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  1. Hey Buddy,


    Just checking to see how your doing?  Are you still doing ok? 

  2. I really think that for guys two things, How large they were before WLS How much weight they had to lose. Guys tend to talk less about excess skin than women do. For myself I dropped 152# my excess skin is nothing like my wife that lost 137#. My Surgeon told me that Men tend to be a more leaner body mass than women do. No the issue for me has been just to hide what I have because currently I can't get the Insurance to pay for the skin removal. Check this article out, there may be hope in the future. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/video/3413927-consumerwatch-loose-skin-removal-surgery/
  3. with in 6 months here I got these http://www.boardwalkbuy.com/products/mens-body-slimming-t-shirt really like them for the price
  4. I do use a compression short hat I picked up at WalMart ($15.99 pair) - it is a heavy material for sports I think (actually has a support pouch in them) Under Armor has a good pair a bit pricey but worth it. I did get 3 Mens Slimming Vest from Boardwalkbuy ($14.99 ea) well worh it. http://www.boardwalkbuy.com/products/mens-body-slimming-t-shirt UA as a good compression shirt as well that has a V-neck that I am looking at next because it has a sleeve.
  5. You are so right. I really don't think many of us were in the position to see the need to stop the way we were eating and how much better would be. Like most other life changing decisions that we make, the ones that truly stick are the ones we make when we are at our last do or die moments.
  6. A good problem to have I'd say
  7. Thought I would pass this along to you guys. I pick up 3 of them and I love them!! http://www.boardwalkbuy.com/collections/men/products/men-slimming-vest I also got some compression shorts from Wal-Mart the Russell brand, they have a thick waist band, I really like them.
  8. Tom Welcome aboard!!
  9. Fitbit Force is awesome, it connects to Myfitnesspal. I am totally glad I got mine. its a great motivator as well.
  10. I think it really had to do w/the type of Carbs your getting to.
  11. Your doing Awesome!!
  12. Welcome Aboard!! there is a lot of good information here.
  13. Wow who knew!! lots of good info. (Bumping)
  14. I am only 2 months out I use the Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt only 80 calories (12 protein) with my Isopure powder 110 calories (26 protein) if I add a table spoon of Chia Seeds 56 calories (2.7 protein) would be 246 Calories and 40.7 proteins. How much protein does the syntrax nectar have in it? I have been walking between 6-8 miles a day