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  • Age 27


  • Surgeon Prof. Lodge
  • Hospital Leeds Spire Hospital, Leeds, U.K
  • Height (ft-in) 5-02
  • Start Weight 315
  • Current Weight 173
  • Goal Weight 126
  • Surgery Date 10/19/2011
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. wanttobeslim added a topic in Socialize   

    Advice Please
    I have been very open about having bypass surgery and most people have been very supportive, but just recently some people have said "isn't that cheating", this has upset and annoyed me as i don't know how to answer them... so the advice i need is .. does anyone have any sarcastic/funny one liners i can throw back at them to stop them in their tracks
    Thanks Wordy xx
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  2. wanttobeslim added a comment on a blog entry End of Week 1 update   

    So glad you are doing so well. Have you tried Hartley's sugar free jelly, I lived on them for days after surgery. Also, marvel powered milk (lots of protein), I added it to drinks and homemade soups, it was an easy way of getting my proteins. I still use it now (nearly 9 months out). I have never taken any protein shakes as my dietician and surgeon believe you can get all the protein you need from a healthy diet.
    You sound as though you are doing brill, well done x
  3. wanttobeslim added a comment on a blog entry So....This IS IT!   

    All the very best wishes for tomorrow xx
  4. wanttobeslim added a post in a topic Self-injections for blood clots   

    Yes, I had to inject myself for 30 days after my op. The first few days were a bit scary as I have (had) a terrible fear of needles but I very quickly got used to injecting myself and infact it has helped with my fear of them, I had to have 6 vitamin B12 injections over a period of 10 days and I didn't fret at all about them.
  5. wanttobeslim added a comment on a blog entry Why all this jealousy?   

    Hi, I had my gastric bypass on the same day as you (19th Oct) and i have lost a total of 82lbs (14lbs before surgery, 68lbs pre op). I also feel as though it's coming off very slow, especially when i read on here the amount that people have lost in such a short period of time, but then i think at least its coming off and my family and friends say i look great. So try not being jealous and just enjoy every time you get on the scales and see that you have lost weight, no matter how little it is xx
  6. wanttobeslim added a post in a topic Tea   

    You can't beat Yorkshire tea with a splash of milk .. hits the spot!!
  7. wanttobeslim added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    Help needed please

    I am 3 weeks post op, but i have had quite bad diaherria on and off for the last week. I had a scan at my hospital and everything looked fine, i was told to starve myself for 24hrs as they thought it might be a bug (virus) Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to stop it.

    Also, i weighed myself today expecting to have lost lbs and lbs because of the diaherria but i have only lost 3lbs in 7 days (i lost 17lbs in the first 2 weeks post op) so quite disappointed, has this happened to anyone else.
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  8. wanttobeslim added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    1 Week Post Op
    OMG just weighed myself and i have lost 10lbs in just one week (had op 19th Oct.) .. yippee .. that's equal to 5 bags of sugar as we say here in the U.K .. so happy xx
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  9. wanttobeslim added a post in a topic Pureed Food   

    Thanks for the replies, have taken your ideas onboard, i'm not as worried now. It's great to hear from people further along than me and to read their experiences and advice.
  10. wanttobeslim added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    Pureed Food
    Need some help please i start the puree stage in a couple of days - which is best to puree food a hand blender or food processor .. thanks in advance.

    Also, i am getting myself really worked up, i am scared i will not puree my food properly/enough and cause problems with my pouch, for example scrambled egg, do i need to puree it, cottage cheese, does this need to be pureed. Basically does everything need to be smooth (no lumps at all) and be able to pour off a spoon during the pureed stage.

    I really want to do this right, your help would be much appreciated

    Thanks wordy
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  11. wanttobeslim added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    3 Days Post Op
    Had my op on Wednesday (19th), thought you might be interested in how the last 3 days have gone

    Had op at 2.30pm, woke up in high dependency unit at 6pm, felt dreadful, so dizzy, vomited and wretched on and off until 6am Thursday.

    Thursday morning the vomiting stopped, could eventually keep water down, still a bit dizzy though, surgeon came to see me and said op went really well and said he would see me again at lunch time and if i was still not vomiting and keeping water down i could go home. Physiotherapist came to put me through my paces, we walked around the hospital corridors and went up and down steps. Surgeon came to see me at 12.30pm and was very happy with my progress and told me as soon as i had seen the dietician i could go home yippee. Discharged at 2.30pm. The journey home was horrendous, felt every bump in the road!!. Very tired when i got home, relaxed on sofa sipping water until 8pm then went to bed.

    Woke up Friday feeling yuk!. The pain and discomfort from the trapped air/wind was terrible and had pain in my left hand side I struggled drinking anything all day, but forced it down. I was glad when it was bedtime haha

    Woke up today (Saturday) and WOW what a difference, the trapped wind/air all but gone. I noticed one hell of a bruise on my left side has appeared overnight but the pain i had yesterday has eased. I have drunk some soup and liquid yoghurt today, both were tasty. Saw the district nurse, she is very pleased with how i am progressing.

    Hopefully everyday will now get easier, i am so excited about my future and a i believe a few days discomfort/pain is worth it especially if it means getting my life back.

    Good luck everyone xx
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  12. wanttobeslim added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    New To The Forum From Yorkshire, England
    Hi Everyone
    I'm a newbie. I live in the U.K. My gastric bypass op is on the 19th October 2011, very excited but nervous.
    I look forward to chatting and getting advice from you all.
    Well past my bed time (00:15) so, night night until we speak again
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