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  1. I've lost about 70 total and I'm pretty happy. Keep up the good work.

  2. TY Nana, 82 pounds since surgery, 27 preop. For a lightweight its great,lol. My nut and PCP wanted me to stop at 145, dr wants 125. Just hit 138, so I would say I am at about goal. You are not that far behind Nana, you are doing great!!!

  3. Never had a catheter put in while I was awake, that wasnt fun!!!! Now they want me to come back to put a camera up into my bladder, yeah OK, right away!!! I dont think so!

  4. Drum roll, cholesterol levels back. Total cholesterol 191, good cholestetol 45 and bad cholesterol 123.

  5. Hi Julie, how are you doing? Hopefully you are starting to move around a bit easier. Keep me in mind if you guys get together. I am not to far up the road too.

  6. I am so cold!!! Does your body every adjust?

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    2. msdepew


      My cold issues have gotten a little better....definatly no more hot flashes

    3. Shell74


      Lol Melissa, In the winter I used to drive with no jacket, the AC on, all while wearing a tee shirt. Not any more, now its, turtleneck, sweater and a huge scarf 24/7.

    4. mistymee


      Its only gotten worse, every year, sad to say... this year has been horrid so far.. brrrr.

  7. Cleaning the pantry out today, tossing out all of the junk food I find. Its a huge 5x12 walk in, this could take a while.

    1. 2Bme


      if you have one near by, a food pantry would love anything unopened. But honestly, I know just getting it out of the house is great!

  8. Clothing shopping again! $120 at the thrift store, it was buy 1 get 2 free day, my car is full!

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    2. NewMeNow2010


      Nice!!! what a great deal :)

    3. nanny is thinner now

      nanny is thinner now

      sounds like you got some good deals, and size 4 is WONDERFUL!! it's fun to shop now!

    4. Shell74


      Of course I hit TJ Max and a store that was going out of business too. That hurt the pocketbook!

  9. That all sounds really rough. Hopefully you will be feeling better soon! I did see my PCP this morning and she wants me to go to a urologist, she thinks that is more a kidney/bladder thing. I have had multiple back surgeries and she thinks maybe my neurological damage has caused something to stop working mechanically. We will see, thanks for the info. Take care!

  10. Traditional Christmas breakfast went off without a hitch. 1/4" slice of Scrapple, 1/2 a scrambled egg, and homemade Creamed Chipped Beef made with 1% milk

    1. Caffe


      I made creamed chipped beef too--I used fat free half & half. Merry Christmas!

    2. Shell74


      I didnt think of that, dahh. Thats a great idea. My hubby did comment that it wasnt as creamy as usuall but it didnt stop anyone from eating it.

  11. Hit 100 pounds down from my heaviest today!!!

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    2. marciab30


      Awesome Shell :) wtg

    3. Shell74


      Thank You all!!!!

    4. Shell74


      2 more pounds till I am officially not overweight and have a normal BMI. Hopefully xmas doesnt set me back. One party today and I did fine.

  12. I have 1/4 of a pound to I hit a major goal. Why wont this darn scale move? I really upped my calories today hoping that it would help. Seems if I cam get over 800 that really drops the pounds.

    1. Minister AJ

      Minister AJ

      Good for you Ms Shell

    2. marciab30


      hmmm I think I have to lower mine or up then something's gotta change I am at a stall too :( no loss this month at all. Your's will move shell :)

  13. Made chicken breast with fresh mango salsa and butternut squash over spinach for dinner. My family looked at me like I was crazy.

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    2. MaraJayne


      Crazy with jealousy cuz they didn't get to eat so good?

    3. Anna Banana

      Anna Banana

      they don't know what they;re missing! that sounds delishhhhhhh

    4. Shell74


      No recipe, just tossed it all in the pan. Think it was about 3 pounds chicken cut up, 16 ounces fresh mango salsa and about 3 cups cubed fresh butternut squash. All served on top of spinach. It was really yummy!

  14. After a trip to the ER for kidney stones and infection, I am up 6 pounds from the fluids. Ok, it was needed but I so liked seeing 149 on the scale. I was so excited only 2 more pounds till I hit 100. Hopefully after a few days that water weight will be history.

    1. mybell10039


      i had kidney stones and they r no joke.Take it easy and try to relax.The water weight will b history. Best wishes

    2. mybell10039


      i had kidney stones and they r no joke.Take it easy and try to relax.The water weight will b history. Best wishes

  15. Got sick on my way to work today, then got rear ended by a 90 year old lady that couldnt see over the wheel. Needless to say I turned around and went home!

    1. mmmccart


      its friday. just remember that. sorry to hear about your bad morning. lets hope your day gets better!

    2. Shell74


      Its Friday and a full moon, that is a dnagerous combo! I took a nice long nap, so its looking better.