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  1. I picked 160 because I thought it would be doable. I'd failed at too many diets and didn't want to be discouraged. I got to 160, thought this is it, went out and bought new clothes then kept losing... lol! its hard to believe it works if you do the right things!,, look at Tom, he's 4 years out and still losing...
  2. Whoa.. ive been overweight most of my life. I had 5 kids at my heaviest. I really thought I'd have more loose skin than I have. I have vertices wrinkles in my thighs and upper arms. For some reason my upper arms don't bother me anymore. But I still wear burmuda shorts or compression shorts for a swim bottom. I don't like to wear tight things. I took up scuba diving after I lost weight. I think a wetsuit acts as a compression suit (Steph what do you think?). I have no issues with it. There are some BIG guys who dive with my hubby. They have big wetsuits and big dry suit suits.. You really don't even need a wetsuit if tropical waters (some people do not wear them; I'd freeze if I didn't!). Ive always eaten light. My hubby told me before surgery he didn't see how I could eat any less-obviously he was wrong;). My medications were the biggest culprit in my not being able to lose weight. I was just telling hubby I was craving ham steak with an egg on top of it this weekend. A typical ham steak I could easily get 6 servings out of-but as good as they sound eggs make me gag, lol! It will work out.. does you surgeons office give out sample menus?
  3. I had shoulder pain for months. My pcp told me they may have pulled me from the operating table to the gurney and it may have stressed my shoulder. It took a long time before I could lift my arm above my head. Walk, try gas x strips if you think it's gas...
  4. Congrats!
  5. I used to fold hubby's jeans and think how small they were. Now they look big;). A month before my surgery hubby got a new sweatshirt; my goal was to fit into it. Now I swim in it! Just think you will keep on shrinking!
  6. Welcome! Good to have you here!
  7. Congrats! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
  8. I'm a freeze baby. If we are sitting on the deck in the summer, I can tell when it gets down to 80. I go grab a sweatshirt. I keep jackets stashed in our vehicles. I used to roast as well. Our bedroom in the winter was 48 degrees because I'd leave a window cracked open! We are tent camping on the north shore of Lake Superior this weekend. I've got 2 quilts and a double fleece blanket. Planning to wear sweats to bed and pray I'm warm enough. It's 70!
  9. I did not.. do you have issues with heartburn?
  10. I also, like to pick up a rotisserie chicken as a quick go to meal.
  11. We never ate out a lot as hubby travels a lot and by the time he gets home just wants home cooked foods. On Our vacations I used to plan which restaurants we would hit. Now we eat in the room. Hubby does the cooking (it IS my vacation and I cook for a living). Excess oil and grease can and will make me ill. I know many restaurants add oil or grease to flavor or moisten otherwise healthy food. I always ask that no additional grease, oil or butter be added. Occasionally something will come and it will be dry but I'm ok with that. I often order fajitas (yes, they add oil to that-I had one time I forgot to ask that they not and I had to leave before I finished as I was ill). Usually someone takes my tortillas. Grilled chicken salad is good if you can find a low cal dressing (occasionally I bring my own from home). Seafood is a good choice.. sometimes you can find a good appetizer but so many are fried. Theres a BBQ joint here that has a good baked chicken on the kids menu. There's a bar and grill here in town that has a 4 oz steak on the kids menu that I order. I like lettuce wraps (if you can find them). I took a couple of my daughters to Potbelly and asked if they had lettuce wraps, they didn't have clue what I wanted. Afterwards I hit the grocery store and grabbed some lunchmeat..I like Which Wich you can get what you want on a lettuce wrap. You learn to be resourceful when eating out. When all else fails a grilled chicken sandwich minus the bun..
  12. You know, it's the simple things in life that make this journey worth it! Things other people take for granted. For me it's bending over to pick something up or tying my own shoes without holding my breath.
  13. The first summer out for me, I couldn't heft a 2 cu bag of soil. I had to drag it. This year I loaded them into my car and carried them up the steps to the deck. There is hope...
  14. Yay! Keep it up!
  15. How is your protein consumption?