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  • Surgeon Dr. Potts
  • Hospital Pomerado
  • Height (ft-in) 5-03
  • Start Weight 235
  • Current Weight 132
  • Goal Weight 125
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 24
  • Surgery Date 05/28/2004
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. lealphachienne added a post in a topic From Cigna to Cobra Question - HELP!   

    COBRA is the management portion of your insurance. All benefits remain exactly the same, except you pay full premium. You keep the same doctors and insurance card. If you are pre-approved, that should carry over. You can cancel COBRA anytime and go with a different plan. I was surprised my COBRA was more affordable than I thought. I've done COBRA in the past and it was $700/month. Current COBRA is $400/month. I was going to go with health exchange 7/1/2015 as I haven't used any of my benefits in years....on June 26th, I was hospitalized for an emergency related to my RNY. In one day, I met my max out of pocket and now need f/u, additional labs and testing, etc. I found out when I was in the hospital, the new plan wouldn't cover anything that occurred within the 60 days prior to the plan start and I would need to go 3 months before they covered any f/u stuff and start all over with the deductibles. 
  2. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Where did you lose first?   

    Face and boobs...
  3. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Coolsculpting   

    The body sculpting services don't work on loose skin from massive weight loss. 
  4. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Any 350+ guys that reach goal weight?   

    Don't forget, with massive weight loss, you can easily carry 20+ pounds  of extra, saggy skin. I knew a person, 450+, got to 220 in 12 months. To remove the excess skin was going to cost $25K at the time
  5. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Gastric bypass calorie consumption questions   

    I follow a ketogenic diet now. No clue on calories....it's how I lost 20 pounds I had gained back in spite of sticking to my original low car, low fat, high protein diet. My cholesterol is the best it has ever been.
  6. lealphachienne added a post in a topic photos of extended thigh and extended arm lift   

    It takes a good, full 12 months to know what the final scars will look like. 
  7. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Gastric bypass calorie consumption questions   

    Yes, people can easily consume 3000-4000/day again if they don't use their tool properly. The body has an amazing way of adjusting and compensating.
  8. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Why is weight loss with the lap band so slow?   

    They are all tools....and only work if you use it properly. I've known plenty of people to regain all of their weight back oft RNY and even the more extreme, duodenal switch. I've met a few who have had 2-3 gastric surgeries and regain their weight....the're more to it than having a procedure done. It's a whole new mind-set and lifestyle to achieve long-term success. 
  9. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Goal Weight?   

    I set my own goal, which lower than surgeon's.....surgeon weight was at 8 months, my goal about 11 months. I had since regained 25 pounds and recently lost 20 and still under surgeon's goal. 
  10. lealphachienne added a post in a topic scar tissue + obstruction = misery   

    Bowel stuff is rather common in the first few months.....and it can occur years later. I had a SBO 2 months ago...thank god no surgery. I was in the hospital 3 days until it unblocked on it's own.
  11. lealphachienne added a post in a topic When losing five lbs makes you drop one size!   

    Yep..the size ranges are tighter in the lower numbers....5 lbs is a size difference from 0, 2,4,6,8....about size 10, you get more leeway...then you get into tents....I always hated no nice, tailored clothing for larger sizes unless you spent $200+ for an item
  12. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Emotionally drained   

    Some of it is very normal.....I went to monthly therapy sessions the first year post-op....the hormones are flooding your body with the rapid loss and the many changes in your life affects your emotional health. If you're feeling like hurting yourself in any way, get immediate help.  
  13. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Isopure coffee?   

    I'd say stick with your routine. 
  14. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Caffeine   

    Not for  3 months...to allow time for things to heal. Caffeine is an irritant. 
  15. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Gastrojejunal Anastomosis Ulcers   

    I have had two GI bleeds at the same site.... in 2006 and again in 2008.....then I had a small bowel obstruction this year. It's a life long of unknown risks....still better than diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases that occur with morbid obesity. Take nothing for granted and live life...never know what may be next in life.