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  1. From 360 to 180, I am amazed at this, and it’s been 4.5 years. Please everybody, stay with it, it works!
  2. There is only one. It was so nice to finally meet her, and yeah, she is the sweetheart I always knew she was.
  3. You inspire me, as well.
  4. Always a pleasure to hear from you, Paul. almost everyone has vacate to FB. I miss what TT used to be.
  5. Your message is quite inspiring, Geoff, and I wish your son well! And I definitely wish you well, ktallon! -- It's a big deal and a life changer. You've got this!
  6. I continue to lose weight at 4.5 years, never had any regain, but I did have the longest stall ever -- 2 whole years, and I've lost close to 50 pounds since then. Stay with the program and you will see lifelong success. I'm wishing everyone the same kind of results I've had, this is the best thing I've ever done beyond getting married 40 years ago and having four beautiful daughters, one has given me two beautiful grandchildren.
  7. I'll be there and will need hug. :-)
  8. I think I can be there, still regret not being able last time!
  9. She's someone from my medical life that needs support for a long ago RNY. I gave her the link on Friday because she never got the support she needed since then, she has done well, and wants to erase her modest regain. I do hope she connects here, she *is* looking for support and TT has been great for me. TT is no longer as vibrant as it once was, most folks have escaped to FB and I wish they would come back. TT was, and is, greatly important to me.
  10. I'm beyond where I want to be, down 5 more pounds in the last couple of weeks, this is primarily because the really bad sciatica I've been dealing with for a couple of weeks makes it sometimes too painful to walk. I've been subscribed T3, then Percocet, as well as a muscled relaxer, the do very little to help. I got a referral to the pain clinic this morning, hope they can fit me in this week. I'm hanging in, don't really have a choice at the moment. Cortisone epidural fixed it last time and I'm hopeful for another miracle.
  11. Pulling for you, Michael, I so want you to succeed and I know you will, you are showing true commitment and that's what it takes. I only wish you didn't have to wait so long!
  12. USPS delivers more packages than anyone according to recent info, I love all my delivery drivers from all carriers and I let them know. It always comes back to me in a very positive way, and the local PO and UPS stores are no different, we all know each other by name. Amazon drivers also get thanked every single time. You reap what you sow, not to get biblical here. ;-)
  13. I'm okay with Halo Top, but I'm somebody who lost his sweet tooth. It's a whole lot better than sitting down and eating a whole tub of ice cream like in the old days. Even with regular ice cream, I have no trouble stopping at two spoons. I don't buy it myself, my grandkids live with me. This is all still unbelievable to me.
  14. So many people are impatient, especially in the early days. My grandson, who lives with me, wanted to know why I wasn't skinny when I came home from the hospital and I think we all tend to think the same thing. Stay with it, I'm 177 pounds down in 4.5 years with no regain -- it does work as long as you don't give up, and sadly, many people do. I don't get why they did, I couldn't possibly think that way, maybe because I'm an old faht. Keep it up, Tracy, it is extremely rewarding!
  15. Thank you, I got some meds to stop the nerve pain and it was a good night. MRI soon but don't have a date yet. Epidural soon!
  16. I know for sure that you never could have imagined this, I couldn't, but might have been able in my early 20's at normal weight which was actually a pound or three more than where I am now (HA!), hard to look back at what that reality would have really felt like.
  17. A bit better at the moment, yesterday wasn't too bad, but last night was brutal, despite oxy and codeine, and a heavy duty muscle relaxer. I'm going to beg at my pain clinic appt on Tuesday.
  18. I repair church organs.
  19. Will let you know, Trish. My consultation is on Tuesday, and I'm hoping the epidural can be next week as well. I hate not being able to work, I'm lucky, I love what I do even after retirement age!
  20. Thank you, I've had a tiny bit of relief today by maxing out my meds, which I truly hate to take them, it did help at least a little bit, and I'm quite sure hugs from all of the women in this group who have sent me lovely supportive messages would help much more than that! Thank you all, it means a lot to me. I love you all!
  21. I looked into one of those inversion tables a few years ago, only I was too heavy to use it! Might be time to revisit. I did get an appt for the pain management clinic for Tuesday morning, they wouldn't do an epidural on that day, hoping it wouldn't be long afterwards.
  22. Alcohol is a huge risk, best to stay away, i get it
  23. Stay with it, it works!
  24. Why not cream?
  25. Sauce definitely helps, I typically use cocktail sauce, and I never have trouble with chowder.