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  • Gender Female
  • Location fort hood
  • Age 21


  • Height (ft-in) 5-07
  • Start Weight 269
  • Current Weight 194
  • Goal Weight 150
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 41
  • Surgery Date 07/18/2012
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. lydia333 added a post in a topic Intimidated by all the perfect eaters   

    i'm far from a perfect eater. i think a lot of people post the positive and not so much the negative because they don't want to seem like a failure. because lets be honest surgery or no surgery there are still people that will judge for every piece of food you put in your mouth. the way i see it as unhealthy to not have those days i mean its a very hard hard habit to break. i dont harp on people because i know i'm just gonna stress them out and that's not helping them. just take it one day at a time if you mess up dust yourself off and start tomorrow a new. everyone's journey is different and we have all had to deal with the fat girl/fat guy in the mirror at one point and time. u have already proven yourself a strong person by having this surgery so i know you have it in you to succeed.
  2. lydia333 added a topic in General Questions   

    mid back pain
    i have been having back pain in the middle of my back. its like a sore throbbing pain and it only happens when i'm getting hungry. has anyone been experienced this? both me and my friend who also had wls are experiencing this. it happens randomly though out the day and at night.
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  3. lydia333 added a blog entry in lydia333's Blog   

    update since surgery
    haven't written in awhile so i need to update on how i'm doing. i had surgery on July 18, I've lost 30 pounds since surgery. I've been losing weight to me very slowly like some days i wont lose anything and then a few days later i'll lose like 2 pounds. my weight isn't going up so i know i must be doing something good. i usually eat Greek yougert for breakfast or protein shake 16oz snacks are usually babybel cheese lite, sugar free pudding, applesauce, egg whites, re fried beans, or pumpkin seeds. lunches and dinners are usually leftovers or i cook fish, chicken, lean ground beef, beans, morning star burger no bread. finding it hard to find veggies i can eat one i've found i can eat is squash. i haven't tried fruits yet. as of exercise i still have a open wound i have to pack from surgery so no swimming or hard core . i got back on my adderall and celexa today and its helped me get up and move. sorry my thoughts are so everywhere having to get this medicine back in my system is really throwing me for a loop.
  4. lydia333 added a blog entry in lydia333's Blog   

    started liquid diet yesterday and got appt with surgeon arranged
    i'm feeling a little sick today. but gonna keep hydrating myself. diffidently having less tolerance to my kid going crazy. hoping the crabbiness goes away. next week is going to be a busy busy week but i'm excited . hoping to lose 5-10 pounds on this liquid diet wish me luck.
  5. lydia333 added a blog entry in lydia333's Blog   

    surgery date!
    got my surgery date for july 18. sooooooo happy! i've been having a great week so far. i had my last junk food yesterday. i had to stop and think is the taste really that great to have allowed my self to get as unhealthy as i am. the food wasn't really that great it satisfied my for a few minutes. it saddens me that i let food control my happiness. I'm more ready to expel that negative thinking out of my life!
  6. lydia333 added a blog entry in lydia333's Blog   

    one more thing to have approved and i can have surgery
    so i have everything done other than my appointment with my nutritionist and my EGD. i have even been told to expect surgery late may or early june. well this past week i got some bad news. i have to get the OK from my psychiatrist. even though i have already gone through psychological evaluation.now sounds simple enough to just ask my doctor to fax a letter giving the OK. but my doctor has personal feeling about this surgery and has brought up looking at alternatives(which i have looked into and tried). i see her for ADD and anxiety. i have also talked to her about changes i have made. so i feel i am fully ready for this step. but what worries me is she will deny me just because she doesn't believe in the surgery or she doesn't believe in me. i'm suppose to talk to her earlier next week. so pray that i get my ok. i would be very sad to find out all this preparation for surgery would be wasted all because of one person's decision.
  7. lydia333 added a comment on a blog entry some progress today.   

    the program that i'll have to follow doesn't mention baby food. think its just chicken broth,sugar free jello, and shakes for about 6 weeks and then to pureed soft food. i brought a 1 lb protein shake tub today but i think i will get some samples just t see what i like. i know a few ppl have told me over time your tastes will change or that certain foods will bother you. the not feeling hungry or craving things is what i hear a lot. and also some people will feel more energized after surgery.
  8. lydia333 added a blog entry in lydia333's Blog   

    some progress today.
    well got in touch with my surgery head nurse. she put in my labs,EKG, and ultrasound into the computer. go to go get labs done tomorrow and schedule a ultrasound. than it's just waiting til the call to make my EKG appt. I'm surgery 18 out of 18 i'm pretty excited that things are moving forward this fast. hope all will go well with my labs. I've been making list of foods i need to stock up on and things i need to buy. hopefully will be having surgery before sept. if anyone has any advice on where to buy protein shakes and which to buy let me know.
  9. lydia333 added a blog entry in lydia333's Blog   

    it's been a good day
    been having a really great day today. glad to have some energy today for once. should hear something about surgery in about 2 weeks or if they call. they started back doing surgeries at darnell so not switching hospitals unless there is a big stand still. a lot of people i know from a support group i'm in on facebook are getting their surgery dates so i'm super excited for them. i am also gathering info and recipes ideas for pre op and post op. will be nice to see my grocery bill go down for once.
  10. lydia333 added a blog entry in lydia333's Blog   

    update on things
    left a message with the head nurse at the surgery department at the hospital here on base about switching me to a off post hospital. still haven't heard back but still going to wait i guess. it seems that there are a lot of people on the list for surgery around here. i'm a little put off with the lack of communication. i don't like to be a bother because i know that they are busy but i do think that they should let me know something. i have had to call tricare twice about the two refferals that was put in for me that they never called me about. i'm on a weightloss surgery support group on facebook and they help a good bit on information. but there is still a lot they even they don't have info on. i'm just gonna pray on it. one way i look at it is that there are people in a lot worse health condition than me and that i should be grateful to be able to be considered for surgery. on a happier note i have been back on my medicine and it has been helping get my mind off things that worry me. i have also been making some progress lifestyle wise. today my husband got me a soda even though for the past two weeks i have been only drinking water. i didnt have the want or need to chug her down. i just looked at my husband and said "soda but i have been drink water these past weeks". it wasn't that i was mad i just found it funny. i have also made plans to walk a 5k here at the base if everything goes right. btw today was pay day and for the first time in a very very long time we didn't eat out. wishing all of y'all out there a good thursday
  11. lydia333 added a post in a topic Scott And White Rocks!   

    since i have already done the psyche ev would i have to redo it. i figure i give darnell a few months before switching because i would hate to redo everything.
  12. lydia333 added a post in a topic Tricare Denial Questions   

    yeah lately i haven't been able to make it go under 40. like you i have had family members with weight related problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes. even a few of my family members has had weight loss surgery and so far they have kept it off. i'm starting to realize tricare doesn't call you back. we'll for me i have been having trouble getting info. i had to call tricare to find out about my referral because they never called me.
  13. lydia333 added a blog entry in lydia333's Blog   

    A Nice Enough Day
    so up to date nothing new has changed. i went to my doctor last Thursday to get my referral suppose to hear something 5-7 days. almost being the seventh day it makes me nervous like my referral was somehow denied. i'm not a patient person at all when it comes to waiting. but like everything with the army it's hurry your butt up and wait. we got paid today that's something i can say good news. can't wait til tax time and get bills paid off and some nice stuff for the house. trying to fill my list of things i want with non food items. i think the only spurge i want today is some ganghis grill. which lucky what i get from there is about 400 cals . lost some weight but i keep changing weight between 250 -260. i figured how to do a healthier pizza and cheap. reduced fat white cheese, fresh mushrooms, fresh spinach, and whole wheat crusts. ok so maybe not the best but it's a healthish comfort food. what are some of your healthish comfort food or recipes with slight healthier alternatives?
  14. lydia333 added a post in a topic Going Off Post With Tricare   

    the things that on base surgeons require is: 1 visit with a weight loss support group,going to a seminar, and getting my psych ev done. i probably will go to more than just one meeting though. only because i know more questions are going to have to be answered than i will remember in one visit. one thing i am excited about is getting to see a nutritionist after surgery. i have been seeing one for the past 6 weeks but after surgery i'm gonna have to be educated on what to eat post op. i honestly love on base because they will not do this surgery unless you are ready body,mind, and soul.
  15. lydia333 added a post in a topic Going Off Post With Tricare   

    Thank you thank you! I am wanting on post super badly. I know a lot of people who don't trust on based. But to me a lot of doctors off base is just doing it for the money