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  1. Goal are just that..... goals. No one should expect you to reach those in the first few weeks; they are what you are working towards. While some people do not have issues getting liquids in from the get go; the rest of us do. Just how it goes. It was 1 day shy of my 2 week check up I finally managed to get in the 3 protein drinks a day they wanted me at. You cannot do anything to avoid your hair. While protein is the best defense yes; being low on it for a time is not going to make or break the bank, so to speak. It is either in your cards to lose your hair or it isn't. It really comes down to that. Work on your protein levels, Biotin or Silica supplements may help - you can do the Biotin or other such shampoos out there which promote growth - but nothing can prevent this if that is how your body decides to react to the "trauma" of surgery/nutrient/weight/loss. I did all of the things I mentioned and I lost from month 4 through 10 regardless. 3 years later its really a thing of the passed. Rate of loss is so different from person to person you can't even compare it really. Just relish in ALL the loses whether they be measured in pounds or tenths! Nor be surprised when the scale stops or even goes UP - as women we tend to water retain, stalls and small increases are completely and utterly normal and the majority of us experience it all our whole journey.
  2. It is not really feasible to stretch a sleeved stomach. Impossible; no - implausible - yes. You would really really really have to work at over eating to do it; I mean like constantly all the time. Or I suppose out-of-your-control rare anatomical issues would do it as well. The only way to confirm it is to get an upper GI or some sort of physical look internally. I had one done at 2.5 years post op (for other reasons) and my sleeve was exactly like it was supposed to be. As MsMary said; it is quite natural and very normal for it to give and relax with time. What I could eat at 2 months post up vs 1 year post op was vastly different and I have always felt I could eat a larger quantity than a lot of fellow sleevers - but that just means I have to be more diligent. Weight and measure for life. Absolutely cannot rely on my sleeve telling me when I should stop because I will often ignore it anyway. As my surgeon once said (this was still during my first year post op): "Can you eat a cup of food?" me: Well, yes.... "Can you eat 2 cups of food?" me: OMG no !!! "Than you are fine." This still holds true. While sure I could eat 2 cups of yogurt or some other crap thing I shouldn't eat - I couldn't eat 2 cups of something protein-ey and dense even to this day. So I am fine Just need to work at keeping my portions to the 1 cup when are supposed to limit at for the rest of time. If you are still losing weight slowly - than you are still losing. Look for the ways to continue to utilize that tool of yours and continue on your journey.
  3. Aside from getting rid of the temptation I still think the 5 DPT will be fine to do. Sure you might drop a few pounds but really they should be mostly water weight anyway as you detox from carbs. You could likely just do the gist of it anyway - basically just only eat protein for the 5 days; no veggies nuthin else. The 5DPT is not about decreasing calories - its about ridding carbs so you can still eat and try to maintain a higher caloric intake in the attempts of not losing while still eating the correct path. Again water weight is likely to come off regardless.
  4. Getting rid of stress incontinence which was solely due to weight. And I did get rid of it after about 75lbs of loss. Its so nice to feel like a normal 30+ year old in this regard!
  5. I could only walk just a few blocks before having to rest because my lower back killed me so bad (too much weight hanging off the front). Now I walk miles and miles and miles with little effort or thought. Its a world of difference in any form of movement.
  6. Insurance would not cover mine; or this current point in time they would not cover. Had I more official documentation on the rashes I got it very very likely would have been. But with my high deducible it wasn't really worth fighting, imo. Abdominoplasty (no muscle repair) was 6800 up here on the Range (northern MN) which I paid out of pocket. I was still considered obese when I had this done; despite losing 200lbs but the doctor was perfectly willing and fine doing this even though I wasn't at goal weight considered where I started and where I was. Likewise I was not under the impression I'd have a bikini bod after. 15lbs of skin was removed from my abdomen. I'm still a bit squishy and 'chunky' I guess you could say but again, I did not do this at ideal weight. I am so very very very thrilled I did it regardless. Can read more of my journey and plastic surgery pictures in my thread:
  7. It takes 6-8 weeks to even be considered "healed" from surgery. Just have to give yourself time.
  8. Sugar free popsicles, that it what got me through. They are considered liquids and yet gave me something to "chew".
  9. Meh. I don't really know if it is smaller or not - or maybe still swollen. Its definately different....but is that because I can actually see it now without 15lbs of skin hanging over it? I don't know. It now sticks out farther then my stomach! The damn thing is just so annoying lol. It doesn't feel like swelling just mushy fat but then again so did all that stomach skin so clearly I don't know much. Regardless - it will have to be put on the back burner until a far far later time; other things to focus on instead. But one day you flabby private will be cut off!
  10. Jealous of your new mons!
  11. She has 50....probably a lot more different shake ideas and combos:
  12. I lost nothing the first week. It took nearly 2 weeks just to lose the 13lbs I gained while in the hospital. I lost 50lbs in the first 3 months though.
  13. No the answer is not always acid - it usually is though. I mention in my last post about it and its my common retort - when you are on the beginning stages and not eating solid foods it simply can be that fact. If you are still on liquids or pureed and not getting solid protein in - then that is very likely the issue. I assume you start soon being almost 4 weeks out. It is not so much the fact they are telling you to eat more, they are saying you need more SOLID things. It is very legit and likely. You have to remember you are still very much in the healing stages. Don't judge these first weeks as they rest of your life. Progress to more solid food when allowed and just give it some more time. I realize you are frustrated and at wits end right now but I just want to remind you this is very very very likely just a hurdle to get over in the healing/learning process.
  14. Yes, I make BLT chicken salad with just cottage all the time. Instead of stuffing it in the avacado, I just mix the avacado in as well. If it is the tangy factor you are missing - you can sub plain greek yogurt instead of cottage. Still high protein but has that tang. Edit: I eat high fat, moderate protein
  15. Month early but I already had my 4 year follow up appointment. I've not done super well this year. I am about 10lbs heavier than last year and I have been horrible about vitamins so its not surprising this is reflected in my lab results. My vitamin D is quite low - which it always has been even prior to surgery and when I don't keep up on the extra doses I'm supposed to taking on top of the normal doses - not really a shocker. My iron storage is low as well which I knew I was struggling with already cause I've had issues with not being able to donate blood like 4 times this last year. Partially due to poor vitamin regamine and partially due to the low amount of red meat I eat since surgery. I have to actually take an iron supplement for the first least till I get it boosted up at least than I should be able to stop it (if I keep up on the other stuff like I'm supposed to). Everything else was good though. Blood sugars nice and normal and still fully in remission. Still blows my mind all the people that have to take a B supplement cause I never have - mine is still on the higher end and that is even with being lax on my normal multi-vit! I have no idea why I seem to be so good on B with no real aid. Just an observation, not a complaint. So all in all things are fairly well. Non of this is really sleeve related specifically and if I just kept up on my multi like I should be (and my extra D which I've always needed) things would go back to normal. Weight... well... that a whole other post probably. I am forever the work in progress! Get on the wagon; fall off; get on the wagon fall off... but I keep getting back on at least.