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  • Gender Female
  • Age 38


  • Surgeon Dr. Sofronski
  • Hospital Beebe Medical Center, Delaware
  • Height (ft-in) 5-05
  • Start Weight 246
  • Current Weight 139
  • Goal Weight 145
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 23.1
  • Surgery Date 02/24/2012
  • Surgery Type Vertical Sleeve

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  1. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic February Roll Call   

    Ken !!!! How you been? Things okay here, Im sorta in the same boat as you. Stall and drop stall and drop. But Im am down 25lbs since surgery!! Yay me!!! And I have lost two pants sizes. Its not easy to not get discouraged when you hit that stall but I keep at it and eventually the scale does move again. Glad to hear from you, I was wondering what happened you.
  2. Cyndi120 added a topic in General Questions   

    Having a hard time getting in fluids
    I am three days post-op and am really having a hard time getting all my fluids in not to mention I havent been able to get any protien in. First day home anything I put in came back up. Yesterday I was able to get 20oz of water with crystal light , 2oz of chicken broth and about 2oz of juice. Any suggestions? I dont want to get dehyrated but I dont want to over do it either.
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  3. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic You will not believe this!   

    Sit down with her and tell her. She is your sister afterall and it may be better for the both of you to have someone to go through this with. Although our family ( I hope) are supportive they really have no idea what you go through unless they have been through it themselves. Tell her I am sure she will be happy to have someone to share this experience with.
  4. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic Almost there ... 1 1/2 days til surgery   

    Yessss HarrisburgRick we will both be there before we know it !!!! Cherie, thats what I keep telling myself to keep calm. When it is over I will be so much happier, cant wait for it to be over!!!!!!! New life here we comeeeeeeee!
  5. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic Almost there ... 1 1/2 days til surgery   

    Me too!! I was so nervous last night and this morning that I almost cancelled my surgery. But I think I am okay today, trying to keep those negative thoughts out of my head. I have been on a liquid diet for six days now and it really isnt that bad. Tomorrow after midnight I have to start my fast. I cant wait to get to that losers bench tooo!!!! See ya there
  6. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic Harford County Maryland   

    oops...... no we dont have the same surgeon. I posted in the wrong spot and cant figure out how to delete
  7. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic Harford County Maryland   

  8. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic Harford County Maryland   

  9. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic Harford County Maryland   

    I live on the Eastern Shore Too!!!! Near Pocomoke.Thank god I have found someone close by. Although, I am getting VSG. My surgury is in Delaware also on Feb 24 , Cant wait!!!!! We have the same surgeon.
  10. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic February '12 Post Op Group   

    Sooo glad you are okay, I was thinking bout ya!!!!
  11. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic So Frustrated!   

    Good News !!! All is well, all my pre-op testing is done, insurance approved and I am set to go for Feb. 24th. Thanks for the input I was about to give up!!!! Todays total weight loss since the begining of this .......30lbs !!!!! Yay me !!!!!!
  12. Cyndi120 added a topic in Pre-Op Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy   

    So Frustrated!
    So Frustrated Today!!!!! Went to see my surgeon, and then went to the pulmonary dr. to review tests and get cleared fro surgery and he tells me that everything looks good except some inflamation in my lungs that he is not sure what it is and could be anything from an allergy to damage from smoking, either way it is not life threating, and he wants to do tests and do a sleep apnia test as well.. This may hold up my surgery!!!! Feel like giving up!!!!! Surgeon says not to worry and we will see what the report says when he gets it but when is enough enough already!!! Just cant afford much more.

    On a lighter note..... I have lost 15 more pounds, making it a total of twenty since I began this journey.
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  13. Cyndi120 added a topic in General Questions   

    Hair Loss
    Hi I was wondering if anyone could share with me their experience with hair loss. I already have very fine hair so this is kinda scaring me. I am due to get VSG next month but I dont want to go bald to be skinny, kinda not a fair trade off.
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  14. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic February Roll Call   

    Hi Ken! I am scheduled for VSG on Feburary 24th. I am excited but at the same time a little nervous. I have been struggling lately to stick to my new way of eating and I have to tell you it has not been easy. I gave up soda's for water about a month ago, and have completly changed my eating habits which is a big change after eating this way for 30 years. So far I have lost 15 pounds but I seem to have just stopped losing so I am going to try to relax a little and see what happens. I will be having my surgery in Delaware with Dr. Sofronski ( haven't seen anyone else on here mention him. I wish there was) At any rate I try not to read to much because some of the horror stories really make me have second thoughts. At any rate good luck to you, and I will post again soon to keep everyone up to date on my progress and hopefully get some insight from seniors who know a lot more than I do.
  15. Cyndi120 added a post in a topic Lots Of Questions Before Vsg   

    Thanks, I feel a lot better knowing that it isnt something that has to be done.