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  • Website URL http://www.nochilddiesalone.org

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  • Gender Female
  • Location Tucson, AZ


  • Surgeon Dr. Potts
  • Hospital Pomerado
  • Height (ft-in) 5-03
  • Start Weight 235
  • Current Weight 130
  • Goal Weight 125
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 24
  • Surgery Date 05/28/2004
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Thanksgiving: Seeing family, eating foods...Advice, please!!   

    I walked around with the same plate of food for hours, pushing it around, to make it look like I was eating   
  2. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Denied   

    I was denied the first time. I hear that at the end of the year, there denial as the budget runs out. I was approved within 3 weeks after submission at the beginning of the next year. 
  3. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Gall bladder removed with gastric bypass 12-yrs go, now having digestive problems   

    Very common after GB removal (regardless of WLS) to have digestive issues. I use papaya enzymes to help (I still have my GB) and need extra fibers (the clear stuff) and senna each day to keep things moving. 
  4. lealphachienne added a post in a topic If you've reached goal...   

    I use very little sweeteners, stevia when needed. Too much artificial sweeteners gave me gas and diarrhea. I now love bitter and savory foods instead of sweets. 
  5. lealphachienne added a post in a topic SOO Frustrated   

    That is great! I had months with 10# and 4 months stretch with no weight loss. You tend to lose inches first, then the weight loss "catches" up. Focus on health and nutrition. It will happen. You didn't gain the weight overnight and you won't lose it overnight. The average time frame for the most weight loss is 12-18 months. 
  6. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Hindsight   

    Hmmm...so long ago, it's become vague  
  7. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Regrets   

    No regrets...wished I didn't need it....I've have several complications. I've also had many, many accomplishments I would have never had the courage to strive for if not for WLS. 
  8. lealphachienne added a post in a topic To tuck or not to tuck   

    My torso is short...tucked makes me look weird. Except  in business suits, then I tuck in my shirts. Spanx is a great product to invest in, to the slim the stuffed sausage look. 
  9. lealphachienne added a post in a topic When is severe left sided stomach pain enough to go to ER?   

    I'm extra cautious about any GI symptoms...I've had 2 GI bleeds needing transfusions and a small bowel obstruction...all 3 which came on suddenly and progressed within hours. 
  10. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Food Anxiety   

    It does get better over time as you adjust. I can not stomach the sight of large portions. When I show people what a normal size portion of food is, they are shocked. I'm happy with my bite sized, smaller than a deck of cards, serving  sizes. The comment I hear when I'm with people (few know I've had surgery), "No wonder you're so thin, you eat like a bird!".  Ummm....exactly the point!
  11. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Out of Control..............   

    Bottom line, just do it! You KNOW what the issue is, tackle it. It doesn't matter if you're 3 weeks out or 3 years. The surgery is simply a tool...the rest is up to you. I suggest therapy for a few months to identify the underlying issues. Massive weight gain and loss is more than a physical problem.
  12. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Health Coaching...ughhhh   

    Find a different coach. The coach is to work with YOU to find out what works for YOU. At this point, following what your surgeon says is important..you can tweak things later. I used 100% Any Whey when it  was cheaper for years....27g protein, zero carbs and works with hot foods/liquids. I mixed it in with my coffee, a little sugar free flavored syrup. There's a ZeroCarb protein powder that's a bit more affordable that's similar, I get through Amazon. I use it now for my diabetic roommate who is on dialysis. I don't need as much protein now. 
  13. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Music to move to...   

  14. lealphachienne added a post in a topic question for long-termers   

    Reducing carbs can trigger a mood swing until your body adjusts to the lower amounts. It takes 2-3 weeks to adjust. When you got back to eating carbs again, and then  try to cut back, it creates a cycle. I stay very low carb, with high fat, and moderate protein to keep an even mood and maintain weight loss. 
  15. lealphachienne added a post in a topic Extended Release pain meds after GBP   

    We have a term in nursing: "bedpan pills" when people pass meds undigested due to a malabsorbtion issue. The coating is meant to slowly release meds into the intestine and bypass the acids in the stomach that breaks down uncoated meds faster. We have a faster transit time from mouth to intestine: often long acting oral doesn't work, or in some cases, you get too much at once. The dosing or the formulation may need to change of the medication.