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  1. I am at the last leg of the race.....I lost the 15 pounds and next month the schedule of surgery is happening.....I almost kissed the nutritionist this morning. They said to keep losing weight the more the better for me but next month on the 21 we start the papers to get the approval and happy right now
  2. Have a big surgery coming up soon not sure the date have all medical clearance and the Cardiologist told me today she was clearing me for my wls when time comes to do that. I am down another 4 pounds since Thursday and the confidence level of me actually making it happen is rising. Weigh in tomorrow morning ....I needed 10 pounds since last visit and I hope and I am praying I will soon be close if not over the limit to schedule the day....positive vibes only
  3. I am losing my pre surgery weight down another 5 pounds 10 total 5 to go. Have a big surgery in July so that might hold me back a bit but I'm not giving up at all....looking forward to the day I have a date but determine to reach the goals I have set for myself no matter how hard it may be getting or going to get..... forward motion only
  4. Today I met with the dietician.....Expecting another weight gain and the truth be told I lost 8 pounds since 4/19 and only 5 counted because I have to go by what was my last actual weigh in.....So all in all I need 10 pounds to have a date, she told me that it is all set with all the other must haves just need that 10 gone....So long as no gain I will be happy but would love to be down 10+ when I go back on the 23 of May.....All and all a very good day
  5. I am a diabetic yes and it seems to not be controlled they keep raising my metformin dosage. The solid foods is anything other than protein shakes. Lol
  6. Athenarose I am keeping low to very low carbs at this time, all my food is being measured out when I have solid foods to no more than a cup and single serving of meats ( 2 oz ect.) I just know I am doing something wrong. @Greta I am drinking too much water I think but I am always thirsty...Up to 9 32 oz water bottles a day.....288 oz a day and still feel like I could do more. The walking is for my health issues the Dr wanted me to be more active so I chose to walk every day....Not sure if it's really doing a thing at all except for giving the dog something to do. I hate the look at food losing interest in it all together but know I have to to live.....Just want the surgery and seems like it's never going to come. But I guess I will see, talking to PCP on my next visit to go over the whole problem see if he can help me figure this out too
  7. Mandatory group meetings completed, endoscopy completed, psych evaluation completed only thing holding me up is mandatory weight loss of 15 pounds....I have tried all liquid gained one meal a day 2 meals with PROTEIN drink gained.....What in the world am I doing wrong? Walking a mile a day gaining weight ready to just give up at this point haven't been this close in four years of starting this whole thing and yet no surgery date in sight.....WHY!!!!!
  8. Thank you was very emotional for me she said she was approving me I just started crying it was the best part of my day today I can assure you.
  9. I met with my Psych evaluation today and she's cleared me for surgery, now 3 group meetings and then a date..... Never been this close in 4 years I started this journey so I am very excited now hopeful like never before and I guess it does mean something when you don't give up and get down
  10. Thank you all for the advice. I am going in there with a positive attitude and going to be brutally honest not holding nothing back this time. Which I was afraid that I would say too much the last time. I just know that I am mentally ready for this to take place and willing to do the hard work afterwords to keep the weight back off. I know this is not a easy way to do things and without the work I have to put into it being done will not help me one bit. I have been doing little things now like eating better smaller portions walking away before I am feeling too full, which was a hard one but I find myself leaving more on the plate each time I eat now. I find it is easier than I thought it would be to do. I know a lot of this is mind frame and I am in it to win it and be healthy once again. Once again thank you all.....
  11. I have to be at the 3 hour Dr visits with all the goodies.....meaning the nutritionist 1 hour physical fitness for 1 hour and psychologist for 1 hour. I am not wanting to go out of fear they are not going to give me good news. I sure hope that the physical fitness thing is not going to make me do too much other than talk to them. I was at the beach yesterday with my daughter for a whole whopping 10 minutes before I am laid out in the sand not able to breathe having trouble with feeling like I am going to pass out. It was embarrassing at most because I was someone that lived on the beach all day and night when I lived in Vero Beach, go there yesterday and end up in the ambulance. I wanted to cry, I just want to be able to do the things that I was able to years ago without the worries of is this the last time I am going to be able to do this thinking. I just want to be more active in my life and right now I cant do it and I think that everyone around me is missing out on a lot of things because I dont feel like doing anything. I want this surgery to take back my life and there has to be someone up in Heaven that has my back on this to give me a good word to God for me to have him help me make this happen. I hope for good news on Monday for a fast surgery date and so I can restart my life in a healthier more active way. I have a free membership to Curves and I am planning on using that membership soon as I am cleared for active duties. New life new ways. Looking forward to this to happen soon.
  12. I am going to see about getting the tests that you mentioned Saguaro68 because that is on the list of things to do. I want to get all of the tests done NOW LOL They also said that they might be able to use the tests results from when I did it in NC too they are going to see about that when I go there on the 10th. I pray that they can rush order all the things I need done like they are the 3 hours of meetings on the 10th that would be great to leave there and go right back the next day. Then again like I said they might be able to use all the labs and tests from before...Praying hard
  13. i was never this excited before I just think that I am finally going to be doing this this time and I am grateful to be having it done....this has been a great week many good news coming my way this was just the icing on the cake for me
  14. I was just received an email about how my insurance is not requiring a time limit on the waiting question is this...does that mean once I get these appointments done on the 10th of August could I be getting my surgery date that day? I really am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel this time around.
  15. I got the Surgeons orders today. Insurance has already been cleared. Next steps are the Evaluate and Educate part of the process. Psychologist, Fitness consult and Nutrition consult all done on August 10. Barlum Swallow and upper GI is going to be scheduled soon as possible. I have to do 2 week pre surgery low cal protein sparing diet (which I am confused about) Dr wants me to lose 8 pounds (could be an issue but I am going to give it a shot) and my Primary care dr needs to give me clearance. Also they are scheduling me for post op multi discipline program (another confusion here).; They said that when I walk out of the office on August 10th I should be able to have my surgery date. I have never been this close before and I am excited about it now. I finally feel like it is going to happen for me