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  1. I think much of this is attitude and willingness to stick to the program. If you don't stick to it, you won't lose and you definitely won't stay at goal.
  2. I agree!
  3. Running is serious cardio. If you aren't used to that it will take a while for your body to adjust. GOOD LUCK!
  4. Congratulations! Super happy for you!
  5. Congratulations!
  6. It sounds like depression to me. You were medicating with food. Go see your dr and find a therapist. I had to mourn the loss of my relationship with food and find other things to replace it. Eating for me was a high. I had to find those highs elsewhere. You can do it. Call your dr and tell them exactly what you have told us. You will find the partner you are looking for at some point. Focus on yourself now and you will find love when you are ready.
  7. I live outside of San Francisco. Its not a party until at least one person strips down!
  8. Hahahaha! You made my day! THANK YOU!
  9. It took me a year of being at goal. Now I don't recognize myself in my fat pictures.
  10. Valerie - maybe not. We are the same age and I look younger. Part of it is I'm not dressed like an old fat lady anymore.
  11. If its someone who gets offended I will take it and throw it out when they aren't looking or circle back to the plate and put it back. People who need to feed other people, its their issue not yours. No different from the person at the party who insists everyone else should be drunk too, or naked.
  12. Hot Pants - James Brown
  13. You look great! Love those boots on you!
  14. Smokin' HOT!
  15. I take a Pilates-Barre class every couple of weeks. It is so hard! I do Pilates 2 - 3 times a week along with lots of other stuff. But the barre portion of this class is the toughest thing I do. I love/hate it but I keep going because I know its so good for me. Proud of you Raeme - you are such an inspiration!