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  1. I am officially on the losers bench!

    I hate the feel of chap stick or even hand lotion, but someone told me to take chap stick with. If I hadn't, I'm sure my lips would have been cracked and bleeding! Just don't fall while you are running sprints!!
  2. I lost my dad tonight

    Trish, I'm so sorry! I'm so glad you had time with him..hoping for peace for you in this traumatic time! My dad passed away 6 years ago tomorrow, the holidays are rough...
  3. I am officially on the losers bench!

    Welcome to the losers bench! Life is good here! Pre surgery my NUT had me scared, she told me many people couldn't tolerate cold drinks anymore! I've always preferred ice cold. Imagine my surprise when they brought me my gourmet dinner; ice chips! When they bring your liquid dinner tray, drink everything! It may take a while but it's liquids and will help with thirst. And because it's so dry, chap stick helped...
  4. Just stopping in

    Congrats on your new life! I recommend a good belt! It kept me from buying new ones every other week. I had my surgery in the winter, when I took my size 3x coat off (did I mention I was swimming in it but never realized it) in April I was bombarded with comments...people not recognizing me, didn't help that I couldn't see the change...I wanted to run back home and become a hermit! have you tried vitamin c? I work in a huge daycare center and anytime I feel something coming on I OD on vitamin c! Everytime I think of it I pop one. So far that's knocked whatever it is out! Kids are so awesome this time of year!
  5. I take magnesium. I get bad leg cramps. magnesium helps to some degree...
  6. Going to Kansas City need suggestions!!!

    Glad you had a good time! I find grilled chicken a great gonto and nearly everyplace has it!
  7. Turkey and stuffing ?

    At the risk of upsetting the Apple cart, mashed potatoes have nothing nutritional for you. Neither does stuffing, it's empty carbs. And takes up valuable space that much needed protein could be taking up. Right now you should be focused on protein and liquids, keeping carbs at a bare minimum for maximum weight loss. Use the time as Michael suggested, enjoying the people...
  8. I have a problem.

    I truly do not think I could have done the 2 week diet. I was still going out the Saturday before for my final food funeral. That said I also couldn't wrap my mind around all the changes to come. I have not had any of what I ate my final meal in 5 years... but you must be careful as the doctor has you on a liver shrink diet for a reason! Good luck!
  9. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    It was delivery day at work. I'm always amazed I can easily get between the stacks of boxes without having to suck my gut in.
  10. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Bet you could fit both legs in one leg of your old pants...or you in one leg and wife in the other leg...
  11. 4 month post op today

    I have all the holidays and we did a 2 day bake a thin last weekend. It all went home with my kids. We tried new recipes, I relied on their feedback. After a holiday my hubby compares it to a bunch of buzzards picking the table clean. I do like a little meat left but that's it. They left me 6 cookies as 3 girls from work asked for them..gone..I do have some carmels left but am taking those for potluck tomorrow. They just don't hold the allure they once did..
  12. Traveling for the holidays.

    Enjoy the warmth. Merry Christmas! (If appropriate, or happy holiday)
  13. Emotional eating

    I read. But if the blues really have me down, I usually get tired. I'll start reading a book and fall asleep. I'm usually awake at 4 am well before my alarm goes off... so if I get stressed or down I easily get tired.,.i never thought of myself as a stress eater until I got stressed at work and ate all of the chewable calcium I had there, ate them like candy, one after the other...
  14. The struggle (with the band) is real!

    That isn't living! Check out your insurance and find a bariatric center of excellence that can help you.. by the way welcome!
  15. Good luck with surgery tomorrow..