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  1. I haven't been on here in quite some time. I'm here to announce that I'm almost to my goal weight, that's after I've dipped under it and became malnourished. After my surgery I've always felt something was wrong, after two years of suffering June 23rd I almost lost my life due to a perforated ulcer my new surgeon said it was most likely due to my bypass not being right and my lovely PCP messing up even more. I've spent from the end of May this year til just yesterday in the hospital. After an emergency surgery on my ulcer, fighting pneumonia, severe pancreatitis, and an emergency surgery to take out my gallbladder.... I can say I regret getting surgery at all. I got this surgery because I was promised if I did as I was told I would live a healthy normal life!! I was deceived I'm sicker than I ever was because of it. I just turned 24 last month and I've lost everything, including the weight. So yeah I get compliments on being so skinny, but I can't work out, my diet is even stricter because of all the damage, I lost my job due to being sick all the time... Just wish I would've lost the weight on my own. Here's a warning to everyone that this isn't a magic spell, it can be a helpful tool, but I guess it's not for everyone. Be careful what surgeon you choose and if you feel something is wrong don't let anyone push you aside.
  2. This surgery has ruined my life... 

    1. Murk


      What happened? It sounded like you were doing so well in previous posts except for the sciatica... I hope whatever you are going through is temporary and you get through it soon! 

    2. katiethelovemalfoy


      I just posted something about it. Thank you for your kindness and support. Hope you're doing well 

  3. really? sounds cool thanks I'll give it a try!
  4. Hello everyone! In need of some advice. I have hit another plateau. Been fluxuation the same 3lbs for the past month. Also i fractured my coccyx and it is irritating my sciatic nerve VERY badly. Sitting,laying,walking, coughing, and even deep breaths hurt. I am currently in physical therapy to try and get this problem under control, but i am trying to hit Onederland by the first week of june ( roughly 32 lbs). Is it possible? Have any of you had this experience? Please give me your advice it is greatly appreciated. Im ready to have the BEST summer of my life, my body just isn't
  5. Hello everyone! Well you all were 100% RIGHT!! I took some pictures for him and he was overjoyed and i was praised and complimented. He doesn't seem worried about skin and such, though i told him i still have another 50/60 lbs to go so it won't look the same. He says it won't be too bad. I feel so much relief!!! Also he must have liked them or else he wouldn't decide to switch careers! Yup he isn't going to academy, he is switching up jobs to be able to have set hours so i won't have to wait up for him. So blessed. You guys were the BEST HELP EVER!!!! Thank you!
  6. From the album A year later

  7. From the album A year later

  8. From the album A year later

  9. Thank you all so much for your kind words, support and advice. It means the world to me and I am overjoyed that I have people I can talk to that understand the struggles I am feeling. My bf has seen pics of me at my heaviest and tells me how proud he is of me for the loss. What I think I will do is send him some pictures ( nothing too revealing) while he is away. He is gone for 6 months for police academy. I am more comfortable showing him pics than wait til he comes home, especially since im hoping to be even smaller by his graduation. If he can accept me at this stage I don't think I'll worry! I'll tell you guys what happens! Thank you SO MUCH! <3
  10. Hi everyone! SO i haven't posted in a LONG TIME! Well here is what is happening! I am a bit over a year out of surgery (gastric bypass) and i have lost 110lbs so far. I am now malnourished and am working on fixing it. The big worry i have here right now is my skin!!!! It's starting to fall and i am horrified at what my boyfriend will think. A bit of a background on this relationship: It's new, he knows i used to weigh a LOT more and supports my weight loss decisions. We have yet to be intimate at all, he hasn't seen skin or scars. Even if people are the MOST supportive in the world, as my boyfriend is, i am terrified one day he will see my skin and leave. Anyone else have these fears? Confronted your loved ones about it? Had good or bad experiences? Let me know! Thanks Dolls! xoxo
  11. awww Jen, you're sweet Thank you
  12. Hello Everyone, I saw my beloved surgeon today and he told me he believes i have an intestinal ulcer. I have medication for it to take for quite some time but he says that if i am not feeling better in about 2 weeks and the vomiting doesnt stop to come back so i can be scoped to see if i have a stricture, :/ So i will be enduring the meds and wishing for just the ulcer. i love my surgeon so much <3 Later Dolls, Katie xoxoxoxoxxo
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