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  1. TGIF...literally. These are my shoes today. Espadrilles from anthropologie.
  2. Morning. Pilcro cropped straight black jeans (size 27), small GAP tank and small Banana Republic cardigan. Pink suede Vince Camuto slides.
  3. Great motivation!
  4. Good morning. Hope everyone is well! Back to work and back to reality after a wonderful two-week vacation. Pilcro jeans (size 27) and J. Crew blouse (size 4). Burberry scarf (not pictured) and Free People mules.
  5. Hello! We just got home tonight and I'm trying to stay awake to beat jet lag and do laundry had an amazing vacation; just so special. Here is a favorite pic of mine from our trip. Taken at the port of Tel Aviv. LOFT cropped jeans (size 4) and small LOFT patchwork blouse. Another favorite, but not so much for what I'm wearing . With some amazing Israeli soldiers in the Old City of Jerusalem. Citizens of Humanity pink cuffed jeans (size 27) and small white LOFT tee.
  6. You look so great! how do you like stitch fix?
  7. Not really what are you wearing, but this is a picture from the hot springs in the golan heights on the Syrian border.
  8. Hi all! Been such a busy week so I haven't been posting. We leave tomorrow morning for vacation for 2 weeks so don't think I disappeared!! Hope everyone is well!
  9. Ask for versed. In the hospital, after you sign your consent forms. You will thank me later.
  10. LOVE this!
  11. Oh my god! I remember when you started...that is a breathtaking transformation. You should really post a pre-op picture, because I can't think of anything more inspiring for newbies. BRAVO
  12. It's about time! So chic!
  13. It's great to hear from you Kim, though I am sorry your are struggling. It sounds like you are being very proactive in dealing with what's going on, and I hope you get some answers and relief soon. xoxo
  14. Sorry you are having a rough time. I had my gallbladder out about two years after RNY (with a hernia repair), and it was a VERY tough recovery. Worse that RNY maybe. I remember reading so many anecdotes of people saying how easy gallbladder recovery was! But you have to remember that everyone heals differently and has different pain tolerance. Be kind to yourself and give it time.
  15. Morning. Chico's black skinny pants (size 0), small white tank and small Tracy Reese peach blouse. Tory Burch black leather boots.