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  1. I think I saw non jean shorts at kohls and penny's (stopped today, never go there). Multitude of colors. I prefer burmudas. Capris look like high waters on me.. I was looking for 7" inseam compression shorts for use as swim bottoms...
  2. Just take it day by day! You know what you have to do. Be mindful of what you eat, what you put in your mouth. This is a daily struggle for some. You can do it!
  3. Congrats! You've done great!
  4. If you talk to her about the junk food and she doesn't follow your house rules, take the junk food and dump it in the garbage! You cant fix lazy!
  5. Oh, you live in a wonderful dive place! The Great Barrier Reef! I could only imagine! Hey Steph, we should plan a trip to Australia;). It's so freeing not to be tried to your fears!
  6. That is so awesome! I am so with you! Fear overrode my life. I'm terrified of water! My idea of swimming is wading knee deep. I first hatched the idea of WLS while beached in a chair waiting for my scuba diving husband. He is a nut! I always told him I get certified if I could get health clearance. Well, after surgery he started to pester me. He's a PADI scuba instructor, so he worked with me. I checked one thing off at a time. I found I really did love it. We leave Saturday for 2 weeks diving in Cayman... my wardrobe was grays; anything to blend in. I still struggle getting color. Love seeing your pictures!
  7. Stalls are very common around the 3 week mark? Sometimes if you aren't losing weight the inches are coming off. I also only weighed every other week so I wasn't frustrated by stalls. The scale is not your friend..
  8. It does get easier. Are you able to drink ok now?
  9. So glad they figured it out!
  10. One day at a time; one bite at a time;)
  11. Wondering if you are near Tom (tmcgee).. Geoff is also out there (res ipsa). Think there was a meet up out there last year...
  12. Nope quit taking the pill at surgery time, then they released me with insulin, after struggling to keep my blood sugar level up that weekend they took me off that at 5 days post op. Haven't had to go back on them:). I was taking 18 pills a day before (6 for blood sugar; actos, glipizide, and metformin). My surgeon told me before surgery since I'd been diabetic for so long there were no guarantees just that I'd probably be able to cut back at least! Since I've reached goal I eat a lot of fruit. I get my protein in, of corse but I eat apples by the bushel, right now I'm going through a strawberry and Greek yogurt craze. I slice the strawberries and put vanilla dannon light and fit Greek yogurt on top. I still do not veggies a whole lot..apples are dense and fill me up, so does the strawberries. I fill a custard cup so about 3/4 cup. We leave on vacation end of the week. Fruit in Cayman is horribly over priced. 2 years ago we were eating Watermelon, last year it was pineapples..watermelon feels like cheating;). It's so juicy and still you can eat it:).
  13. Can you stay away from fruit juice? If you need flavor the mio drops are good, no sugar, no calories. I have bottles stashed all over (at work, in the car, in my purse, at home). I don't like plain water.
  14. Welcome! I had uncontrolled diabetes. No matter what I did I couldn't lose weight. Wls slapped my diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol in remission. Best thing I ever did!
  15. I'm also bypass. I had uncontrolled blood sugars for years before surgery. After surgery at the hospital, they weren't happy with my readings so they sent me home on insulin (I had resisted insulin for years and was in tears). With instructions to decrease it every couple days. I went home on Friday night and struggled to keep my blood sugar up all weekend. On Monday (5 days after surgery my diabetic educator took me off all diabetic meds). They gradually weaned me off blood pressure meds. At 6 months I was experiencing light headedness and the doctor had forgotten to take me off the last one. For some people it takes time. How are you blood sugar readings? Are they going down?