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  1. Stay focused. You can do it! Not sure what's on your pre op diet but eat or drink it if you are hungry. Can you have crystal light? I keep a half gallon pitcher in the fridge at work. String cheese? Yogurt? Protein shakes?
  2. I used 2 stool softeners a day, 2 chewable fiber tablets (got both at Walmart) and a probiotic. Smooth move if I didn't have a bm by night, and MOM. It took me 3 years to become normal...stay on top of it..
  3. Stomach noises are normal. I have scared the cats on my lap, I notice them more when I lay down for some reason..I'm farther out but there are many times I force myself to eat. For the most part I've lost interest in eating. I still love to cook though.. sometimes hunger is attributed to acid...sometimes one thinks they are hungry but are only thirsty.. try taking a drink, wait a half hour to see if it goes away.. Great job on the weight loss btw..
  4. Yes check out the 5 day pouch test. also, go back to basics; no drinking a half hour before or after eating. Get 4 ounces dense protein in first. Only no calorie liquids. Flavor enhancers are my go to. I don't like plain water.. get rid of the junk; empty calorie foods in your house. Keep carbs under 50 (30 is better). Get rid of pasta, bread and rice until you get to where you want to be. Get 80 or more grams protein in..keep calories 1000-1200. Commit yourself to getting the weight off. If snacks are your thing stock up on jerky, string cheese, protein bars... I do not exercise due to Charcot joint in my ankles. I do get over 10,000 steps a day in at work. But I cannot do high impact exercise. And when I get home I get off my feet.. you can do it! Good luck! Don't let the 60 become 100!
  5. We recently had "jersey day" at work. I wore an old jersey and someone asked if it was my husbands. It was more like a dress!! I still wear my 2xl tshirts to bed. I like big and baggy. I recently bought an xs Victoria secret sweatshirt, what the heck?!
  6. It's easier to cheat before surgery. I was never given a pre op diet. I had a few food funerals but after surgery I followed my plan to a t. After surgery as your stomach heals it's much more difficult to cheat. If you are smoking that needs to stop now. can your family eat their junk foods while they aren't around you? There are certain foods I do not allow in our house for a reason.. immediately post op I craved pizza so bad once I was cleared for cottage cheese I threw a spoon of marinara on it and microwaved it a few seconds. It'll work out...
  7. It may take a while for your skin to tighten up. My boobs for example used to be really saggy but now they are better than pre op. It at take a year or so to tighten up. And there may still be excess skin. Youve done well with your weight loss. Remember no drinking a half hour before or after eating.
  8. Mern, good attitude! I was never really told what to expect post op. I followed my plan and the weight came off. Some people think protein shakes taste icky-I found a couple that I don't mind drinking; granted they don't taste like a chocolate milk shake;). Post surgery you find what works for you if you want to be a success! Keep up the positive attitude! I found early out especially it was best to keep a sense of humor. DH often makes a joke that I don't have the guts for eating this or that anymore. We usually just have a chuckle over it;). It's better to laugh than be a negative Nelly! Or cry and whine that you can't eat this or that!! This is my life; yes I've chosen this path.. it means eating right, and taking vitamins regularly.. Good luck!
  9. I'm with Tom. I think I was big for so long. I look at old pictures and don't connect with them. But I look at new pictures and don't connect with that person either. I think I'm stuck in the Twilight zone;) lookin good!
  10. I rarely dump. But I usually read the label. I buy sf. Somehow I got a hold of regular juice. I just drank a cup. That did it. I have felt like I want to throw up for the last half hour. I managed to put supper together and get it in the oven for hubby. I've taken some papaya enzymes and that seems to be helping. I will take a nap and sleep it off but always read the labels! Im editing this to say I don't normally buy juice but our 5 year old grandson was here this weekend so I try to have low sugar or sf for him. My other grandkids expect chocolate milk (when my granddaughter was a toddler I had a chocolate protein shake and she wanted some so I throw a couple drops of sf chocolate syrup in her milk. She's now 4 and both her and her brother know and they only ask grandma for chocolate;). For me dumping feels like "I've got to throw up but can't". It doesn't happen often... thank god! Early out shredded meat did that to me...
  11. Love your hair! What and what grades do you teach?
  12. 1. Im RNY. 4 years out.. 2. Yes 3. No. I have a feeling it's life long.. 4. When I eat or drink something that triggers it;) 5. Fried (I simply don't knowingly go there, grease also makes me ill). Alcohol. (80-90 per cent of the time). I know I can handle a bite of sweets, I know I cannot eat sweets like I used to.. 6. I can handle about 5 bites of ice cream. Not fond of it..I've learned to read how my belly feels and stop immediately. I've learned to listen to the "if you eat another bite it won't be pretty" feeling. I don't listen to my head telling me aww go ahead... 7. I try to eat healthy. I do enjoy a treat every so often. I like my size 2-4 clothes more than I like junk.. 8. No, I'm happy with my surgery..
  13. I was told 2 weeks once it was submitted. And it was.. then it was 5 weeks after I was approved..before surgery.. good luck!
  14. Beautiful! You're a success! And what a little cutie!
  15. Looking great Julie! Where is your Macy's?