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  1. Hello fellow post-op friends, I'm in the process of getting my head right and focusing back on the basics to get back to my goal weight (At my closest, I was about 13 pounds off from my goal weight). I'm almost 9 years post-op, just had my first baby about 6 months ago and really wanting to get myself back to where I was. I've lost about 35 pounds since giving birth, so I have about 5 more pounds of baby weight, and then I need to lose another 40 pounds to get back to my happy post-op self. I know it's not impossible and I know I have the "tool" to do it, however I'm of coure a little nervous to find out if my pouch still works.... I'm pretty sure I've been avoiding this reset for so long because I'm scared to find out if it still works and whether or not I'm capable of managing food and life by the WLS Rules. With that, I'm prepping to start a 5 Day Pouch Test (haven't done one in about 2 years), and I wanted to see if there was anyone out there in need of some maintenance and wanted to do it with me? I find it's always easier when you have others doing it with you! Hope to her from ya'll!
  2. I've been wondering the same thing - has anyone tried the cottage cheese test? I'm almost 9 years out and I'm working to get back on track (starting a 5DPT on Monday) and I was thinking of doing a cottage cheese (or chicken, or tuna) test before I do the 5DPT and then do it again in a month or so? Eh, thoughts?
  3. Hi there! I'm about 9 years post-op and looking to get back on track and do a 5DPT - if you haven't started yet, let me know and I'll do it with you. if you've already done it, how did it go?
  4. Hi All, Looking to see if there is anyone in the Denver area that is post-op (new or veteran) that would like to get together. I'm currently 6 years post op (GP-RNY), and making a conscious effort to get back to my "pouch" habits, and I thought it would be great to get together with some people sharing this same lifestyle. Have a good day! Marina
  5. After a year of being away, I'm back... I've gained about 30 pounds, and need to get back to basics, back to the weight I'm healthy and comfortable with.

    1. Lori88


      Welcome back. You can do it! We r here for support!

  6. 20 pounds down since I've been back on track- I feel so much better and my confidence is through the roof! This is the first time I've been able to regain control before it's "too late." =)

    1. mburgs


      That's awesome, congratulations!!

    2. DGV


      good job girl !

  7. Gosh, I think the low BSL feels worse than dumping. At least when I'm dumping I know what's going on and I can sorta keep my head together. With the low BSL I'm so disoriented that I can't even put a sentence together and I just shake... like I can feel my brain shaking inside my head. There is nothing worse than feeling like you've lost complete control of your body.
  8. I will check it out- thanks for the head's up! I'll have to switch up my eating to do what I can to prevent it. It's been happening for awhile, but today was the absolute worst- I was so far out of it that I was actually frightened!
  9. I'm about 2.5 years post-op and for the last few months I've been experiencing what feels like random low blood sugars. it's been getting worse and worse, and so I recently borrowed my friend's diabetic testing supplies so that I could test my blood glucose levels. Today, I had lunch at about 12:30pm (3 oz fish, half apple), and then at about 3pm I had a naughty snack... a couple handfuls of "Popcornopolis" zebra popcorn. I fell asleep and woke up at about 5:00pm and was dizzy, shaky, sweating, awful headache, and basically incoherent. I tested my BSL and it was 45. I started drinking apple juice with some provolone cheese and saltine crackers. Within about an hour and half I was finally starting to feel normal... still pretty weak and lightheaded, but better than before. Anyway, my boyfriend did some research and found some info about post-op RNY patients that start to experience Reactive Hypoglycemia about 1 year - 3 years out from surgery and that it actually be very serious. Anytime you eat a little too much sugar, your pancreas overcompensates, producing too much insulin, causing dangerously low BSLs. Has anyone else experienced this or seen a doctor for it?
  10. Feeling good... I'm back on track and ready for another week!

  11. So, for the last 6 months or so I've had some issues with maintaining my weight. I went from my lowest (166 lbs) to about 195 in less than 6 months. I was back to my old ways with "yo-yo" diets, and all sorts of "old" habits that were coming back to haunt me. It was depressing and scary that I might be failing at something that I worked so hard to overcome. About 6 weeks ago I went down at work with SAME exact pains that I experienced with my gallbladder about 2 years ago. The blood work showed that my liver enzymes were high, my vitamin-D was in the toilet, and I just felt AWFUL. The doctors thought that I might still have stones and it was a way of my body telling me that my pouch was NOT tolerating this destructive food behavior and that I needed to turn it around. It was the eye-opener I needed to get back on track!!! Right after that happened, it scared the crap out of me and I made the decision get back to my vitamins and go organic. In the last 4 weeks, I've lost 12 pounds! I went from 195 to 183, and now I'm only about 15 pounds away from being at a comfortable place. I know it's not the typically "GP" lifestyle, but it's worked really well for me and I have more energy than ever... I thought I would share it with you in hopes that it might work for someone else. I don't eat 100% organic because I honestly can't afford it, but I've stayed away from red meat and just about anything processed that I can avoid. I make my own dehydrated fruits at home (lots of dried mango, which helps with regularity), raw vegetables and nuts, fresh salmon, and no dairy... I've substituted soy for just about all my dairy products and have been drinking a lot of tea (and less coffee). I've re-learned what hunger and fullness is, and I'm back to craving HEALTHY foods and not crap! The first week felt a little strange and was craving sugars and "crap" food, but once I got passed it I'm feeling better. I'm averaging about 1000-1100 calories today and I feel like I'm actually eating a lot. Cheers to good, healthy food and continued "positive" weight-loss! YUM!!!!
  12. It's hard to admit it, but NO I don't work out the recommended 5 days a week. I'm pretty active at my job and work 11 - 13 hours a day, going to school, taking care of my dogs, and just trying to live life. I will say that to compensate I attempt to eat very healthy. I've been eating organic for MOST foods for about a month now, and what a difference. I honestly can't afford to eat organic all the time, but I've made a lot of substitutes and it's helped a lot!
  13. Question- have you been losing weight since running, or gaining weight due to muscle mass? I remember a few months ago when I was running I actually gained about 10 pounds before I started losing weight. Awww, I looked so great... I need to get back into it! Right now I feel like a pile of mush! Oh, and GREAT JOB with sticking with it!!!
  14. YEAH! That is what I usually do... just kill em' with kindness! There is one girl I used to work with (we'll call her "H") who had Gastric Bypass and she had gained ALL her weight back, and then some... very sad. Anyhoo, she kept trying to get me to go out drinking with her and her buddies, and I told her several times that she should know better than to be post-op and out drinking. GB for the right reasons. Of course she thought I was the one who was crazy when I would try to help. So, one day we're at lunch and a girl came up to us and said she was considering GB and some questions. I told her that "H" was a pro and could answer ALL her questions. Sure enough, she said "Ummm... it's okay "H", I'll talk to Marina. Hahaha, it was actually pretty funny.
  15. slider foods are basically junk food that don't keep you full. Most times it's when you're drinking and eating that they "slide" right through your stoma and you wind up hungry 30 minutes after you just ate. crackers, pretzels, baked goods, and stuff like that ususally slip right through without giving you the "full" feeling AND they're typically nutrient-deprived foods that you shouldn't waste your time on anyway. One healthy "Slider" food is salad... you can typically eat a lot of salad because it's not too filling, but it also doesn't have the density to stay put in your pouch (so it's typically a bad meal choice... you won't stay full). Usually hearty salads and soups with lots of protein will stay, but creamed soup and garden salad will go right through you. Make sense?