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  1. Stay on plan, your surgeon has one goal weight to mark his surgery as successful, and your own goal weight is likely quite different. I hit my surgeon's target 3 years ago, and hit my own original goal over three years ago. At almost 4.5 years out, my revised target is 2 pounds away. It is 50 pounds lighter than what the surgeon was looking for.
  2. Stay with your plan, most people lose their path when they increase simple carbs. What you did to lose the weight in the first place will still work -- you just have to stick to it.
  3. I used to work with a guy 40 years ago who truly knew wines. At the Audio Engineering trade show in NYC in 1976, at dinner, he ordered a bottle of red and a bottle of white. I have no recollection of what they were, except that they were each superb. I never experience that before or since.
  4. It's normal to get impatient in the early days, the important thing is to stay on your plan. I have been for almost 4.5 years, I've lost 170 pounds with no regain, in fact I am down about 7 more pounds this year.
  5. Not cold and heartless at all, SP. I've known your story for a few years now, nobody deserves what you've been through.
  6. NSV

    At almost 4.5 years out, every tshirt I tried this morning was just way too baggy, I do like them loose, but it appears to be time to go from XL to L. It's such a long way from the 4X I used to wear. Stay with it everybody and it will keep working for you as well. It's been a very long time since I've feared that it wouldn't work for the long haul.
  7. I buy them at the Braintree Farmer's market -- from Fox Point Pickles in RI -- they have a web site.
  8. It's nothing to worry about.
  9. After pic from a couple of weeks ago.
  10. My meds have been switched up since last summer, Citalopram for anxiety and Trazadone for sleeping -- wildly successful in both cases. And yeah, breathing control can also be wildly effective. I had sudden unexpected panic episode about a month ago, and surprisingly itv didn't last more than about 10 seconds after a couple of deep breathes/exhale slowly repetitions. It went away as suddenly as it appeared.
  11. Many of wish we'd done it ten years earlier.
  12. offers samples of everything they sell for short money.
  13. Headaches can be caused by caffeine withdrawal and I will sometimes get one if I'm not eating enough. Agreed on the overly sweet stuff, I can't stand it. Tera's Whey chocolate isn't bad nor is the Unjury chicken soup flavor.
  14. Shake up your diet, many people cut their simple carbs to get back on track.
  15. Yup. Steph is right on!