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  1. I get patted down every time at Atlanta. They don't have pre check in customs... otherwise in pre check I'm ok.
  2. Love it! There's something about a man all fancied up! Looking great!
  3. There's also a good "pizza" using ground turkey or chicken mixed with egg and cheese for a crust. Very protein rich..
  4. I craved pizza immediately after surgery. I ate warmed up cottage cheese with a little marinara when cleared. Now when pizza is brought in for a treat at work, I grab 1- 2 slices, retreat to my corner, peel off the toppings and toss the crust.. i suggest you drink a lot of non caloric liquids to keep the carb monster at bay. Get the flavor drops to vary the taste..
  5. Crab cakes are normally fried. Could be reaction to grease;). I also hated coffee before but now like iced coffee..
  6. I do not experience this. Could it be acid? Or lactose intolerance? it took me forever to get 2 oz of dense protein in, months... now I shoot for 3-4 ounces. My hunger is a deep empty sensation. Not like it used to be. We were diving a couple days ago, it was late afternoon and all I'd had to eat all day was a protein bar. With the exertion of 3 dives, I knew my belly was on empty, for lack of a better word, it felt like an empty gas tank, hallow. I wasn't staving hungry, just knew I had to get something in the tank. I used to get the starved sensation but now it seems it's just an empty's at this point where it's easy to forget to don't get the sharp hunger pains.. at Easter I made a huge dinner, got busy with hiding eggs and doing an adult egg hunt and realized at 9:00 that night I forgot to eat. How does a person forget to eat Easter dinner?! let us know what your dr. Says..
  7. While it isn't an excuse, I do believe when in different countries you should partake in things you can't get at home...ok, maybe not the whole bagette, lol! We are on a Dutch island in the Caribbean; they have the most wonderful Carmel filled cookies; I generally enjoy (not reward myself) one in the evenings. And yes, before it would have been half a package or more. I bring a dozen packages back as treats for everyone. But I promptly get rid of every package so they aren't screaming at me to eat them..
  8. So sorry to hear you are out in that disaster. Be safe. We mix ranch powder with Greek yogurt.
  9. I was that way before with weight loss. I'd Diet, lose a couple pounds and think I deserve a reward, back on the pounds went...grrr. I no longer "deserve" something. I plan for it. There is certain things I cannot have in the house, sweets are one of them-frozen cookies for hubby's lunches are fine, pb cups fine, milky ways, not so fine:). Chips are fine, never have gotten into those! You will learn what is "fine" to have around and what is not. It's a learning adventure:). You fall off the horse, dust yourself off and get right back to it. We will not fail!
  10. Beautiful! Loving your smile!
  11. I was so tired of eating that the day before I started the 24 jello diet, I didn't even have supper.. then my blood sugar dropped just before midnight. I'd be happy to live off of apples and Greek yogurt now:). We are going on vacation tomorrow. I used to look at various menus and dream of what I was going to eat. Now we cook in our room. (Hubby travels and eats out a lot he prefers home cooking). It truly is a whole new way of living and thinking...
  12. Yay! Stay positive!
  13. The smell of fish does me in. Live and learn. Maybe, if you really like tuna come back to it in a month or two?
  14. Congrats! That's awesome!
  15. Way to go!