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  • Gender Female
  • Location Londonderry, NH
  • Interests Love spending time with my wonderful husband, Eric, daughter Karen and our babies Keisha and Kirky, the 4 legged kind!
  • Age 46


  • Surgeon Dr. Cantania
  • Hospital CMC
  • Height (ft-in) 5-03
  • Start Weight 261
  • Current Weight 235
  • Goal Weight 130
  • Surgery Date 01-10-2012
  • Surgery Type
  1. Thinking about you, hope all is well! :)

  2. how did the surgery go , was thinking about you while i was in holding waiting to go to OR on the 10th . Hope you are ok

  3. Haven't seen any posts from you...hope everything is OK.

  4. Haven't seen any posts from you...hope everything is OK.

  5. I'm guessing your in the hops right now recovering. I hope your doing well and recover quickly!

  6. Hope you're doing fine, one day post-op. Can't wait to hear from you.

  7. Hope you're doing fine, one day post-op. Can't wait to hear from you.

  8. Hope everything goes well today!!!

  9. Good luck tomorrow!!!! I am very excited for you. :)

  10. January 2012 Staplers!

    Jan 10th for me! 2 more days!!! I am very excited!!
  11. 1 2 12

    From the album Pre-Op

  12. Oh Boy! 2 Days To Go!

    I can't believe that in two days, my life will change forever! It will change for the good and I know that. I am very excited and haven't been nervous at all. I have been way too busy to be nervous. My husband had hip surgery on Dec 22, 2011 and he is doing AWESOME!!! Which I am thrilled he has progressed as well as he has. We also have 1 of our dogs who has been sick for a couple of weeks, so I have been busy with her as well. If she is not better by Monday, we will have to bring her back to the vets. Monday is the only day that I have left to tend to things. I have to be at the hospital at 6 am on Tuesday morning for my surgery! I am so looking forward to this new journey in my life!!
  13. January 2012 Staplers!

    I am Jan 10th!
  14. Hi Mary...are you getting excited and nervous. You're almost there, three days to go. I'm excited for you. Let me know how you're doing after surgery.

  15. Nutritionist

    I had the Nut...and found it very helpful! I am surprised you went through this process without one.