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      Dear Thinner Times Members -  As is evident, we don't use Thinner Times to serve advertisements or to generate profits. Every now and then, however, something comes along that 'hits home' that we like to promote. My partner, Josh, is the co-chair of the Ambassadors group for The Trevor Project - a leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. Josh is co-hosting the San Diego annual fundraiser and party this year, which we have been spending many tireless months planning for. If you, a friend or family member is interested in supporting the Trevor Project, make a night of it next week at The Orange Party. Tickets are $75 for general admission, and $100 for regular admission. Two of the cast members from "Glee" will be there co-hosting, as well.  Learn more about the event and registration on this website I put together this weekend: http://trevororange.party/. My father, Dr. Callery, will also be attending, so we hope to see you there! John Callery


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  1. Toony added a post in a topic Passing of LisaBoston   

    So sad to hear this news too.  Lisa helped me through my journey... a wonderful and caring woman! 
  2. Toony added a post in a topic T-T Is Home   

    Kelly found him! I hope she tells us what all she went through to track him down! She said it took her three months of detective work!
  3. Toony added a topic in Socialize   

    T-T Is Home

    I haven't posted photos in here for so long, not sure I'm doing it right!

    Just had to let everyone know - T-T,
    the Wayward Traveling Sock Monkey is home!!!

    Party at Toony's house tonight!!! Banana splits for all!

    Thanks to Detective Kelly and her amazing skills!


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  4. Toony added a post in a topic On My Way Home To My Mommy! - Update!   

    How are you doing now, babydoll??? I remember wanting to send you a sock monkey type gift, but you didn't have a permanent address! You've done a lot of moving around since your surgery! Hope your health settles down, so you can enjoy life!
  5. Toony added a post in a topic On My Way Home To My Mommy! - Update!   

    Crazy is good...

    Get your Monkey On!!!

  6. Toony added a post in a topic On My Way Home To My Mommy! - Update!   

    How's the color your way? I bet Autumn is in blazing glory!!!
  7. Toony added a post in a topic On My Way Home To My Mommy! - Update!   

    I've cleaned the cobwebs out of the mailbox and will hang a "Welcome Home" banner!
  8. Toony added a post in a topic On My Way Home To My Mommy! - Update!   

    When I had my WLS, I made and sent sock monkeys to two of my closest friends here. Once photos were posted, the whole forum lit up and everyone wanted their own sock monkey... one friend suggested I make a traveling Sock Monkey to go from home to home... so TT was born. He left my house in a little sock monkey sleeping bag with a travel journal... He has been photographed around the country! He even went on the first TT cruise! He came back to me for a visit once, and then took off again to visit Thinner Times friends... I haven't heard a peep out of him in nearly 2 years!

    I'm TICKLED to know he's coming home to me again... I can't wait to read his journal and hear of all the adventures he's had!
  9. Toony added a post in a topic Sclerotherapy   

    Helloooo! Remember me?

    I'm 3.5 years out and never made it to Onederland
    I feel like such a failure.... Bound to be big forever...even with the amazing opportunity of WLS!

    No regrets -other than. I'm such a food junkie!
  10. Toony added a post in a topic On My Way Home To My Mommy! - Update!   

    I never thought I'd see you again!
    Teary-eyed in WI....

  11. Toony added a post in a topic On My Way Home To My Mommy! - Update!   

    Goodness! My heart is pounding out of my chest! I hope this isn't some sort of joke! I've missed you, TT! I need your help and inspiration! Come home quick! Do you need air fair?
  12. Toony added a topic in Socialize   

    Tt The Traveling Sock Monkey
    Can you guys fill me in on TT's Travels? Where has he been? Where is he now? Is he still doing his job, bringing fun along the way?

    TT (the Sock Monkey's Mom),

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  13. Toony added a post in a topic Just approved for sugery at dean. :o)   

    Congratulations! It's an exciting time for you, for sure!

    The Dean Wt management team is the best! I had my surgery three tears ago... You'll do great!

  14. Toony added a post in a topic My Day with T-T   

    Hi honey TT! I came here just to lok for you! Looks like your adventure is still awesome! Imlove you little buddy.... Don't forget your momma!
  15. Toony added a post in a topic Let go.   

    oh POOOOH! Why does crap keep happening to NICE people??? That job was a nightmare, but it was a paycheck. I'm so sorry this happened to you Kel! Get your name in with the school district... phone co, insurance co., the library, city hall, real estate offices! Don't wait for help-wanted ads... cold call anywhere and everywhere. You have a lot of us out here vibbin' good wishes your way!