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  1. I have been very open about having bypass surgery and most people have been very supportive, but just recently some people have said "isn't that cheating", this has upset and annoyed me as i don't know how to answer them... so the advice i need is .. does anyone have any sarcastic/funny one liners i can throw back at them to stop them in their tracks Thanks Wordy xx
  2. What a difference a year makes, 12 months out today and 8st 8lbs lighter, yeah

    1. 2Bme


      I do not know how much 8st 8lb is... but it sounds great. Congrats

    2. BugdocMom


      Happy surgiversary!

    3. wanttobeslim


      Many thanks, 8st 8lbs = 120lbs, 14lbs = 1st .... I am from the UK

  3. OMG I can cross my legs yeahhh

  4. The Olympic torch comes through my town tomorrow, really excited about seeing it

  5. C'mon England xx

  6. Yes, I had to inject myself for 30 days after my op. The first few days were a bit scary as I have (had) a terrible fear of needles but I very quickly got used to injecting myself and infact it has helped with my fear of them, I had to have 6 vitamin B12 injections over a period of 10 days and I didn't fret at all about them.
  7. 100lbs gone forever yeaaaaaaahhh

    1. Ashleyxx


      Woohoo congrats!!

    2. Fat Bottom Girl

      Fat Bottom Girl

      Congratulations! What a great goal to achieve!

    3. Lori88


      Awesome! Congrats!

  8. Spring, love it, daffodils and tulips, my favourite flowers

  9. Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mum xx

  10. A lot of snow coming down out there

  11. Tea

    You can't beat Yorkshire tea with a splash of milk .. hits the spot!!
  12. Help needed please I am 3 weeks post op, but i have had quite bad diaherria on and off for the last week. I had a scan at my hospital and everything looked fine, i was told to starve myself for 24hrs as they thought it might be a bug (virus) Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to stop it. Also, i weighed myself today expecting to have lost lbs and lbs because of the diaherria but i have only lost 3lbs in 7 days (i lost 17lbs in the first 2 weeks post op) so quite disappointed, has this happened to anyone else.
  13. 2 weeks today post op and lost 17lbs .. yippee!!

  14. The children in the neighbourhood all out Trick or Treating, it's great to see them all in their halloween outfits

  15. OMG just weighed myself and i have lost 10lbs in just one week (had op 19th Oct.) .. yippee .. that's equal to 5 bags of sugar as we say here in the U.K .. so happy xx