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  1. I loathe exercise and haven't/don't do it. I stay active daily, that's about it. I've maintained my loss for many years, give or take a few pounds. I am aware and mindful of what I eat, but do not worry about it. Is plastics worth it? For me, it was. Though, a touch of age has made the skin a bit looser than when I first had PS done.
  2. Many insurances require the 6 month, medically supervised diet prior as part of qualifying.
  3. I have the opposite problem...had WLS and now looking at a hysterectomy d/t inc CA risk. The GYN surgeon will use my old lap scars for his instruments. Any abd surgery has it's risks and there may be some extra scar tissue to possibly work around.
  4. Everyone has a different bottom....the only way out is up. Good luck.
  5. It is great you have support and working on sobriety....I lost my spouse to addiction transfer from food to ETOH after his RNY surgery. I ended up having to leave the marriage after trying for a year to get him help. It is very very sad....last I heard, he was shooting up heroin. Keep it up every day. You have a lot to lose.
  6. Can you ask for a repeat titration sleep study and get a proper fitting mask and pressure adjustments. Weight loss helps with OSA; for some, it;s not enough. I know many normal weight people needing CPAP.
  7. I have success with a ketogenic type of diet, which also helps a lot with the reactive hypoglycemia I started to get 4 years ago
  8. I switched to Ketogenic diet after a 35 pound regain..and lost 25 pounds. Keto also corrected the reactive hypogylcemia I used to get on the previous low carb, low fat, high protein diet that was recommended at the time of my surgery.
  9. Nice to see a few of us old timers out there still rocking it
  10. Too be safe, call your surgeon. It could blood that passes from the initial surgery or it could be some bleeding from something coming loose. Lack of pain doesn't mean you don't have an ulcer, though it would be very odd to have an ulcer in the first 2 weeks. Any change needs to be reported.
  11. I started following a ketogenic diet after getting my diagnosis....was on the same low carb, low fat regimen for years before the reactive hyplyclemia reared its head
  12. It's minimum 6 months...to 1 full year to achieve the final results...
  13. I chopped mine off....and have kept it short since.
  14. I have my belly button...my surgeon cut around it, created a new hole in the tightened skin, reattached the belly button to the new skin..it's not round any longer and I've had no problems with it. I pierced it too.
  15. No surprises for me...hitting 40 has it's usual hormonal changes and associated weight gain...35 pounds. I went with a ketogenic diet and lost 25#. The last 10# is staying on my hips...though my waist is 3 inches smaller than when I was at my lowest weight 11 years ago.