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  1. Stalls are normal. You have several months left (or longer) on your honeymoon. It doesn't sound like you are exercising yet? If not, start right away. That will help break your stall.
  2. It is life changing. For me, the changes were all for the better. Stick to the plan and look around here to see how many of us have been successful! Most people lose the weight and keep it off. Fears aren't facts. Keep talking to your partner. Your surgery and necessary changes after will impact him too. If you keep the lines of communication open, you will be fine. Good Luck!
  3. I saw my PS once. Liked him, went back for a 2nd appt and then called the next week to say I wanted surgery. I was on the fence until that point. I got my date about 3 weeks after that phone call. I didn't mind standing naked, being touched or photographed. They are doctors, it's their job. We feel the shame about how we look and what we did to our bodies. They don't see us the same way we see ourselves. Good Luck at your appointment! I'm thrilled with the results of my WLS and my plastics!
  4. Hi Gorgeous - you look great!
  5. Read this over and over and over. The reasons you eat when you aren't hungry now are the same reasons you'll eat when you aren't hungry after surgery. I lost over 100 pounds in my late 20's and spent a decade gaining it back. I had to deal with my food issues before I had surgery. Otherwise I would have made it to goal and then eventually put most of it back on. Not saying you would do this. Just sharing what I think I would have done without all the head work.
  6. I haven't been on much and didn't know about your surgery! Congratulations! Sounds like you are doing great! I am super happy for you! The binder gets easier and more comfortable. I ended up really liking it and wore it for about a month after the dr. told me I didn't need it anymore.
  7. With my pre-op diet my goal was to lose 15 or 20 pounds. I can't remember. I lost a few pounds but that not much. I think the point is to get off the carbs so your liver shrinks and just prove that you can stick to a food plan.
  8. I think much of this is attitude and willingness to stick to the program. If you don't stick to it, you won't lose and you definitely won't stay at goal.
  9. I agree!
  10. Running is serious cardio. If you aren't used to that it will take a while for your body to adjust. GOOD LUCK!
  11. Congratulations! Super happy for you!
  12. Congratulations!
  13. It sounds like depression to me. You were medicating with food. Go see your dr and find a therapist. I had to mourn the loss of my relationship with food and find other things to replace it. Eating for me was a high. I had to find those highs elsewhere. You can do it. Call your dr and tell them exactly what you have told us. You will find the partner you are looking for at some point. Focus on yourself now and you will find love when you are ready.
  14. I live outside of San Francisco. Its not a party until at least one person strips down!
  15. Hahahaha! You made my day! THANK YOU!