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  1. So glad you are on the road to recovery! Keep moving!
  2. Jen, is totally right in her comments. When eating I ask myself (what the nutritional value is) what's in it for me. There is nothing in chips or pasta for me even this far out. I didn't have surgery to eat junk and pack it back on. If my family is having pasta, I cook chicken for me, put a little cheese on it and add some marinara sauce. If you keep putting in your body what you've always put into your body, you're going to get what you've always gotten; overweight. Now, the honeymoon period is the time to make major changes and take off your excess weight. I wish you luck...
  3. Someone reminded me, that our loved ones and friends have seen us at our heaviest, then they see us drop it quickly and they are concerned because they love us. Then there are some of those whom we aren't close to who are nosey. I really hated THOSE comments. Now many of my own family don't remember the heavy me!
  4. I went from a 24 which I wore way too long but just kept tightening my belt to a 14..I had a really hard time seeing the smaller me and didn't even realize how bad my jeans were..then I kept tightening those with a belt til I arrived at a 2 or a 4 where I am now..won't say anything about a swim suit I wore that May then expected it to fit in October that year. Tried it on the night before we left and there was no way!. Hubby was like "duh, you've lost 50 pounds since May"..I was big and in the same size forever, never had it occur to me that sizes change...
  5. Caffeine is a diuretic, I think a part of the reason behind the no caffeine is that it dehydrates you. My surgeon has said some caffeine is fine as long as you get your liquids in. And there are some people here who only get their liquids in with a straw.
  6. Take a deep breath, relax, take time to recover from this major surgery, talk to your surgeons, continue to take care of yourself, see where you are in 6 months. You need time to recover. Be kind to yourself, don't turn to food for comfort...
  7. That is so awesome! In a month or two I'm projecting you will be in 14/16, so keep the receipt and tags if you don't wear them. Especially the warmer things.. I always wanted a jeans jacket but thought I looked like the Goodyear blimp in a size 24. I finally got one and love it! You go! And pretty soon you won't be able to shop at Lane Bryant
  8. Lol, some days I have a problem carrying 3 gallons of milk! And thank you!
  9. Wow! I'm always amazed at how anyone could lose a whole person! You've done an amazing job and are an inspiration to all! Goes to show, one can lose their weight and keep it off.
  10. Im RNY. I wasn't given a choice mostly due to uncontrolled diabetes. I went into this wanting to get healthy by any means possible. And get healthy I did. No more high blood pressure, no diabetes, no high cholesterol and no kidney problems due to the diabetes. And I lost the weight and have been below my goal for 4 years. I've had no complications. My recovery time from surgery was extremely fast and I took my weight off in record time for an old person! You can read on here about people who have horrible reflux with the sleeve. Surgery is all what you make of it.
  11. Second thought blood pressure dropping?
  12. Congrats! You did it! You are "normal" isn't normal a great feeling!
  13. Love it Julie!
  14. I miss seeing new pictures posted. Even if you aren't at goal post away!
  15. My hubby still forgets at times. I do order an ice water if we go out and hubby usually gets it. I just set it aside when it comes. If we linger after a meal then I glance at the time when I'm finished eating and I may actually get a sip in 30 minutes.. people do forget but that no drinking for 30 minutes is a golden rule...
  16. Well, thank heavens your undies weren't too large too!
  17. Call your surgeon. What are you eating or drinking around that time? Kinda sounds like dumping.
  18. My husband, after the fact told me he never saw me as that heavy. Bless his heart!!
  19. Once you tell someone you can't untell them. Or who they tell. That said since I was judged my whole life I didn't want to be judged for this too. I was afraid to tell dh and waited til I was in the program a couple of months. He's seen me struggle with weight since we were married in '82. But he has been my biggest supporter. 2 of our adult children found out by accident before I had surgery. Swore them to secrecy. Our other 3 adult kids found out after the fact. I told them I would disown them if they told anyone! Including my mother in law. Pre surgery I didn't need negative Nellies telling me how they knew people who had surgery and gained it all back or were deathly ill. I did tell my 2 good friends at the time. One was very supportive and the other who was heavier than me calls it the easy way out; I've since distanced myself from her... I changed jobs 3 years ago and no one there knows me as heavy. We had to bring in pictures of our family, lives and interests-I brought one of me heavy and several commented on my "sister" (me, lol). Even my kids have said they don't remember me heavy... as to why you are out of work-hernia repair, gallbladder? Would those work? You need positive attitude and positive thoughts going into surgery. I was terrified, I didn't need more worry.. when you are losing weight rapidly take the smaller portions, low carb, more exercise approach...because people will ask.
  20. Way to go Steph! A success story! Happy 4 year surgiversary!
  21. Lol, my pizza craving was almost immediately after surgery. I wasn't even on solid food: cottage cheese, so I'd put a spoon of marinara on it and microwave it a little. We make our own crust with whole wheat, now. Once in a while. When they bring pizza in to work for employees, I grab 2 pieces and go back to the kitchen, pull the cheese and topping off and I have my taste of pizza while dumping the crust in the garbage..
  22. My bariatric center told me straight out at the beginning it was 6 straight consecutive months. Do not skip any months or you will have to start over. Let's hope your insurance gives you a go ahead!!
  23. Welcome back. Good luck! You CAN do it!
  24. Bad news on the chicken front here;). I loved chicken the first 4 1/2 years!! Now not so much... I force myself to eat it, but I don't like most options... this surgery has taken away my love of eating, that's for sure. I am so with the saying eat to live.
  25. Pray for salad? I can eat more lettuce cause it squishes down to nothing in the belly. Have they seen you eat before? If so, then they may know you are a light eater? Good luck, have fun!