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    1. NewMeNow2010


      Woohoo!!!! you go girl!

    2. Wicked


      Congrats! I've been on a stall ): I've lost 58lbs

      You're beating me surgery-buddy! What are your tips?

  2. From the Side! Night before!

    From the album PRE-OP

  3. From the Front! Night before!

    From the album PRE-OP

  4. I think I'm cool...

    From the album PRE-OP

  5. I act some more!

    From the album PRE-OP

  6. I chill with people who say Arrr!

    From the album PRE-OP

  7. I act once in a while...

    From the album PRE-OP

  8. Saw "American Idiot"

    From the album PRE-OP

  9. Chior, I sing!

    From the album PRE-OP

  10. Being sick puts a real damper on the going to the Gym thing... :(

  11. Well I I ahve lost a total of 34 inches since Augurst 9th, nearly 3 feet of Me is gone FOREVER!

    1. msdepew


      Wow..that is amazing

  12. I am doing well, having a hard time with getting my water in during the day. I generally drink water from 8pm till like 11pm and call it a day... here is hoping I can get some more in during the day. Personal training tomorrow in the AM. I think that having a personal trainer is wonderful, I highly suggest it! I will have her measure me tomorrow at 12 and 1/2 weeks out. I hope everyone is doing well! Anna
  13. Homemade Sugar-free, fat-free, Decaf...Vanilla Chai... Life is good

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    2. erinlopez1


      sounds great!!

    3. NewMeNow2010


      It is SO good!! I looove decaf, sugar free, fat free coffee mixtures now!

    4. Acliz12


      I have this stuff called Torani Vanilla Syrup and I made a cup of Decaf Chai tea then added about a teaspoon of the syrup and a bit of milk. Really easy. and you can get the vanilla stuff cheap online...

  14. Thanks, yeah... Sam's is a little hard, I do not have a car to get to one. I was looking around the store near me and I could not find any senna. I will need to ask my doctor about the script for this... Thank you Lovely Lady!