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  1. Even though we have 10 inches of snow the ground , my local KMart has shorts for sale. i am mentioning hthis because they are inexpensive (. $6 or $7), and while I was in active weight loss one pair carried me down 2 sizes. Check them out.
  2. Congratulations on your decision to get healthier. I knew that there are real possibilities for complications. the best advice I can give you is to follow your surgeon's advice to the letter. There have been people on this forum who write in to brag about how they advance their diets early, eat junk frequently and then complain they are not losing and/or getting nauseous all the time. if you have been given a bunch of instructions, place sheets in a binder and read it all carefully at least twice. Highlight things that you are unclear about and ask your surgeon about your questions. After surgery call a member of your surgical team if you don't feel well, not able to get enough fluids down, or new pain, or anything else you are experiencing. After the surgeon does her/his thing, you need to become your own advocate. Before my surgery( the sleeve), I asked how many "leaks" did his patients have along with a bunch of of other questions.He has done over 3,000 weight loss surgeries and he smiled and said "one". He put his arm around me and thanked me for all my preparation questions. Ask any or all questions but being prepared is a great place to start. best....
  3. they are not dress shorts but the kind of shorts you pull on to be comfortable inside and outside the house. I also wear them to the grocery store and doing errands. They are are all solid colors but easy to get. coordinated tops. I go to ON for dressier Bermuda shorts.
  4. Donate to the Veterans Home or Goodwill or Salvation Army. i do read. e books but. I prefer reading books that I can touch and feel.
  5. In most cultures food=love, respect or something other belief passed down through generations. My mother felt food fixed every problem. That is on my top 5 of why I got fat. Not denying responsibility, but that was how many of us were raised. I also think that for some people cooking elaborate meals makes them feel better emotionally. You also need to consider demographics. My mother was raised in the depression, so things like cakes and cookies were very rare. I do also think that she probably is concerned about your health, because most Mom's do that. i would encourage you to consider that it is unlikely she will drastically change. That means you will need to change your reaction to her. You might consider taking a small bite of one cookie and ask if you can bring them to work to share. My church has a social hour after worship and you might share that way. Soup kitchens will also accept home baked goods. Is it possible that you might bake together? It would be a bonding experience and you will also let her see how much homeless / hungry people enjoy a treat like home baked something. Oreos are good, but home baked cc cookies are so much better because each cookie lets people know you care. Noneof these thoughts may work for you, but it is what comes into my head this morning. Best....
  6. I was having terrible nausea even this far out. I have tried peppermint tea and peppermint hard candies which do help. The other thing that helps sometimes is ginger tea. Otherwise I rely on zofranZofran
  7. sorry but I throw up every protein shake in the world. I found soy based cereal on Amazon and I have that with fairlife milk I do okay. Or else I have a Dannon lite and fit Greek yogurt with a few nuts and an ounce of cheese. I usually meet my protein goals, especially when I have fish for lunch and or dinner.
  8. for me, my tastes changed frequently. At about 9 months, I threw up every protein shake in the world. Still cannot tolerate them. I still get some reflux for which I take Protonix but still have episodes of nausea. All of these symptoms are unpredictable, so I always carry peppermint candy and if home drink peppermint tea. The peppermint helps sometimes, other times I have to take a Zofran. I am not trying to scare you but to let you know that for some people tastes and tolerability can change without notice.
  9. whether something is a slider or not depends ( for sleevers) how the food hits the pyloric valve(which sleevers still have). When a dense food like steak, chicken, ham hits your pyloric valve, the valve can tell whether the food should be let into the intestine or held in the stomach longer for more digestion to occur. Some digestion occurs both in the mouth and stomach . When you eat mainly sliders you are more likely to get hungry faster. Many programs encourage you not to have a protein shake after 6 months because shakes are definitely sliders. It is also okay to have healthy fats because fats help you feel satiated longer. I always add a small pat of butter to my cooked veggies. best...
  10. elevate the head of your bed by placing blocks under the top legs of the bed. a long time ago, they were called " shock blocks". Every nursing station ad at least one set. If someone was going into shock we would put the blocks under the bottom legs of the bed so the patient's head was lower than the heart.
  11. Would you mind sharing the research reference for your statement thank you
  12. you could have a stricture???
  13. weight fluctuation from day to day is normal. my advice is to hide your scale and only weigh yourself weekly. Reducing calories is not the best option until you are in maintenance. for now make sure you are meeting your fluid and protein requirements. Stay on your plan and you will lose. best
  14. Gypsy, any food treats you receive as a gift can be donated to a local charity that offers free meals.
  15. avoid known triggers like cooking shows, food commercials etc. if you watch a cooking show your time watching TV could better be used as a time to take a walk or some other diversion. Best....
  16. I don't think there any Kroger in New York. Greer, I could come to Colorado and not only buy yogurt but maybe some "special Colorado brownies?
  17. pj pants with adjustable drawstring. Lived in them for 3 weeks. Walmart and cheap at old navy, especially when ON has a sale, like today.
  18. Found a cereal new to me, proti diet chocolate high protein soy cereal. They look like chocolate cheerios. 1 packet is 8gm carbs and 15 grams of protein. Perfect for travel . Taste pretty good.
  19. if you do have the surgery out of country, make sure you have appropriate medical followup arranged here in the states, preferably someone who is knowledgeable about post op care of sleeve patients.
  20. more fluids, add salt to foods like broth.
  21. happy thansgiving. Glad to hear that you are on the mend, best...
  22. ignatius congrats on starting your journey. my program does not count calories but focuses on protein and fluid consumption. however, some people need to limit their carbs( from any source ) to keep their weight loss moving along. How many carbs are you eating and where are the carbs coming from ( White carbs or fruit) ? best...
  23. I only told 2 coworkers because they had to cover me at work. As I started losing, I said I was under a doctor's care and following a high protein, low carb diet. None of that is untrue. I do not want to be the subject of gossip and a million questions. once you ring a bell, it is impossible to unring it
  24. what a handsome boy. Keep us posted about your surgery. I am confident all will go well. Hugs and kisses from cold NY. Is your Mom coming? i know you will come through this like a trooper. cathy
  25. sometimes I go to 7-11 and buy 2 hard boiled eggs and then take the free packet of mayo. I always carry a lunch bag with utensils and an empty Tupperware container. I go sit in the car, mash the eggs up with mayo and black pepper and have a healthy protein rich snack, lunch or dinner. I believe a large portion of success after WLS is good preparation. A good lunch bag, sufficiently large to carry water bottles, ice packs or frozen water bottles, plastic utensils, portable condiments like salt, pepper, Mayo, ketchup and cocktail sauce for my insatiable hunger for cold cooked shrimp. When I grocery shop, I always buy a frozen shrimp ring. I put in the freezer at home. The night before I want to eat it, I take six or seven out of the freezer and into the fridge in a plastic bag. By morning they are defrosted and ready to go into my lunch bag. also, my orthopedic surgeon is in the city on the far west side by the GW bridge. It takes at least two to three hours each way, so my cooler bag is well packed.