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  1. Hey friends!! I'm down 21 lbs in 22 days!!!! I'm loving the compliments! I feel happy! I'm on my road to success! Thank you so much for being the best support system a girl could ask for!!!
  2. I agree! Totally keeps us on track!
  3. I agree! Totally keeps us on track!
  4. Wow! You look great!
  5. Woohoo!!
  6. You look amazing!!!!
  7. I'm feeling the same way!!!!! How much have you lost!?? I'm down 21lbs in 22 days

  8. hey I had a gastric bypass revision from lapband also.I'm almost 7 months out and could not be happier...just wanted to say Hi!

  9. Oh ok. Can you please send it to me. I can give you my email. My drs office said I could have them now.. After last night I'm like no way Jose!!! I have no desire to drink anything but Im hungry. I think it's a mind game. Because I can go all day just having one ad jello.
  10. I can have sf jello and sf pudding, cream of wheat, and scrambled eggs. I tried mashed potatoes and because of the carbs I was told it caused a killer stomach ache for 2 1/2 hours. I was hunched over screaming crying. I couldn't walk. I'm so scared to eat anything. I can't even describe the pain. I've lost 21 lbs. however I'm starving I guess I had to just let it pass. But come on.. I never want to go through that again. I meet with my surgeon tomorrow. I'll ask him about it then. Has this happened to you? Any advice??
  11. SweetP.. Thank you. <3 I love how fast you all responded to my cry for help. I tried some mashed potatoes tonight and I thought I was going to die! That pain.. I can't even put into words. My support lady from my surgeons office said its from the carbs and it should pass in a couple hours. Oh boy Im scared to eat those again!!
  12. Wow.. It was such an emotional night for me. I woke up to all these amazing words of advice and you all make me feel so much better ! I tell ya we are all one big family! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sipping all day long and a follow up appointment on wednesday. I'll keep you updated. Hugs!!
  13. Girl you got this! I was going through all that last week. Im married with a 10 month old. Just pray. Calm your nerves. Crying is ok. This is such a common surgery. I'm sure you will be fine. I just had my surgery on 11/1/11.
  14. Praying for you!!

  15. I had my surgery.. Now I need words of encouragement. I'm feeling a bit depressed. ..this to shall pass.