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  • Birthday 05/25/1980

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  • Gender Female
  • Location Illinois
  • Age 32


  • Surgeon Dr. Hungness
  • Hospital Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Height (ft-in) 5-11
  • Start Weight 325
  • Current Weight 189
  • Goal Weight 165
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 43.2
  • Surgery Date 04/11/2012
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. mimster9 added a post in a topic 18 months out 130lb gone!   

    Thank you everyone.  Most of the time I take the compliments with downcast eyes.  I am still not used to the attention (I am getting better).  Something about it coming from all of you feels better and I am proud you guys like my transfomation.  Maybe because we all truly understand each other's journies. 
  2. mimster9 added a post in a topic 13 months out and 10 lbs to goal   

    Amazing stuff!  The team at Nortwestern is simply the best!  You look fantastic and love the fleet feet shout out! 
  3. mimster9 added a topic in Member Photos   

    18 months out 130lb gone!
    God how I used to hate having my pic taken....lol.  This is certainly a reminder of why it wasn't something I looked forward to having done.  I am much more likely to sit and smile for the camera now.  Thank god for my life back!

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  4. mimster9 added a comment on a blog entry De Nile is a river in Egypt   

    Congrats to you!  I know all about the secret goal!  My goal reads 165 cus its nicely inside the BMI range for my height.  But......I really want to be at about 150.  LOL  3lbs till the 100's so we shall see where I end up.
  5. mimster9 added a post in a topic My pouch does NOT like chicken!   

    I will be 10 months out on Feb. 11 and I still really can't do chicken well. My stomach feels icky nearly everytime i eat it. Dry or moist doesn't seem to make any difference so far. Thankfully, my pouch absolutely LOVES steak. I eat it all the time and practically feel my tummy happy dancing. I say just keep trying it on occassion, but try other proteins that your tummy likes in the meantime.
  6. mimster9 added a post in a topic 3 months post op....feeling pretty darn good!   

    I love seeing the end results! Yours are going to be great, I can just tell.
  7. mimster9 added a post in a topic 13 Months later.   

    You look good and perfectly healthy to me! Enjoy that cute new little body! You earned it.
  8. mimster9 added a post in a topic 242 lbs VS 181 lbs!   

    I can see it and the confidence is flying out of the picture. Great job so far!
  9. mimster9 added a post in a topic 2013 starting off right! (update)   

    Thanks guys! I went ahead and hacked and dyed it again on Friday. My hair was so stinking thin and limp and dry. I think my hair looks much healthier now. Not sure my face shape works with it this short, but the hair is definetly way healthier looking.
  10. mimster9 added a post in a topic Almost 7 months post op... -111lbs   

    You should be smiling! Kick butt job!
  11. mimster9 added a post in a topic One more pound to be considered "normal" weight   

    Very fast work! Nice job! You look amazing!
  12. mimster9 added a post in a topic I always wanted to do one of these pants pics   

    Me too! But I am waiting till the end! I want complete satisfaction...lol.
  13. mimster9 added a post in a topic Black dress for the New Year   

    I have been doing that the whole time too....makes it so much funner and more of a positive experience along the way! You look fantastic already....gonna be a stunner when you get done!
  14. mimster9 added a topic in Member Photos   

    2013 starting off right! (update)
    I will be at 9 months on Jan. 11th. I am down 115 lbs and I'm feeling pretty good. I can't even imagine how I am going to look and feel when I get down these last 45. Such an incredible journey in just 9 short months. So blessed to have my health and body back to start 2013. The wedding pic wasn't at my largest, but it was close. I was about 292 lbs in that picture. I would love to get my wedding pics retaken now, but that would be cheating and even at that weight, I still loved my photographer and that whole day. Good luck to everyone starting their journey this year! Can't wait to see how you are doing in 2014!I decided to go a little darker and shorter. What do you guys think? I think I like it....

    Ok, so it's growing on me, slowly. I have been blonde for 32.5 years. lol. I'm having trouble adjusting.

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  15. mimster9 added a comment on a gallery image 2013