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  1. Yeah I pop in every so often, just haven't posted. It's been a busy couple of years!
  2. Vlasic farmers garden pickles are the best! I love the zesty garlic!
  3. I guess I'm lucky cause if I were to have a problem I could just make an appointment with my bariatric surgeon. I have check ups with my program a few times a year, they are very hands on.
  4. Thank you! She is adorable and a blessing! I love that I can run around with her and take her down slides and be active with her, cause she has 1 speed and that is run run run!
  5. Thank you! She is very precious to me. Her and work keep me very busy!
  6. That little girl right there was why I had surgery in the first place, before my surgery I had 1 miscarriage and 1 ectopic pregnancy. I just had my 3 year surgervesary Aug. 13 and my baby is 19 months old! Life is good!
  7. Congrats grapey!!!!! I've been busy withmy bsby and work so i haven't been on, glad you are doing good!
  8. Renesmee weighed 5 lbs 4 oz at birth. She was also 4.5 weeks early though.
  9. Thank you! I love her so much! Wish she would sleep a little better at night though! I'm exhausted!
  10. I didn't have pcos but I did have a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy while heavier and seemed to have fertility issues cause of my weight. After losing 150 lbs I ended up getting pregnant very easily cause we used condoms 99% of the time it only took a few times with no condom to end up prego! We were happy about it though!
  11. So sorry Greer!
  12. Yeah that would suck, I love my Starbucks latte! I wouldn't function right without my dose of caffeine. Miss Renesmee is doing great! Me and my lack of sleep not so great! But it is worth it, I love her tremendously! Yeah the ultrasounds are awesome my girl was a mover on the ultrasounds one minute she was there the next minute she was on the other side!