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  1. Met With Surgeon

    @Gretta is correct - long term success is less about the surgery you choose and more about how dedicated you are to following your plan and making lasting, lifelong changes. Do you drink alcohol? If so, how often and are you willing to give it up completely? Many (but not all) by pass people have problems with alcohol post-op. It is absorbed much faster if you've had by pass and people report getting really drunk in a few minutes off just one drink. It can also cause dumping or simply feel miserable. With a sleeve, your body processes alcohol the same as it did pre-op. If you drink, I would think about this and factor it into your decision.
  2. Welcome to the Maintenance Forum

    I've had it for years. If you haven't already - make an appt with an podiatrist who will make custom inserts for your shoes. Don't bother with the ones you can get at Walgreens, they don't do anything. Stretch before you get out of bed in the morning, don't go barefoot and don't exercise without the inserts and you will be fine.
  3. The link to make sure he was board certified here: I think I found the link to get the report here: If you want to see my before and after pics, PM me.
  4. I had a tummy tuck and a breast lift 15 months post-op. I knew insurance wouldn't cover so I didn't even try. I also knew I didn't want to go out of the US for surgery, so I asked my sleeve surgeon for a recommendation on a plastic surgeon. I met with who she suggested and I really liked him. At my first appointment I took all my clothes off and asked him what he would recommend for me. He could have said - arm, thigh, tummy, butt, breasts, etc. If he had, I would have bolted. I wasn't interested in having a lot of work done. He said tummy and maybe breasts. Those were the areas I was interested in having fixed so I went for it. After my first appt with him I checked online to may sure he was board certified and I paid something like $50 - $75 to get a report to see how many (if any) complaints he had filed against him. He was board certified and no complaints so I went with him. My recommendation is to get to goal before you have skin removal. I know some people do it before they get to goal and if you keep losing, you'll end up with loose skin again. If you are considering going out of the US for plastics, I recommend you check out Please note there are lots of horror stories on this site and pictures that made me feel ill. But, you'll see the work of a variety of surgeons in various countries - including the US. You also get a clear picture of what tummy tuck incisions and scars look like. And, if you are considering implants, you can see how those look too. I always thought when someone has breast implants it is super obvious like with strippers. What I learned was if someone has stripper-esqe implants it is because they wanted their breasts to look that way. I had plastics 3 years ago this month and I am thrilled with my results. My stomach is still flat as a pancake. My loose belly skin was a constant reminder of what I'd done to myself. I wore spanx so I looked fine in clothes but I hated how it felt with my skin moving around while I exercised. I'm really happy with my breasts too. I had huge boobs when I was fat and I knew I didn't want big ones. Now I have ones that fit my frame. I feel like my shape is as it would have been had I never gotten fat. Like @msmarymac says, I feel normal. I still have loose skin on my arms and my thighs but it doesn't bother me. I paid somewhere between $15K - $16K. I can't remember. I posted quite a bit about my experience in the plastics thread when I had them. Post WLS the average patient saves about $5,000 a year on food and drinks. For those who want plastics and feel like they cannot afford them, I would see if you can take some of the $$ you used to spend on food and save it towards plastics.
  5. Song of the day Post -

    Me too! I am going to see them this weekend so I've been listening up!
  6. Song of the day Post -

    My Immortal - Evanescence
  7. Lets talk snacks baby!

    Nuts, string cheese, any kind of cheese, hard boiled eggs - you can just eat the egg white if you really want to focus on protein. Personally I wouldn't eat the cranberries in that pack you posted. If want something sweet or carbs, I'm going to have sugar or a couple of chips rather than dried fruit.
  8. Emotional eating

    Surgery doesn't prevent emotional eating. In addition to therapy, do self help work on your own. And, take this time to develop new habits, hobbies and coping strategies. If you don't, it is very likely you will continue to want to turn to food. I still want to turn to food at times but I have lots of other options - exercise, reading, writing, shopping, etc. Since WLS I expanded parts of my life that don't include food - I scuba dive, I do pilates, I travel more and I shop a lot more. I take more exercise classes and I run. I volunteer every Saturday morning when I'm not traveling. I live towards the bottom of a hill and when I want to eat out of boredom or for emotional reasons, I will do a quick 20 - 30 minute loop up and back down the hill. This is long enough to help me process whatever I am feeling and/or just get the idea of food out of my head. Most, if not all of the veterans here will tell you, surgery is on your stomach, not your head. Whatever problems/issues you had before surgery, you'll still have post-op so be sure to do the internal work you need to do so you don't revert back to your old habits.
  9. Struggling

    Yes, it sucks. I missed chewing so bad I chewed my liquids. Stay on your plan and all of this misery will be a distant memory. I think @cinwa is right, once you start advancing your diet, it is hard to stop.
  10. Lapband to sleeve my new story

    I think if you want to keep it off, you will. I know three people in the real world who've kept it off. One for 15+ years, another for 12 and another for 6. The 15 year person is a by pass and the other two are sleeves.
  11. I Need Maintenance Help.

    I auditioned a couple of years ago for RH of Beverly Hills.
  12. Slowly finding myself along the way

    You are doing great - keep it up! You look years younger already!
  13. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    This is awesome!
  14. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    It took a while for my mind to catch up with my body. Looking at fat and not fat pictures of myself really helped. It did take about a year after I got to goal for me to finally make the connection. Now, I have trouble remembering what it was like to be fat. I kept an old fat outfit that I put on a couple of times a year to remind myself.
  15. Weight loss medication?

    I agree with @msmarymac and @Res Ipsa. You've lost 150 pounds in a year! That is fantastic! Stick with your eating plan, up your water and get more exercise. I expect you'll be at goal by this summer. To answer your question I've taken phentermine a couple of times. For me, it is like speed. I cannot sleep and I cannot sit still. I have no appetite but I'm grouchy and extra short tempered. I do not recommend it.