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  • Surgeon Dr. Potts
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  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 24
  • Surgery Date 05/28/2004
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  1. Finally getting a handle on weight gain

    I started with reactive hypoglycemia too, went on ketogentic way of eating...lost the regain weight and no more crashing!
  2. Twelve years and going strong!

    This takes guts, work, prayers, fortitude, and don't give up! I've had several complications, tears of joy and sorrow. I didn't let anything hold me back and I continue to thrive! I have done a ton of things that being MO would have prevented or slowed me down. Guess what the secret is? It is about mindfulness and mindset!
  3. New to San Diego, looking for PCP

    I had Dr Jill Cottel, who supported my journey from beginning until later. I'm not sure she is still in practice. She was in North County.
  4. Anyone sorry they had surgery

    Regret, no. I do wish I didn't need to have surgery. I've had a few complications, nearly died from them, years after the RNY. It's a risk. So is doing nothing and continuing to live as you currently do. I choose the risks of surgery to gain the risks of having a healthier, more active life. I rather take the risk of dying from the complications, than the risk of living out my life as a morbidly obese person and suffering at the end of my life.
  5. Percentage of people who gain weight back?

    It is possible to bypass the bypass. I personally know several who regained all of their weight. I know several more who lost too much and struggle to maintain life. A dozen more who are successful at maintenance. You do have to be mindful, regardless of which procedure, for the rest of your life.
  6. Medicine & vitamins

    Look for "gentle iron" preparations. You can take iron with Vitamin C to help it absorb better. I keep my PPI on my nightstand. I take it when I get up to use the bathroom. By the time I'm ready to have "breakfast", it's been 1-2 hours. Once you start eating or drinking the PPI doesn't work as well, if at all, when taken too close to a meal. Your body only absorbs abut 500 mg of calcium at a time, I take mine 2 x day, the rest I get from dairy products. I take my stool softeners at bedtime. I split all my supplements and medications into 5 different times each day.
  7. Medication and liquids

    Yes, for some medications, it may flush it out. We have a term in nursing called, "bedpan pills" when they are expelled largely undigested. One way to find out how quickly pills are dissolved is to place in a warm glass of water and time it. Some meds are pH affected, needing more acidic environment to get dissolved. Stomach acid is pH of 2-4. Water is about 7 (neutral). Coffee is pH about 5
  8. Early Menopause after Sleeve

    It's common to have hormonal fluctuations after rapid weight loss. Hormones are stored in fat, as they are released, you can get hot flashes and irregular periods. It'll stabilize once the weight loss slows down. Average age of menopause is 52 with some women entering perimenopause about 7-8 years prior. Menopause isn't determined until 12 months of no periods.
  9. Calling all Nurse Practitioners

    I worked as a hospice admit nurse at the time of my surgery...I was out 4 weeks I think. In CAthe STD pay made it easier to take time off. I actually felt fine returning to work earlier than the 6 weeks my surgeon wanted me to take. If I was in a bedside job, then it would have taken longer as no heavy lifting for 3 months.At 3 weeks, I drove to see my family and spend time with them, eating all of 3 shrimp at a time, or 1/2 egg! when they were piling on food at thebuffet line.PM me, I'm a NP now, worked primary care x 1 year, now palliative care. I've had several plastic surgeries, which were harder to recover from than the RNY for me.
  10. Extra skin

    Start saving....for me, it was worth the cost of plastics (tho nearly died as a result of complications) to have my body match me. I got tattoos to cover the scars..
  11. Alcohol after GBS

    You get drunk a lot faster with a LOT less...sometimes a half glass....lots and lots of post-op I know have gotten DUIs as it's very easy to go over legal limit with just 1 drink.
  12. 1.2 million posts!

    Mind blowing how TT has grown over the past 12 years.....
  13. Maintaining

    I had 35# regain when I was about 40...middle age spread and all....I went on a ketogenic way of eating and lost 25# and have maintained the re-lossfor almost 2 years....it's 12 years for me this year in May
  14. I regained 35 pounds around 8 years post-op....lost 25 by going on a ketogenic diet and have maintained it for 2 years..turning the big 40 and leanrin to live as a middle age person is different! I'm 12 years out this May
  15. This is not to offend anyone in any kind of way but I have a question.....

    Orgasms totally more intense...some of it may be due to more confidence, and not being shy to ask for what I want, which in the end is an extra bonus for my partner