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  1. Thank you all.....I am so glad thinner times is here because I truly feel I have a great support system when I come here..... I also told a friend about this forum and referred her to come here and join she's starting her journey in September at the same office as I am going to and now I will also have a surgery buddy close by me.....only people going through been through this journey will really ever truly know what we are going through.....that's why I have chosen to keep my surgery from people now because the support is fake and I can't deal with fake people you know the ones that just what ya to talk about it so they have something to talk about behind your back.....yeah I'm over THEM KIND OF PEOPLE.....positive ONLY FOR ME
  2. Thank you all the visit went great....down another 5 pounds and 6 to meet goal....another appointment on the first of September.....:)
  3. Hour and a half away and my stomach is messing with me. I just want a successful visit but will be prepared for anything that may come. On a good note I was down on my scale this morning so I hope the same for theirs when I get there. Pray please. Please everyone have a wonderful day. Turn a negative thought positive and make it a good day
  4. Thank you both yes I am still on the water pill hope the little bugger helps this time lol
  5. Tomorrow morning is weigh in and of course something else decided to make a visit as well. I am now up 3 pounds and I know it's going to be an issue. Feel like canceling the appointment because I gained. Then I think about it and just pray it is going to be ok. I have to the end of the month to make the weight but want it to be close enough tomorrow but since the attack of the non friend (girls you will understand) I'm frustrated as all get out . Walking hurts because of what's going on as well but pushing through the pain to make that mile can't wait till this is all gone next month.. guess it wanted to show me who has the last word because this is the worst one in years being the last one ever!!!!! Pray for me please that the gain isn't bad and they don't toss me out of the whole thing. Have a great day everyone.
  6. So far the surgery is going to be laparoscopic but there is always a chance to be different when the day comes....I just don't want to have any set backs towards the WLS but will do what the doctor orders as stubborn as I am I will listen to her
  7. Thank you for the question....I was wondering the same thing but now I know my hysterectomy surgery will postpone my sleeve to some degree....just know I set the goal of making my required weight loss to surgery schedule by end of August but hope I am close enough on the 11th when I weigh in .....hysterectomy surgery on the the 19th of Sept is all I know at this point
  8. I certainly hope the gyno doesn't think I will be sitting on my butt during this so called recovery period....ummmm not me I'm going to be up and at it soon as I come home might be slower than normal but I won't be sitting around I can't I am in the right mind frame now and I am staying there
  9. I talked to the gyno and she said there is weight gain though it differs from each person so she said she would suggest the hysterectomy first so there is no set backs after wls.... And the time is 6 weeks recovery :/
  10. Today I opened the mailbox and what's there? The information I have been waiting for since May. I have a date for my hysterectomy surgery September 19. Now here's the perplexed situation I am in what happens if I go on the 11th of this month and they say well done you are good to go for surgery? How long did it take for everyone to get the approval back and get your dates. Am I good to go with hysterectomy on the 19th of September or will it conflict the main surgery I want?
  11. I just know the days I don't at least do a mile I don't seem to find the energy to do anything at all so I use that as my advantage and push myself....within safe healthy ways that is
  12. Had to get the morning off to a great start...2 miles. Now for my morning protein shake and some packet filling fundraising kits.....keeping busy workouts, fundraising and anything but stuffing my face with nasty unhealthy foods....have a blessed day everyone
  13. Thanks everyone you are all a big help
  14. Lol @boredstiffcliff that is just what I needed a chuckle .....but thanks for suggesting that. I never thought that would make a difference .
  15. I bought a scale this morning and I just weighed myself .....nothing changed not a pound off I sure hope that's wrong. When is best time to weigh yourself? I need all the suggestions I can get. I hate the fact that there has been no changes since I was at nutritionist BUT ON A GOOD NOTE IT WASN'T HIGHER THAN THAT DAY....see another positive thought