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  1. I think most of us have broken the seal a few times. Great thing is, the seal can be repaired. Be kind to yourself. You ate a protein cookie, not 3 pints of Ben and Jerry's and an entire pizza. Plan all your meals and snacks before you eat. I don't trust myself to make good food decisions in the moment. It sounds like you recognize this extra eating is a reaction to your uncertainty about your career/school. Work to reduce the stress you are feeling in other ways. Exercise, fun things with others, etc. Activities that do not involve food. Take it one meal at a time. If you end up eating something that isn't on your plan, forgive yourself and move on. You know due to your meds you will feel better in a week. If nothing else, just white knuckle it. I remind myself if people can survive being a POW for years, I can handle whatever I am going through.
  2. Welcome! The great thing about TT is you can interact as little or as much as you want. I get the most out of reading what works and doesn't work for others. I was a 'lurker' on this site for a long time before I started regularly posting.
  3. My process was exactly as Jabsie's was. I went to the info seminar in Dec and had surgery in Sept. My process took longer because I had a mini freak out in March and decided I could lose 100+ pounds on my own. I ended up gaining 10 pounds instead so re-started the program in April. Otherwise I would have had surgery in June or July. But, if you are self-pay, you could have surgery within a couple of weeks of your initial consult. I would not recommend that though if you haven't already been working on how your life will change and the emotional impact of having weight loss surgery.
  4. I look at menus online ahead if I can. I will often plan what I eat that day around what I will eat around the meal out. If I know dinner (or whatever meal I eat out) is going to be heavier on carbs that I normally eat, I will have almost no carbs that day, except for that meal out. I also travel with food. Some of these are too early for you but I take nuts, moon cheese, RTD shakes, protein bars and protein powder.
  5. Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on the surgery and your new love! Sorry to hear about the clot.
  6. I take Pilates 2 - 3 times a week for an hour. I workout with a trainer 1x a week at the gym. Combo of lifting, strength training and cardio. I try to get in 2 - 3 more sessions of cardio each week. Either hiking, running, walking or using the various cardio machines at the gym. I swim when I can - which isn't often as I don't have regular pool access. I try to do active things for entertainment - play disc golf, ice skating, dancing at concerts, etc. In a good week, I exercise everyday. In an average week I exercise 5 times. In a week where I have very long days at work, I exercise two times a week. Always a minimum of two, no matter what.
  7. Great pictures of a beautiful family!
  8. Hi, Welcome and congratulations on your success!
  9. Sorry I am just seeing this now. Yes, I worked out regularly before surgery and had for years. I did circuit training with a personal trainer once a week as well as cardio and lifting another 2 - 3 times a week. I believe my recovery was shorter and I bounced back faster because I'd been working out. I was back in the gym with my trainer 4 weeks after surgery and it didn't take me long to ramp back up to where I was and then surpass it. I hold off on serious ab work until week 5 though - just to be on the safe side.
  10. Rita is Gone - Marcus King Band
  11. I buy vanilla and I have at least one every day. I tried the banana and they are pretty good. I add greek yogurt, 1/2 of a frozen banana and a dash of cinnamon to make a shake. I don't like the banana enough just to drink it as is.
  12. Initially, the compliments really bugged me. I thought - did I look so bad before?! And compliments were a reminder that yes, I have the kind of problem everyone can see. If my issue weren't food and it was gambling or drinking or shopping, people wouldn't know what my issue was the moment they looked at me. Then, I went through a stage where I really liked compliments. At this point I had trouble seeing what I really looked like so when people would comment on how much weight I'd lost or how much better I looked, I liked it - A LOT! To get comfortable with the compliments I had to get comfortable in my new skin and find empathy for my former fat self. I spent decades gaining and losing weight. I was angry with myself and disappointed that I was not able to control my food intake. Once I made peace with all of that, I learned to take compliments in stride. I appreciate them but it is fine if don't get them. I am comfortable in my body now regardless of what anyone else says about it. Have patience with yourself and the process. It takes a while for our head's to catch up to our new bodies.
  13. I didn't like these. They didn't make me sick, I just didn't like the taste. My dr. told me as a sleeve I don't need to take bariatric vitamins. I take two One-a-day women's vitamins. One in the morning and one at night. I also take a B-12 and calcium chews. For 3+ years my labs have been just fine. Check with your dr. You might be able to take non-bariatric vitamins too.
  14. I re-trained myself to think I am faster and stronger in this smaller body. I can better protect myself now at 170 than I could at 310. You will learn coping skills to deal with the attention from men. When men flirt with me or ask me out I say, "no thank you, I am happily married". Or, if I am feeling a little sassy I say, "I would love to as long as you can get permission from my husband." And, whatever anyone says to you - male or female is more about them than about you. I have told a couple of friends (and my MOTHER!) my weight, size and food choices are not up for discussion. I also think I am less conspicuous now because I'm not the fat kid in the crowd. Most places I went and in nearly everything I did, I was always the fat one. I would catch people looking at me and then they would avert their eyes once they saw me looking at them. It takes a while for our heads to catch up to with the changes to our bodies. Be patient with yourself.
  15. Look at those arms! And, you look at least a year younger, not a year older!