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  1. I shouldn't be surprised at my age when I find myself caring about somebody I don't know. It happens a lot.
  2. I have not completely purged my old clothes yet. Last night I found an old bathrobe that now wraps around me twice! I'm quite sure it's safe to donate!
  3. It's your food intake that governs your weight, not exercise. Exercise is essential for cardio-vascular health but has nothing at all to do with weight loss. I walk about 15 miles a week and I'm down 160 pounds and that all has to do with what I do and what I do NOT eat!
  4. A woman I know used to call them power surges.
  5. I eat pistachios now, almost 4 years after WLS. They do have good fiber and protein, and also carbs and calories. When I started eating peanuts in the early days, I was advised to limit it to 1 oz. portions. You can buy ziplock bags marketed as "pill pouches" that hold an oz. of peanuts, so that's what I did. Dairy, nuts, and a bit of meat and fish are my go-to protein sources now and they are working out well. My weight is stable at 200 pounds, plus or minus a few and it's been this way for a very long time. :-)
  6. Welcome! It's a good group, very supportive.
  7. They say that a woman needs a reason and I guy just needs a place.
  8. Check the egg face website.
  9. In the early days I threatened to put Chinese food and pizza in the juicer! True story!
  10. RNY, 10+ years ago. She has other serious health issues and even though I haven't been a jerk about it, she is not interested in getting back on track. I do wish she would, the support network was not there for her, before and after WLS like it is now.
  11. The mental challenges are still part of my life at a month under 4 years, and I suspect it will always be true. I know that people can defeat this surgery, and my wife is among those who did. I can't see any way at all that I could go back to the old ways. I barely eat enough, it just isn't possible for me to eat more, so my mental struggle is about eating enough and not about eating too much. Two sides of the coin.
  12. I do the same thing, though I have to make it myself because DD and McD versions are hopelessly sweet, and they are what spawned the "people of Walmart" website.
  13. I'd still like to eat a whole cheeseburger, and a small one would be just fine. The closest I get (about once a month) is a Whopper Jr. I eat about 3/4 of the insides. That said, I sometimes grill 2 inch beef patties and enjoy my micro-burger. The supermarkets were definitely not designed for us!
  14. I'm hopeful, yet not optimistic either, I hope she gets sturdy counseling for mental health and for success. My wife had the surgery 10 years ago and it was mandatory for her family to meet with the surgeon before she had final clearance, after a whole year of informative meetings for her. And yeah, my only questions was "what are her survival odds as opposed to what happens to her without WLS?"
  15. This is just sad and I hope it gives her her life again.