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  1. I like diet lemon Snapple tea!
  2. Congratulations!!
  3. I couldn't eat canned refried beans because it was so salty. So, I cooked dried pinto beans and added no sugar salsa and pureed it and then added fat free grated cheese. Yum! I also drink sugar free Carnation Instant breakfast and add instant milk for added protein. That has always tasted good to me.
  4. look great!!!
  5. Hope you do well!!
  6. YUM....all those recipes sound so good! Thanks!
  7. I had surgery 2 weeks ago. I have been on anti-depressants for years. For some reason I wasn't given my anti-depressants in the hospital. I have had horrible anxiety! I am getting a little better everyday. Is this normal??
  8. I live in Charleston! I am having surgery at MUSC tomorrow morning. I am getting real nervous but I am very excited too!
  9. My surgery is tomorrow morning at 7:30! I am excited and very nervous at the same time. I am ready to start my new journey!
  10. That really helps me to know what I will be going through next Wed. Thanks!
  11. that's great!!!
  12. That is great to hear! My surgery is next Wed. I am excited but I am scared too. I can't wait till I can say "I have lost 48 lbs!! Congratulations!
  13. Be patient.......6 months wil go by fast!
  14. Thinking of you!