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    I have 5 grown kids (4 girls and a boy), 3 grandkids (2 boys and a girl), and 5 cats and one very supporting husband! I enjoy cooking, gardening, and reading.
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  1. Can I be a support person? Think a TTF shirt would be great! But they would have to be goal sizes!! No one stays in xxl long!
  2. I haven't had any angle issues. But I don't seem to have the pressure when going anymore..
  3. I had super short hair and never noticed any loss. But my hair is also really thick. Good luck! I hear it generally stops around 9 months..
  4. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese? youre doing great! Set a timer to remind yourself to eat. (I got busy on Easter and forgot to eat the big meal;). It's easy to forget...
  5. My teachings is fat adds flavor. In most cases if fat is taken out some form of sugar is added, upping the carbs. I use mostly 2 per cent. Use what you are comfortable with unless it slows or stops your weight loss or unless you are eating way too much.
  6. Congrats! How's the walking going?
  7. Love it Dtrain! My daughter is a police officer. Im a daycare cook for a large daycare (130 kids right now) and I am also in a classroom at times. So, I'm around food all day!
  8. Beautiful!
  9. Love your blog! You have transformed it. Looking beautiful!
  10. This is where I learned most of what helped me to be sussessful. My surgeons office was not that informative. But use this time to begin new habits. The hardest one for me wasn't giving up my beloved Diet Pepsi, but the 30 minute rule. This time will go quicker than you think. Then you will probably gets a good set of nerves. We've been there. But you are a third of the way down. Next month it will be halfway..good luck!
  11. Your little one is adorable,your little one is adorable!
  12. We will get together August 21, at 5:00 at the Roasted Pear in Burnsville. Would love to have anyone in the area join us.
  13. So glad you are home!
  14. Ain't no mistake! You own it! That's awesome! Bet you still find yourself in the big section more than once! I lived in jeans and tshirts (when one daughter got married she actually told me no jeans or tshirts! I did change into denim capris after dinner). I never realized the big section actually had cute clothes too. More than once after I got to goal my daughters had to drag me out of the larger section, lol!
  15. Definately getting your protein in. Your body needs protein. It's not like you are thinking you're hungry and wanting a snack.