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  1. Calling all Nurse Practitioners

    I worked as a hospice admit nurse at the time of my surgery...I was out 4 weeks I think. In CAthe STD pay made it easier to take time off. I actually felt fine returning to work earlier than the 6 weeks my surgeon wanted me to take. If I was in a bedside job, then it would have taken longer as no heavy lifting for 3 months.At 3 weeks, I drove to see my family and spend time with them, eating all of 3 shrimp at a time, or 1/2 egg! when they were piling on food at thebuffet line.PM me, I'm a NP now, worked primary care x 1 year, now palliative care. I've had several plastic surgeries, which were harder to recover from than the RNY for me.
  2. Extra skin

    Start saving....for me, it was worth the cost of plastics (tho nearly died as a result of complications) to have my body match me. I got tattoos to cover the scars..
  3. Alcohol after GBS

    You get drunk a lot faster with a LOT less...sometimes a half glass....lots and lots of post-op I know have gotten DUIs as it's very easy to go over legal limit with just 1 drink.
  4. 1.2 million posts!

    Mind blowing how TT has grown over the past 12 years.....
  5. Maintaining

    I had 35# regain when I was about 40...middle age spread and all....I went on a ketogenic way of eating and lost 25# and have maintained the re-lossfor almost 2 years....it's 12 years for me this year in May
  6. I regained 35 pounds around 8 years post-op....lost 25 by going on a ketogenic diet and have maintained it for 2 years..turning the big 40 and leanrin to live as a middle age person is different! I'm 12 years out this May
  7. This is not to offend anyone in any kind of way but I have a question.....

    Orgasms totally more intense...some of it may be due to more confidence, and not being shy to ask for what I want, which in the end is an extra bonus for my partner
  8. This forum is so DIFFERENT!

    We've had a few flame wars over the years...people get passionate about stuff...and we move on. Welcome to the family
  9. Is cheese, in and of itself, a bad protein?

    I love my dairy, fats, and eggs....I got even healthier when I added more fats in my diet.
  10. Ketogenic Diet??

    I've been using the keotgenic way of eating for 1.5 yearsto lose 25 pounds of regain and to manage my reactive hypogylcemia. My labs are fine and my cholesterol got better, with HDL doubling. I don't do the very low carb version: i'm a bit more moderate as I like my wine and chocolate
  11. Loose skin on your "ahem"* kitty*, after weight loss.

    I lost all my fat and got loose and saggy...can tie a knotwith the labias! The lower body lift tightened up the mons, didn't help with the labia...though the idea of a labiaplasty is nasty to me. PUlling up the loose skin had another odd effect, I pee straight up and have to maneuver over the toilet a bit differently so as not to shoot myself in the face! Regardless, hasn't affected having an orgasm and in fact, it has helped a lot...
  12. 8 years and 4 months and my WLS is still working!

    Comfortable where I'm at....too much work and I'm in my 40s now...the normal, expected changes. Odd thing with this re-loss is my waist is smaller than when I was 18! My thighs and butt remain filled out. Makes me a nice, hourglass figure
  13. 8 years and 4 months and my WLS is still working!

    No plans on leaving....been on since this was a Yahoo Group!
  14. 8 years and 4 months and my WLS is still working!

    I'm nearing 12 years in May....I've maintained most of the loss. I had regained about 35# , and have lost 25 of the regain and hanging out at 130. I have osteopenia too...keep the calcium and Vit D in good range, and I stay active with light weights, gardening, and with life in general.
  15. Cal, Pro, and Carb requirements

    I'm on a ketogenic diet...too many carbs, even the good ones, gives me hypoglycemia. Too much protein causes me to dump.