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  1. Ketogenic Diet??

    I've been using the keotgenic way of eating for 1.5 years to lose 25 pounds of regain and to manage my reactive hypogylcemia. My labs are fine and my cholesterol got better, with HDL doubling. I don't do the very low carb version: i'm a bit more moderate as I like my wine and chocolate
  2. Loose skin on your "ahem"* kitty*, after weight loss.

    I lost all my fat and got loose and saggy...can tie a knot with the labias! The lower body lift tightened up the mons, didn't help with the labia...though the idea of a labiaplasty is nasty to me. PUlling up the loose skin had another odd effect, I pee straight up and have to maneuver over the toilet a bit differently so as not to shoot myself in the face! Regardless, hasn't affected having an orgasm and in fact, it has helped a lot...  
  3. 8 years and 4 months and my WLS is still working!

    Comfortable where I'm at....too much work and I'm in my 40s now...the normal, expected changes. Odd thing with this re-loss is my waist is smaller than when I was 18! My thighs and butt remain filled out. Makes me a nice, hourglass figure
  4. 8 years and 4 months and my WLS is still working!

    No plans on leaving....been on since this was a Yahoo Group!
  5. 8 years and 4 months and my WLS is still working!

    I'm nearing 12 years in May....I've maintained most of the loss. I had regained about 35# , and have lost 25 of the regain and hanging out at 130. I have osteopenia too...keep the calcium and Vit D in good range, and I stay active with light weights, gardening, and with life in general.
  6. Cal, Pro, and Carb requirements

    I'm on a ketogenic diet...too many carbs, even the good ones, gives me hypoglycemia. Too much protein causes me to dump.
  7. for all you coffee drinkers

  8. First week post-op

    Welcome to Hell Week    You can be very bloated, gassy, achy, feeling like your gut is ripped apart (it was, it is not a gentle surgery). Time will improve things. Some people it's weeks and months, others a few days....either way, it does improve. Keep moving, keep sipping your fluids.
  9. Salads ???

    11.5 years later, no raw veggie for me. A bit wilted, steamed, braised, etc are ok. I don't digest the fibers, even with adding enzymes. I was a huge salad eater pre-op.
  10. I rarely tell people....the few times I have no one believes me. When I showed pictures, a few commented they were fake  It's been nearly 12 years since I maintained a 100+ weight loss. I have gorgeous tattoos covering up the scars from skin removal surgery. Having a breast aug is no big deal nowadays. I never told the causal dates....the more serious friends, then I would open up about it. Part of it is I'm starting to forget those MO days (though the side effects of the WLS has it's own reminders).  I am not ashamed about the struggle and success: I am cautious as I don't want people to think it was easy or that they will end up looking like me. My journey is just as unique as the next and I prefer that the focus of someone's journey is on themselves and not become a mirror of me. Otherwise, great disappointment can occur. 
  11. Overnight in the surgical outpatient suite. It was  5 hour surgery.
  12. Wear the compression stockings religiously. Have a good post-op nurse keep an eye on your incisions. Mine didn't and I nearly bled out by the time they turned me over. Needed 4 units of blood...and more surgery later to fix it all. 
  13. I'm a wreck! (7 months post-op)

    Hormones are stored in fat cells. The rapid weight loss can trigger a flood of hormones, which for some can lead to labile moods. It is a common side effect. Keep going to therapy and you may need your meds adjusted as your body changes. Stay in close contact with your mental health providers as the feelings can get overwhelming. Keep a crisis number handy and let your close loved ones know. Once the weight loss levels out, the mood swings tend to improve and you'll discover a new baseline. It is very important to address this now and throughout the journey, plus ongoing after you hit goal. Being thin doesn't heal the mind; time, therapy, prayer, and the correct medications can help. 
  14. Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia

  15. Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia

    I was getting daily lows and couldn't figure out why...I had been on the same dietary regimen for 7 years (low carb, high protein).  I bought a glucometer on Amazon and started to track when I would get low. I figured out the protein would also cause postprandial lows too. I showed my PCP the numbers and he ordered a 4 hour oral glucose tolerance test. With 70 grams of glucose (ugh, nasty), fasting 92, 1 hour 106, 2 hour 27, 3 hour 64, and 4th hour went to 90. My PCP calls it reactive hypoglycemia. They don't tell you the results at the time of testing, the symptoms were horrible. My max carbs is around 50g on a good day in one sitting; 70g is over the top. Diet is really the only way to keep it stable,  reversing the surgery is the extreme option. The challenge is, you can't add too much glucose to correct the lows as it will cause another rebound low. This is opposite with diabetics. I was not diabetic pre-op. I started a ketogenic diet about 2 years ago, and have the lows just once or twice a month since. My current bariatric surgeon didn't have much to say about it, as lot of data is still coming out about the long-term post-op stuff.