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  • Birthday 10/22/1965

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  • Gender Female
  • Location Cape Cod Ma
  • Age 46


  • Surgeon Dr Schnieder
  • Hospital Beth Israel, Boston Ma
  • Height (ft-in) 5-03
  • Start Weight 202
  • Current Weight 154
  • Goal Weight 125
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 26.4
  • Surgery Date 03/26/2012
  • Surgery Type Vertical Sleeve

Tinaninanew's Activity

  1. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic I feel like I'm going to starve to death   

    1800 does seem like a lot. I had my sleeve 6 weeks ago and I'm lucky to get in 500 calories a day. With the sleeve I just don't feel hungry and I fill up on just a few ounces of food. When is your surgery? Hopefully itwill get easier for you until then.

  2. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic All is good   

    Congrats!!! I absolutely love hot and sour soup, and Tom Yum soup is also great.
  3. Tinaninanew added a comment on a blog entry Opinions please   

    It would be July for me also. There is no way I could have enjoyed myself even a little at three weeks post op.

  4. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic Did anyone quit smoking like just a few months prior to surgery?   

    My surgeon required 3 months smoke free. It's the best thing along with surgery that I have ever done for myself!!!!!!
  5. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic It's go time!   

    Congrats!!!!! Such a great feeling. So many emotions. I wish you the very best
  6. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic Complications but still no regret. Prayers/good vibes please   

    My prayers are going out to you Carol Anne!!!! Hope you get a pain free night sleep.
  7. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic drinking alcohol?   

    I had the sleeve just over a month ago. My Dr said it was ok, I actually had one last night. New Crystal lite Mogito ( is aweome) with low cal low alcohol Voli Vodka, it's a new vodka and is good for low cal low alcohol.
  8. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic How long did your spouse/helper take off?   

    I came home on a Wednesday and my husband took Thursday anfpd Friday off and was then home for the weekend. I was very happy to gave him with me as I experienced a lot of pain.
  9. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic Before and After...   

    You look amazing!!!!!!!!
  10. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic I wasn't THIS nervous about my GBS!   

    Hello Mara Jayne

    I had mine done years ago, I was the same size as you and went down to a C cup. It is one of the best things I have ever done!!!!!! I was finally able to wear button up shirts that fit, and when people talked to me my face was the focus not the massive breast. Best of luck to you. I also did not experience any pain from the surgery!!!!!!!
  11. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic Freezing   

    Hello Zinneerah I have been cold since having surgery also. Actually a welcome change for me as I was just starting to have hot flashes. Lol
  12. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic what is going on?!?!   

    Ughhh that is tough poppy, I am almost weeks out and have stalled for the last 10 days so frustrating. I'm sorry you are going through this, I guess our bodies have a mind of it's own. Hugs
  13. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic 293 down to 192 since 10/24/2011 YAY Onederland!   

    Simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats
  14. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic Sore, sore, sore   

    I'm not sure about lap band I had the sleeve laproscopic and I am three weeks out and still tender. The first two weeks were pretty difficult. You will probably feel better sooner, keep walking and sipping. Every day gets better.
  15. Tinaninanew added a post in a topic Unbelievable! 3weeks Post-Op! 7weeks Pregnant!   

    I'm so sorry hon, hugs