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  1. Stressed!

    Keep a list of your questions and concerns. Make sure you are satisfied with his answers. Good luck and I hope you can get piece of mind..
  2. Why is it so hard to drink 2oz every 15min?

    Yep, I figured 8 hours and I was done. Or think of it as getting 1 1/2 bottles of water in in the morning, 1 1/2 in the afternoon and 1 bottle in the evening! I used a shot glass and it didn't seem so daunting..I was knocking the back, lol!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    I'm dying for that bread!! Happy thanksgiving everyone!
  4. Did you bring medications to the hospital ?

    I took a list. My surgeon also had a list and he did away with some, with some he adjusted the dose. But most hospitals don't want outside meds there.. good luck!
  5. Surgery moved up!

    I agree, I loved my comfy robe. Not only cover my butt but I could cover my legs with it when in bed.
  6. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    I pretty much eat shrimp cocktail. After I cook a massive meal I don't feel like eating! But usually the next day hubby makes home made tortillas and cuts the ham up finely and we have cole slaw on top of the ham. Kinda a ham taco. It's a treat.
  7. Hello

    A belated welcome from a fellow Michigander:)
  8. Yep, papaya enzymes! Hubby says there's a country that actually serves a piece of papaya at the end of a meal to aid in digestion. They also help if the too full feeling hits..I can't do eggs or thanksgiving will be shrimp cocktail:). Have you tried the butter spray, comes in the refrigerator section.. @Trish1967
  9. Yeah I worried about the salsa being chunky so I use taco sauce. My kids have always liked Taco Bell's pintos and cheese with the taco sauce... i usually use low fat cheese but don't think it matters unless otherwise told. You only use a minute amount. I fixed a half a custard cup and ate only about a half tablespoon, lol! I used to like scrambled egg with cream cheese (can't do eggs anymore:( ).. i also craved pizza, I used a tablespoon of spaghetti sauce on top and heated for a couple seconds just to warm.. I think the sauce is what I really crave about pizza, because I'm satisfied with pulling cheese and toppings off and there's enough sauce one to satisfy me... greek yogurt with sf coffee flavoring is good..
  10. Refried beans, melted cheese and taco sauce. Never tasted so good! I love Mexican!
  11. Met my first TT celebrity today!

    The people I work with now never knew me as heavy, but know I lost weight. We have to bring in pictures about once a year that represent us. I brought in a before picture and was asked by several if that was my sister, lol! I should just tell them a long lost relative, lol! I just posted a couple before pics in the bypass short hair and chubbier face...
  12. AHA! Moments 2

    I've known all my life that I was overweight, but dieting just never got it off. Then I was on medications that made losing weight impossible. (My first known diet was when I was 4). I decided on wls while on vacation in May 2012. I had a new granddaughter on the way and wanted to live to see her grow up. I checked into when we got home and the rest is history. Picture is July 2012; I'd just started the wls program, next picture picture is October 2017..also October 2017 scuba gear isn't flattering but it's something I couldn't do before and last picture is August 2010. Hoping these aren't huge when I post..
  13. Hang in there folks

    You lost one of the current you! You look tiny!
  14. Let's Talk Turkey

    @Jen581791, you are so close to your goal weight! Way to go!,
  15. Kinda Miss the Camaraderie Here

    My first real food after surgery was refried beans, cheese and taco sauce..but that doesn't even sound appealing..