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  1. Me too!! {{{{{{healing vibes too}}}}}
  2. My best wishes too! Get ready to re-claim your life!!
  3. Slept on the couch with multiple pillows strategically placed for support for about 3 weeks. I found that the bed gave me "too much room to move" and become uncomfortable.....

    it's been a couple weeks now since I've been following the low sugar guidelines and it's been MUCH better. Cinwa~ thanks for the article....very interesting!
  5. Shoe size ?

    This was a change I was not prepared for! Literally "walked out of" my size 7's at about the 15-16 month/85 pds+ mark! Now a size 6. (one of the more $$$ surprises) Wedding ring size 4.5 in 1985, put aside at my heaviest, is now a 4! @Gamzap~ wait, you have a long way to go!
  6. It seems I now have this "diet induced" issue. I am over 1.5 years post op and pretty much finished losing (I hope) so I guess the low/no carb diet has caught up with me. I was wondering how many of you have had this happen & what changes did you make to correct it....particularly which foods did you choose to add to your diet. I have now added peanut butter, tiny amounts of potato, graham crackers, apple sauce and feel a LOT better! It's Jersey tomato time here and I even managed a "Jersey Tomato Sandwich" on a sandwich thin and got 1/2 of it in. Appreciate any input....
  7. Some concern

    ^^^this exact thing for me too.
  8. Want spouse overnight?

    Same here with my husband.....and I will NEVER have Dilaudid again! Ever!
  9. Being gentle with fat friends

    This^^^ You should add this one to your recent thread about things you never thought of......I can definitely sense a "change in the dynamics" of many of my relationships~ friends and family~ large or small......
  10. my latest list of thing no one thinks about.

    And can I add a "Wow, just wow"!! Very, very well-said!
  11. Exactly....exercising (toning, etc) doesn't get rid of loose skin but an overall "toned" body can divert the attention from it. And, of course, a story: Just went to my first GYN appt since losing the majority of my weight. I am "aware" (but not obsessed) of my arm skin. The very first thing my doctor commented on was how beautiful my arm MUSCLES were and how defined they are!! What? Who? Me? I have a relatively small pooch of tummy skin and I notice that when I do a lot of core (like Pilates) it is a LOT less noticeable (in clothing).
  12. Wedding bells and dress size drama

    Not a wedding dress story but one that is relevant: I am now 1.5 years post op and my rate of loss has slowed to a trickle (not a problem!). At the beginning of this year I decided I was pretty much "done" losing & made the "new bra" investment. I spent close to $300 on all new bras. At some point in February, I lost 1 (ONE!) pound.....guess from WHERE?? Yep, the bust! None of those bras are wearable & I am now replacing them VERY slowly!! While this is nowhere near as dramatic as a wedding dress, I would make a note of it and try to WAIT as long as possible to purchase the most important dress of your life!!
  13. How does one choose their goal weight?

    My "goal" was/is a size, not a weight~ a size 10 which I met and am now in some 8's. The weight you see in my stats is the "top number" of my "healthy range". A tidbit for ya: When I got married in 1985 at age 25, I weighed 118pds and was a size 10. Here we are 30 years later at age 54 and I'm 145.5 and a size 10 and some 8s. The only thing I can figure is that I actually work out more NOW than when I was younger! (See, so it's never "over")
  14. Premier Protein?

    I use Premier Protein chocolate pre-made shakes from BJ's and am very satisfied with the taste, convenience, how I feel afterward & with the "numbers" on the label. They were recommended by my surgical group's nutritionist along with BiPro mix which is just NASTY! Some people in my NUT classes LOVED the BiPro but me, ewww! Pick the best product that you can afford, keep down & oh yeah, enjoy!! Good Luck!
  15. What Are You Wearing Today?

    WOW!! You look amazing!! Congrats and a VERY Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful couple!