flip out and devour the entire grocery store or anything. It seems to me that your mom doesn't have your best interests at heart. By continually bringing it up, it shows that she has the problem, not you. This is not a win/fail proposition. You will not fail at having this surgery, you might have bad days but this isn't an all or nothing thing. There is no finish line, just a continual journey of health and self acceptance.