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  • Gender Female
  • Location SoCal


  • Surgeon Dr. Suh
  • Hospital Inland Valley Medical Center
  • Height (ft-in) 4-11
  • Start Weight 215
  • Current Weight 147
  • Goal Weight 120
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 29.7
  • Surgery Date 11/07/2011
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. kristikat added a post in a topic Surgeon's Updated Menu Plans   

    Yay! Thank you so much for sharing! This is a great shopping list...no more wondering and tedious recipes!
  2. kristikat added a post in a topic Immediate Nausea On Certain Foods?   

    Im with you...no more eggs for me! I cant even think of eggs or I'll want to hurl!! I havent eaten any meats other than chicken or turkey and somedays my stomach just cant take it...cottage cheese is fine but again its getting boring...I eat lots of fruit, veggies, beans, cheese and greek yogurt...just trying different recipes. I do get nausea immediately when I start eating something that just isnt gonna set well...again it can be ok today and not ok tmrw..go figure!

    The only thing I cant seem to get past is a little pain I get as my food is going down sometimes...it gets so painful I have to stop eating all together for a few hours and it varies on what makes it hurt...Dr. said it would go away but IDK...still there at least once a day.

    1/2 an english muffin? I thought no grains?? I am so afraid to eat bread or crackers or any of that...I can honestly admit..anymore I'm afraid to eat anything!
  3. kristikat added a post in a topic Losing Weight The "real" Way   

    OH GOSH, this is hard one. I know I keep to myself for the most part but have let a few friends and coworkers in on the fact that I was gonna have RNY. People make all kinds of comments like "Im so glad I dont have to diet" or "I know someone who had that done and is so sick or gained so much weight" "Its easy to lose weight if you just try". People tend to focus on the surgery being an easy way out but we all know that this option that we have chosen is not and was never ever easy. I havent gone back to work yet since the surgery so I havent been put on the spot yet. Thanks for the heads up...I guess I will just have to wear earphones all the time and look unapproachable lol no jk whatever bring it on! Im proud of myself and I need to show it...better said than done right!!! lol...
  4. kristikat added a post in a topic Going Back To Work...   

    Thank you so much for all the advice! Thats a great idea about the blue ice and the frozen water bottles. I still will ask for 1-2 more weeks to get ready...I know I will be ready then..I am afraid to try anything new outside the home so I will not be doing that anytime soon. Ive dumped once on a LALA mango yogurt and it was not nice..good thing I was at home..I never ever want to go through that again!! Again thanks everyone Happy Holidays!!
  5. kristikat added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    Going Back To Work...
    This week is my last week being home on recovery. I am scheduled to go back to work on Wednesday, Dec. 7th...HOWEVER, I AM NOT READY. I go see my Dr. on Tuesday and plan on asking him for more time I need 2 more weeks. I am still trying out what I can and cant tolerate as it changes almost every other day :-(

    I am so worried because at work I am required to go to outside of work on projects where we sit for 7 hours doing legal paperwork for people twice a week. The places where we go do not have a fridge or microwave or lunch area. No water or even bathrooms close by... No place to bring a lunch unless I leave it in my car...no breaks and only 1/2 hour lunch.

    Before surgery we always picked up fast food and gobbled it down in like 15 min. I cannot do that now...I need to have my water which will be fine...I can keep my purse and a small lunchbox next to me on my chair...but I need to figure out what I CAN eat and what my stomach will tolerate that needs no refrigeration and can be eaten in between clients...(like 2 minutes in between)

    Soooo, I want to ask my Dr. for more time..I dont think Im ready yet I know I cant put it off forever, but I just cannot do it yet. I am too tired to do all of this in one day and still balance my meals and water..

    I'm a mess..I dont know what to tell my Dr...what if he makes me go back? I'm not physically/emotionally ready yet...HELP!
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  6. kristikat added a post in a topic Advice Needed - Kinda Worried   

    As far as your air bubbles, the only way for me to get those out was to walk it out. I have a Dr. appt on Tuesday too so Ill wait to see what he says...but since you are so close out maybe you should just run it by the office to be sure.

    OMG...I am about a month out tmrw. I am on time for mine but I am dying from cramps and heavy heavy heavy flow...my back is killing me. Is there anything we can take OTC for this? I love my midol and I feel horrible without it :-(
  7. kristikat added a post in a topic Surgeon's Updated Menu Plans   

    Thank you so much for these menus! You are awesome...this is a life saver.
  8. kristikat added a post in a topic Hunger Returning?   

    So happy to find these forums! I am now 3 weeks post op and today, I feel my hunger coming back . I thought I was it was just not working for me...cause not only has the hunger returned but I am stalled double :(.
    Today I just made sure to have my protein first and although I do feel hungry I fill up quickly with protein.

    On another note, my family (husband, kids, sisters) all feel like I am not eating right or too much or too often or too fast... I feel like I have to feel 100% to everyone or they start saying..."see it didnt work" or "maybe it wasnt a good idea" I have to keep it all to myself..if Im tired, sleepy, hungry, having pains, stomach growling, stomach noises, gassy, weird BM's, not enough water, cravings, depressed, sad, happy, energetic...everything is deeply analyzed. It's sad I am always being watched..through my facebook posts, my telephone conversations uuggghhh!

    I finally just decided to keep it all to myself and talk about it here instead where people understand and have been through it all.

    My RNY will be ME my business and my relationships family, friends, coworkers will be just that. No more RNY talk to anyone. I will walk it out or work it out.... Noone knows better than me how much this meant to me I no longer take my diabetes meds, my blood pressure has been normal..that was so important for me and I have met that goal.

    Thanks everyone for listening...just needed to get it out!
  9. kristikat added a post in a topic Syntrax Nectars   

    I bought the Chocolate Truffle flavor two days before surgery and It was sooo yummy...Right after surgery when I came home and made myself a protein shake and I could not stand the smell or taste...GROSS never again...I had to return it...so weird but I cant stand the smell, taste or even thought of CHOCOLATE..craziest thing in the whole world! I decided not to try the other flavors just because the guys at the store said they were overrated...
  10. kristikat added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    Bruising, Cravings And Sleepy...help
    Ok so I am now 11 days post-op...I was in on Tuesday for my first week follow-up. Everything was going great almost too great..minimal pain and feeling great! On Wednesday, I noticed that I was craving ice chips real bad, then it was salt...I started craving salt real bad :-( ...Yesterday, I started feeling really sleepy all day...I just want to sleep...I fell asleep for hours and then I slept a full nights sleep last night and the night before and I still feel extremely sleepy. I have had to force myself to get up and walk. This morning I noticed different bruises on my stomach that I didnt have before...so now Im getting worried...should I contact my Dr. or what do I do just wait to see if it passes? Any suggestions?? Also, I have Kaiser and Kaiser contracts out for the surgery...do I contact the surgeon, my PE doctor who did the referral or my PCP??
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  11. kristikat added a post in a topic Surgery 11-22-2011   

    Good luck...just remember this is your body your life your decision...good support is essential. Even if they dont agree its nice to have the support from family! We are all here for you...Love yourself the rest comes easy!
  12. kristikat added a comment on a blog entry Measurements As Of 11/12/11   

    Wow that is amazing!!!! I am so excited!! Congrats!
  13. kristikat added a post in a topic Stomach spasms?   

    hahahahah lol Well said!
  14. kristikat added a post in a topic Help Clear Liquids!   

    I made a vegetable beef soup and strained it! It was amazing!! I also have been having SF Jello which I cant stand either and SF popsicles...also my baby girl has made me some itty bitty snow cones with sugar free syrup love them! Lots of apple juice and white grape juice SF of course and water...just waiting it out...girl Im with you still waiting to move on to phase 3 at least, I think I can manage from there. Good luck hope all is well
  15. kristikat added a post in a topic Hunger Pangs   

    I have been feeling that all day everyday...Im five days post op and still feel that way.. I havent had enough water I think because no BM's for me...but should we still have them since its only liquids? I love apple juice, veggie soup broth and popsicles..so far..but always after everything I have hunger pains like it hurts almost to eat or not eat anything...let me know if you found anything that helped..