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  • Birthday 06/04/1976

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  • Website URL http://run4funwithme.blogspot.com

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  • Gender Male
  • Location Massachusetts
  • Interests Running and Spartan's
  • Age 36


  • Surgeon Dr. Sheldon Randall
  • Hospital Leonard Morse
  • Height (ft-in) 5-09
  • Start Weight 320
  • Current Weight 190
  • Goal Weight 185
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 27
  • Surgery Date 08/12/2011
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. Silenus added a post in a topic Tough Mudder   

    Mud races are a blast. I personally prefer Spartan races as I am the very competitive type. To train for an obstacle course race you need a ton of cardio and upper body. I would focus on more body weight exercises like dips and pull ups. You should also find a step hill and train running up it. When you can do that add a sand bag!
  2. Silenus added a gallery image in Before and After   

  3. Silenus added a gallery image in Before and After   

    Oct 2012
    210 lbs
  4. Silenus added a gallery image in Before and After   

    Nov 2012
    205 lbs
  5. Silenus added a gallery image in Before and After   

    Aug 2012
    220 lbs
  6. Silenus added a gallery image in Before and After   

    July 2012
    ~225 lbs
  7. Silenus added a gallery image in Before and After   

    Before Aug 2011
    320 lbs or heavier
  8. Silenus added a post in a topic anyone from Massachusetts?   

    Another mass guy here. A little over a year out. Live in metro west and work in Cambridge
  9. Silenus added a post in a topic 15 Months Out & Not Happy   

    Are you exercising? If not this would help a lot. I think they say that without exercising you will only lose between 60-80 lbs. You have to remember the surgery is not a cure all its a stepping stone. You still need to put in the work. Working out is a huge part of that. Also eating right, which means mostly protien and only around 1500 cal per day. Try to keep a food journal as this may help too.
  10. Silenus added a post in a topic open rny   

    I really had no option as the doctor I wanted and trusted only does open RNY as he feels its safer. As he has down over 10,000 who am I to argue
  11. Silenus added a post in a topic open rny   

    I had open and am glad I did. I am 9 months out and have had no complications, no vomiting, no dumping nothing! I was able to eat solids a week after surgery (shrimp and scrambled eggs). My scare is almost non visible but is about 8" long. As for recovery I was walking 8 hours after surgery and home in 2 days. I walked 1 mile 5 days after surgery.
    We all have stories about which has more complications but it really comes down to trust in your surgeon.
    Good luck
  12. Silenus added a post in a topic so he found out my plans.. <sigh>   

    This is a very major surgery and life changing moment. I am not sure how you were going to hide a major surgery from your husband. My wife and I talked about the process and surgery and decided as a team it was right for me and our family. I suggest that the two of you go for some counseling as hiding something like this seems to be indicative of a larger problem with the relationship and throughout this process you are going to need all the support that you can get.
  13. Silenus added a post in a topic Cold all the time! Anyone else?   

    I too am cold and this topic was discussed at a WLS group I attend. What were were told is that after surgery our hormone system and general blood chemistry is out of balance due to the WLS. Most found that as time goes by it gets better especially as our weight post surgery stabilizes. That said I a 7 months post op and freeze my buns off!
  14. Silenus added a post in a topic Having A Hard Time Finding Things That Taste Good....   

    What about fish or shellfish, great source of protein and a ton of different ways to make it to suit every taste. Oh and don't forget tofu!
  15. Silenus added a post in a topic First Meal   

    I had shrimp with cocktail sauce I think I could only eat 2 or 3. I would not plan on sides for awhile. I am over a month out and can only eat my protein for meals. Every once and awhile I will steal a small bite from my wife's plate to get a taste.
    Good luck!