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  • Gender Female
  • Location belleview, fla
  • Interests spending time with family, tanning, love shopping when i have the $
  • Age 37


  • Surgeon dr shebani
  • Hospital mrmc
  • Height (ft-in) 5-05
  • Start Weight 268
  • Current Weight 211
  • Goal Weight 135
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 44
  • Surgery Date 01-25-2012
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. love233 added a post in a topic Weight Loss at a snails pace   

    I am so like you i had my surgery 2 days after u, jan 25th 2012 and ive lost 35lbs i thought at first maybe my surgean didnt knw wht he was doing maybe he did something wrong? at first i was losing 1 or 2lbs a day now ive only lost 4lbs n a mnt how depressing. i knw i should tell u dnt be down on ur self because i should practise wht i preach. but ur nt alone im always here and if u want to text u can 352 512 3103 i live n fla if u need support like we all do plz feel free to text me any time -Tammy
  2. love233 added a topic in Ask Dr. Callery   

    hello dr my question is im on 7 diffrent meds ( bipolar high clorestrol, high blood presure, sleeping pill, 2 diffrent anti depression and pain pill, im 6 weeks post op and my dr is not very informant, he doesnt give u no info and when i do ask him a question he wants to bite my head off but anyways he says i have to crush my pills for 3mnts after surgery, i have tried to take them n pudding apple sauce every thing u could think of even coffee but the tast is awfull. i get ill every nite after taking them thts how gross it is. i was wondering if i cut them n small pieces can i take them one by one or could something bad happen if i dnt crush them. plz help ur the only dr i knw to ask these things thx u for ur time tammy stover
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  3. love233 added a blog entry in love233's Blog   

    feeling ill after 4 weeks post op
    i am 4 weeks post op and never got ill the 1st 3 weeks post op but now im 4 weeks and 2 days post op i have been feeling nauseated on and off throgh out the day even water makes me sick and i want to chug the water so bad but i knw if i do i will get sick. also i have regained 4 pnds, im not sure why because im on a liqud diet still untill 5 week post op and i still have my g-tube in aka feeding tube i get it removed also at my 5 week post op appointment. some people say my body is going throgh starvation mode thats why im gaining weight or is my body playing catch up? i hope i didnt go throgh all of this sickness and pain of gastric bypass to just have lost 30lbs... please tell me im not going crazy
  4. love233 added a topic in Ask Dr. Callery   

    is it normal
    i am 4 weeks post- op and my dr still has me on liqud diet and he still has my g-tube in untill feb 28th ill get it removed and then ill b able to move to mushy foods. so i was wondering does all dr do this? is it normal and will i never be able to eat sweets or is it just the 1st few mnts cause one day ide like to have a piece of bday cake not alot but just a bite
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