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  • Gender Female
  • Location California
  • Interests Reading and relaxing.
  • Age 40


  • Surgeon Dr. Khayat
  • Hospital Kaiser West L.A.
  • Height (ft-in) 5-05
  • Start Weight 260
  • Current Weight 158
  • Goal Weight 140
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 26
  • Surgery Date 11/22/2011
  • Surgery Type Vertical Sleeve

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  1. SusanB added a post in a topic sleeve to bypass on 12 Sept   

    Glad to read everyone is doing well. My sleeve to bypass is Apr 23
  2. SusanB added a post in a topic sleeve to rny revision due to gerd   

    Kaiser West Los Angeles where I am having my surgery at has been performing sleeves for the last 5 years or so. My doctor said they are now seeing as many as 26% of the sleeves develop GERD.

    When my symptoms are bad, I'm all for the surgery. When I'm feeling good, I feel hesitant. I think that's normal.

    My surgery date is April 23. I switched from Prilosec (which controlled my gas well but I vomited at night 2-3x week) to Protonix which was awful. For a month straight my stomach was distended, hard as rock. I looked 5 mos pregnant and I had gas like a man lol. And it wasn't productive at all. Sorry..I know TMI. The Protonix did completely stop the night vomiting though. I stopped taking everything last week waiting for my doc to give me a different presciption so I can barely eat at all now

    I'm trying to be positive. Sometimes I regret getting the sleeve all together. I wish I would've had the will power to just take off the weight. I had the sleeve in 2011. My gallbladder out in 2013 and now the revision in 2015. It's been quite a roller coaster.
  3. SusanB added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    sleeve to rny revision due to gerd
    I was sleeved in Nov 2011. I've had successful weight loss but have developed severe GERD. My doctor has now decided I need a revision to RNY. I'm not looking forward to going through the whole process again and I don't need to lose a ton of weight. Has anyone undergone the RNY at normal weight and did you lose a lot more? was it more difficult to recover than the sleeve?
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  4. SusanB added a post in a topic isopure protein powder   

    I have the peach-mango. It's hard to choke down. I wish I would've went with my gut and bought Syntrax Nectar's Fuzzy Navel again.. but it had started tasting too sweet to me. I have Isopure Zero Carb's Creamy Vanilla. It's ok. I didn't care for the Cookies & Cream.
  5. SusanB added a post in a topic No more Coffee?   

    I drink coffee and/or tea nearly everyday. If it's Starbucks.. I get soy sugar-free hazelnut lattes or if I make it i use sugar-free hazelnut creamer about 1 tbsp.
  6. SusanB added a post in a topic So ashamed .... I ate a frito   

    Don't fret about a couple of fritos. I ate a handful of pretzel m&m's last night. Yes .. a big no no.. but I added it to my calorie count..and that was it. As long as you aren't hitting up the junk food everyday, you're good.
  7. SusanB added a post in a topic Sizes   

    Going down in sizes doesssss feel great. My highest pants size was 22 and now I am at 12. I cannot wait to see single digits!
  8. SusanB added a post in a topic Myfitnesspal?   

    i am using it too.. love it. i am on 80 days straight.. i had 80 days straight before.. but when i went on my cruise.. couldn't log on i even have my daughter using it now. makes it so easy to chart your food. solearybrown
  9. SusanB added a post in a topic I have started to cheat!   

    i cheat on my diet. i don't beat myself up about it. last week at work i had to work a 'double' (16 hours straight) and i have a high stress job... and i ate a huge box of hot tamales throughout the 16 hours. .. prob between 700-900 calories. i had all my protein & vitamins down and just told myself that i needed to go running the next day.. and i did.

    the reason i don't go crazy about it is because i am not eating that every day. .. or even every week. i'm still losing weight at a great pace & exercising daily. if you find yourself eating sweets daily ruining your calorie count.. then you need to address it.
  10. SusanB added a post in a topic Suggestions please... mini weight loss stall?   

    your weight loss is going to fluctuate. i don't lose anything for a couple of weeks, then lose 5-7 in one week. it varies for everyone. i think your carbs are low too. i eat about 1000-1200 calories a day,75-100 grams of protein.. that's all i monitor. i exercise like crazy though. p90 & couch to 5k.the water aerobics sounds fun. enjoy!
  11. SusanB added a post in a topic Coffee?   

    I drink coffee several nights a week. (I work graveyard shift) I either drink starbucks (grande soy sugar-free hazelnut latte) or large 7Eleven with 2 splendas and 2 hazelnut creamers. I also drink a lot of different teas, hot & iced.
  12. SusanB added a topic in Exercises, Workouts, and Recreation   

    p90/power 90 workouts..anyone doing them?
    To step up my weight loss I started Couch to 5k four weeks ago, but I wanted to tone up more so I dug out my husb's old Power 90
    dvds. Is anyone doing anything like this? I am now working out 6 days a week and it is hard!! My 19 year old daughter and I are doing it together. I have noticed though... my weight loss has slowed but my clothes are getting smaller. I am guessing its because I am putting on muscle?? I still eat under 1200 calories a day even though I am burning 350-800 a day. I use myfitnesspal to calculate everything, but I never eat the difference of my calories.

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  13. SusanB added a post in a topic Finished Week 2 of C25K Today!   

    I finished week 4 of Couch to 5k yesterday. My 19 year old daughter and I are doing it together. We use the app on our phone that uses GPS to calculate distance & mph. love it
  14. SusanB added a post in a topic Guilty Pleasures confession room   

    Starbucks -- Tall Soy Skinny Hazelnut Latte
    I have one twice a week
  15. SusanB added a post in a topic how and what do you use to count calories--   

    i love myfitnesspal app on my android phone..