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  1. Be careful on raw vegetables and any fruits with seeds. This early out the seeds may get stuck. Any fiberous veggies were also a no. I was told no strawberries, cucumbers, asparagus, corn when I asked about them. That went for about 6 months.
  2. Welcome! Good luck on your new journey to a healthy lifestyle!
  3. If meat is too dry try dipping it in salsa. Still eat chicken breast, I often put cheese on it with salsa or taco sauce..shredded meat early out was a no go. I stuck to protein until I could get 3-4 oz in. I still have problems with getting 4 oz dense protein down at times. I will have a few bites of veg or fruit. If you're feeling tightness don't push it by eating another bite or two.. No, juicy fruits aren't considered liquids. I still feel quilty eating watermelon. If it can be sucked through a straw, it's a liquid..
  4. My hubby has been my rock. We've been married 34 years (pretty good since we only knew each other 6 weeks when we got married). My husband has been there through thick and thin. Says he never saw me as fat, lol! He's never commented on what I eat, even now. Although we do keep a sense of humor and crack jokes about not having the guts for something or my eyes are literally bigger than my belly;). Recently I was going through a period where nothing sounded good and he asked if I was getting my protein in. He's always loved his veggies -me; not so much.. I still cook his casseroles but take my meat out before combining everything. he is an avid scuba diver (instructor). I always said if I got healthy I would battle my fear of water and learn (my health problems prevented me). When I was a year post op he started bugging me-I finally gave in and he checked one thing at a time off as I did the requirements (counted down minutes while I floated, counted down laps in the pool). What is a weekend class took me 10 months. Going under water in the ocean he stayed with me while I clung to an algae covered bouy saying I couldn't. The first couple of diving trips he held my hand but now he watches while I go check out the reefs. If I hadn't gotten healthy we never would have found we both enjoy diving (I'm strictly warm water-he dives year around ; cutting a hole in the ice and jumping in).
  5. That sounds a bit more promising:). Hoping for the best.
  6. How are you doing? You are in my thoughts..
  7. As long as the Gp knows what's labs you should have...
  8. I've done broccoli, cheese, and chicken for hubby. I've also added quinoa to it. I dont like casseroles (I'm not fond of food mixed together;). So I normally take my meat and veg out before making a casserole. Hubby loves casseroles and takes leftovers for lunch the next day..
  9. I would call your insurance and double check if those would be sufficient.. Will your insurance cover it if your bmi is below 40? Do you have co morbidities?
  10. Just be there for him.. he sounds like a wonderful example! How loved you are. You will succeed...thoughts and prayers and hugs are with you in this difficult time!
  11. Welcome! What an awesome transformation!
  12. I wasn't told how much but ate my yogurt out of a 2 oz shot glass for a measure... you probably gained water weight while in the hospital; they pump you full of liquids. I gained 7 before I was released..
  13. I felt fine after the first week. I went back to work full time on my feet all day without a break on day 9. I was bored at home and it was winter so more difficult to go outside. But I think I was the exception.. remember, your body just had major surgery give it a few weeks to recover!!
  14. I eat Greek yogurt (2 a day sometimes more) and take pb8 and I'm usually ok during the day but as soon as I lay down a dark rumbling, smelly cloud comes over me:/. Hubby would love it if I could sleep standing up..
  15. On the upside it would be double the warmth;). I have old tshirts (2xl) I'd like to make into a quilt...someday..