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  • Gender Male
  • Interests family, golf & now gym!!
  • Age 51


  • Surgeon Mr Ahmed
  • Hospital Derby
  • Height (ft-in) 6-00
  • Start Weight 440
  • Current Weight 272
  • Goal Weight 220
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 36.4
  • Surgery Date 10/14/2012
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

Bobby873's Activity

  1. Bobby873 added a post in a topic 364 day out - 50% through my journey   

    Thanks for all your support, really appreciated.
  2. Bobby873 added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    364 day out - 50% through my journey
    164 lbs now down from my heaviest and 119 lbs gone since my operation - Only 27lbs to go to hit my target !!!  
    No extra belts required on planes, but none of the old cloths fit me!!!!!!!!  
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  3. Bobby873 added a post in a topic Target & Goal - Can I do this?   

    Thanks all, one way ticket on slow train, but hey will get to the station at some time!!!!!
    No stops now and only going one direction.
    Very happy so far and oh boy what a difference it's made to my health and life in general.
    Was 66" waist, now 46" yaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Cheers all and have a great day
  4. Bobby873 added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    Target & Goal - Can I do this?
    Now lost 130lbs, will I meet my target 249lbs and goal of 220lbs?
    Let me know your thoughts!!!!!!!
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  5. Bobby873 added a post in a topic Incisions   

    Sorry, my incisions were glued and they have almost gone now. Can hardly see them !!!!
  6. Bobby873 added a post in a topic 50 lbs gone   

    Great news
  7. Bobby873 added a post in a topic Constipation   


    I have to admit that a week out the worst part of my Gastric Bypass was constipation by a long way.............

    I used Senokot tablets which can be purchased as a syrup or granules contain Senna, a natural plant extract which works by stimulating the muscles in the bowel in a similar way to figs and prunes. Helping to bring gentle, predictable relief.

    Really worked for me.


    Good luck !!!
  8. Bobby873 added a post in a topic Wound Healing   


    Guess I was one of the lucky ones. My wounds had been "Super glued". Best thing ever.....

    Totally healed within a couple of weeks and now you would hardly know that the wounds had been there.

    No stitching and no steri strips.
  9. Bobby873 added a post in a topic Insurance Approved!   

    Good luck

    Success is getting what you want, and happiness is wanting what you get.
  10. Bobby873 added a post in a topic TOMORROW IS FINALLY HERE!   

    Good luck and I am sure you will be just fine.
  11. Bobby873 added a post in a topic OK, this is harder than I thought   


    We all promote change, but when it comes down to it, change is difficult.

    If you want to change then its worth fighting for.

    I have found that after the operation, things are a little easier, but the smell and temptation can still be around.

    You just get stronger with time.

    Things do not change, we change.

    Change does not necessarily assure progress, but progress implacably requires change. Education is essential to change, for education creates both the new wants and the ability to satisfy them.

    Good luck and I am sure all will go well.
  12. Bobby873 added a post in a topic Unexpected exhaustion   


    The best treatment maybe deep breathing and lung exercises, however if it remains I would get it checked out by the doctor.


    Good luck
  13. Bobby873 added a post in a topic Stalls are NOT fun & Crossfit   


    I am sure that this is just a temporary stall, afterall you have do so well up to now and with over 30lbs lost todate.

    End of September is still quite early and you are walking every day, which will help the whole process.

    Keep going and it will happen for sure and all your wishes will come true

    I was told to wait a least 6 weeks before any type of light exercise.
  14. Bobby873 added a post in a topic I led a Flashmob today!   

    Good for you
  15. Bobby873 added a post in a topic grumbling/gurgling non stop   


    Very early days and agree with lovemi4lifebaby.

    I have experienced grumble and gurgle, but only after eating and this for me was a sign that my new pouch was just settling in.

    This can change with different types of food, some seem to be better than others. Everyone is different.

    Give it some time, however if your still concerned check with your doctor to be safe.