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  1. I never had sugar problems, except for eating too many jellybeans, and I've had a huge aversion to sweet food since WLS.
  2. I walk about 15 miles a week, nothing more than that. My new left knee two years ago made that possible,
  4. Not feeling like eating is an amazing blessing! Embrace it! It got me beyond goal!
  5. I don't have an appetite, I'm never hungry, and what I do eat fills me up. I know that I'm much luckier than some folks when it comes to this, I feel fortunate.
  6. I literally can't eat very much anymore, if I try, it comes back up. I got to be 165 pounds overweight by out of control portion sizes. When I was 20 years younger, I could take the weight off, it's just been impossible in recent years no matter what I tried. Yes, I did lose 20 pounds in the 2 months prior to surgery, like I had many times before, I just couldn't sustain it. I have no regrets except not doing it ten years sooner. I feel good, am off almost every single med I used to take, and I'm looking forward to the rest of my life.
  7. The program I used was extremely comprehensive about preparing us for success, psychologically, nutritionallly, informationally, and medically with all of the appropriate tests. They were looking for as much success as I was. On a daily basis for me now, its protein and water first, followed by getting carbs from fruit and vegetables. I had no other instructions beyond that and I already know that complex carbs are a much better choice than simple carbs, and I don't pay much attention to fat content, nor do I eat much of it. I hope you have the revision and have success with it, it must be difficult having been through the band process. It has a very low success rate.
  8. Somewhere I read that one third of RNY folks have dumping. I've had it happen only once, for which I am grateful.
  9. I can handle a little carbonation, but it was a few years before that was possible. In the early days, I just couldn't take it. When I say a little, I mean a beer on a hot summer night, and only one at that. Alcohol is not a good place for me to go after RNY, so while I do, it's extremely rare.
  10. The concise dietary instructions for all of us are essentially the same, 60+ grams of protein, half gallon of water, carbs from fruit and vegetable, and stay away from sugar and other simple carbs. I don't think many of us get calorie targets, I didn't, and while I could give you a rough estimate of what I take in every day, I only pay attention to the protein because if I don't get enough, I don't feel well.
  11. I don't sleep nearly as well as I did when I was 165 pounds heavier. Trazadone has helped over the past six months, but it feels like a trance as opposed to restful sleep. It has helped my mood considerably along with switching up antidepressant meds.
  12. I think we all get impatient about rate of loss in the beginning. I stopped caring about it at some point and now I've been holding steady for well over a year. I'm quite happy with that.
  13. Just stay with it and you'll get to your target. I'm 4 years into it, got myself under 200 and plan to stay here. This is a supportive community and I still get much out of it.
  14. I wish you well. My wife defeated RNY even without a reversal, I can't imagine ever being in a place where I could defeat it. It is far to rewarding to be down 165 pounds after 4 years and staying there!
  15. This is too much, even for me!