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  1. I say way to go! Sometimes you can't shut up stupid!! I always try to steer the comments away too. The closest I've come to losing it was my monster in law. Since we barely speak and when she brings my weight up I know it's time for me to turn and walk away. She doesn't know I had wls. She is short and round and has health issues. Last summer she was on me about my weight and what I was eating and I had enough, I asked if she had considered losing weight to help her health...then I went to find the grandkids. Sometimes it's just too hard to bite your tongue for fear of biting it off!
  2. People will be concerned when they see you losing weight quickly. I've been asked if I felt ok. If I know the person, I came back with "I've never felt better, why do I look sick?!" Someone else told me they hoped I lost the weight in a healthy manner (what the heck?! Hadn't seen them in several years!). A friend of my hubby's told me -I sure looked different! I didn't want to get into it so I came back with I've let my hair grow out. Shut off any questions I didn't care to answer. be prepared for comebacks if you don't want to answer questions...
  3. Congrats on your 3 year mark! "Love the skin your in", is my motto...and everyone looks better with clothes on!
  4. Keep on the right track! Some days are more frustrating than others. I always fought the scale; if it was down I rewarded myself and if it was up I'd throw in the towel. It was a mental thing. You've lost over a hundred pounds and that is something to be proud of!
  5. Don't compare yourself to others:). I have really bad ankles and other than getting 10,000 steps a day at work, I don't work out. I eat pretty much the same things every day. I try not to put temptation in the house. That said; I love to cook and bake. If I bake it goes home with our adult kids or to work. Above all, I get my protein in, always have. Until I get 4 oz of meat in I don't eat anything else. Some meals I don't get 4 oz in. And I've always gotten my water in. Early post op I set an alarm and drank a 2 oz shot glass every 15 minutes. In 8 hours I had 64 oz in. Water and protein are your friends; carbs are not... It will take a while to figure out what works for you.
  6. I told people I'm on a low carb, high protein doctor supervised diet. I was judged for being overweight all my life and I didn't want to be judged to my decision to have wls. 4 years out and I work at a different place where no one knew me as overweight. I'm normal:) Tell them you decided on "vacation" that you wanted to get in shape and be fit for your next vacation.. I actually decided to look into gastric bypass while being a beached whale on vacation. We went back to the same place 17 months later and I was 120 pounds lighter:) not a great picture
  7. Keep yourself focused on the reasons you are doing this. Not everyone gets a do over. I had so many health issues I was sure I was going to die on the table. I nearly got up and left the OR, if I had, I wouldn't be where I am today. The unknown is scared but you can do it. Once in the hospital let them know your worries they may be able to relax you. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing you on the losers bench:)
  8. Welcome. Many of us are used to being invisible. Even my pre op wardrobe were very neutral colors, lol! Many of us still have issues with compliments, even comments on our weight loss. Looking forward to welcoming you to the losers bench in a couple of weeks:).
  9. Welcome!For tracking carbs and protein and exercise my fitness pal app is good
  10. check out the world according she has many wls friendly recipes
  11. Nope..I can't imagine using them on a tender belly. I used a pair of pj pants with a tie, not elastic.
  12. I'm thinking chili. Cottage cheese, refried beans with melted cheese and taco sauce...
  13. If you are cash pay it may change the time frame; you may not have to do the supervised diet. I got in with the NUT about 2 weeks after the seminar.
  14. Looking beautiful! Love your shirt and pretty skirt.
  15. I looked up my last results my paper said 200-1100 were normal. Mine was greater than 2000.