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  1. From the album My Life after WLS

  2. Happy Surgiversary to me! I started at 235, lowest was 114, settled out 120 for a few years. Got back up to 155 when I was in graduate school. Back to 125, which is where I prefer to be. I've had 7 pounds of excess skin removed from my hips and waist. I've had a few nips and tucks. Almost bled out x 3 between plastic surgery complications and 2 upper GI bleeds. Emotionionally I have been all over the map. I have traveled the world, went through a divorce, moved a few times, recently lost my partner of 9 years. I learned a dozen new skills, made and lost a few friends. I have a very full life, no regrets. Life is grand, even in the dark times.
  3. Mine was in 2004 and I'm very successful in maintaining the loss
  4. Physically, yes....as a habit, still detest it
  5. I would recommend doing the surgeries in 2 stages. Ask your surgeon about what it is realistic for you to get done in 1 session.
  6. Look into keotgenic diet...which also helps to reduce inflammation. It helped me lost 25# of a 35# regain.
  7. Driving the cute and tiny mercedes SLK convertible...fitting into airline seats...surfing, sex, bungee jumping, traveling, skiing, horseback riding, dog sledding....to name a few fun things.
  8. Hubba, Hubba! Congrats on hard work paying off!
  9. How are you with fats? When I found out I had reactive hypoglycemia, I started on a ketogenic diet and it stopped 99% of the episodes.
  10. Check into reactive hypogylcemia....have you done a 4 hour glucose tolerance test?
  11. Get a consult with 2-3 plastic surgeons and ask all these questions of him/her to get the most accurate answers for your particular situation. For me: 1. how long after surgery should the skin be removed? 1 year for the first round 2. What kind of outcome should I expect? Scars? and how bad? Every skin is different. My abd didn;t scar much, my arms scarred a lot. Hence, lots of tattoo to cover up 3. What are the chances of surgery covering any portion of it? All cash for me 4. Or how much did you have to pay? $19K for all of it 5. are you happy with the results? Hell yes! Though, not everyone gets this good of results, and 11 yeas later, age still catches up. 6. How long did you need to be off of work? I had complications, working as a nurse, 3 months for the lower body lift. When I did my arms, just 2 weeks as I wasn't lifting anything at my job then
  12. Have WLS makes it that much tougher to kick....it takes 1/2 glass of wine to make you legally impaired. By the time your brain realizes it, it's too late as the 4th shot/glass is already down the hatch. Much easier to get blackouts, and if a carb heavy drink, the insulin response can be all over the place, adding to the problem. Get support, try a different AA group, go online, whatever it takes before something happens. A lot of my WLS friends have gotten into huge problems with DUIs and injuries as a result of ETOH use. I"ve watched my ex who had RNY too, go through some nasty *&^% with his alcoholism, I'm surprised he's not dead. Soon though, he has Hepatitis C now. He's been in the hospital 30 or 40 times in the past 10 years. He eventually tried heroin during one of his drunken stupors. There's warrants out for him. He's done jail time, detoxed hundreds of times, wrecked cars, broken bones....regained all of his weight back (started at 450, got to 225). Nasty, nasty disease.
  13. I loathe exercise and haven't/don't do it. I stay active daily, that's about it. I've maintained my loss for many years, give or take a few pounds. I am aware and mindful of what I eat, but do not worry about it. Is plastics worth it? For me, it was. Though, a touch of age has made the skin a bit looser than when I first had PS done.
  14. Many insurances require the 6 month, medically supervised diet prior as part of qualifying.
  15. I have the opposite problem...had WLS and now looking at a hysterectomy d/t inc CA risk. The GYN surgeon will use my old lap scars for his instruments. Any abd surgery has it's risks and there may be some extra scar tissue to possibly work around.