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  1. I started at 356 and it will be 4 years in March, have been hovering about 200 for a long time. Once in awhile I'll come across an item of clothing that hasn't been purged yet and I'm always amazed I was ever that big. Welcome to the losers' bench, this is an excellent community for support!
  2. I never saw myself as big as I was, and I don't see myself as being ~160 pounds lighter either. Several other people have said the same thing here in past conversations.
  3. RNY, I've dumped once in almost 4 years, too much orange sherbet on the first warm day about a year ago.
  4. Not a workout guy except for walking --I have a friend who is a marathon runner at age ~62 and he categories his play lists by beats per minute depending on the pace he's looking for.
  5. I lost about 160 pounds with zero exercise, weight loss is primarily about what you put in your mouth. I'm not naysaying fitness, it's just that it has far more to do with cardio/vascular fitness and practically nothing to do with weight loss.
  6. I still prefer soup above almost everything else and it will be 4 years in March. The 'new reality' we all face is not the same for everybody, and we all need to find our own way going forward. For me, getting my head around this idea has been my biggest challenge.
  7. We all have a differing timetable for when we ready for the next stage, and you may not be ready for that next stage, meaning you should stay where you are until it's the right time.
  8. I don't think the pouch test this early out will get you anywhere. You're doing what you need to do from what you say, just stay with it. We all have roadblocks and they don't last forever.
  9. I'd cut the carbs in addition to upping the water.
  10. Just keep at it, some foods will agree and some won't, it took me well over a year to eat eggs. Like you, I vastly prefer warm food, and soup is always my go to.
  11. It takes time to get acclimated to your new reality, most people take months rather than week, and I'm still making adjustments at almost 4 years and see it as a good thing. It gets better and almost all of here will tell you that.
  12. If I eat too much or too fast, it will come back up. It's not really like vomiting, more like coughing it up, and a lot of the time it's usually air. It doesn't happen often anymore, maybe once every few months.
  13. I talk to several people in my program when trying to figure things out, as well as people here, and offline. They don't always agree with each other, or agree with my own experience either. I always give more credence to people who've been through what I want to learn about.
  14. No harm in trying it, though it's simple carbs that are the killer for most of us, not the fat.
  15. I'm still amazed at how little I eat at almost the 4 year mile marker. It's the new reality for a lot of us. I wouldn't worry about losing that much, and just keep looking forward.