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Fit Mommy

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  • Birthday 12/15/1982

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  • Gender Female
  • Location North Carolina
  • Age 28


  • Surgeon Dr.Sudan
  • Hospital Durham Regional
  • Height (ft-in) 5-08
  • Start Weight 285
  • Current Weight 255
  • Goal Weight 180
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 42
  • Surgery Date 10/28/11
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

Fit Mommy's Activity

  1. Fit Mommy added a comment on a blog entry Food Stuck In Throat After Eating   

    how do you feel now? im 14 days as well today and the eggs did fine with me...what other things are you trying?
  2. Fit Mommy added a comment on a blog entry Had Surgery On Oct. 28Th!   

    I had surgery on the same day! How r u feeling now? Losing anything? Any special shakes u like?
  3. Fit Mommy added a blog entry in Fit Mommy's Blog   

    Just Had Surgery
    I had surgery on Friday! I'm feeling a little tired. It's harder than I thought getting my protein in. Any new suggestions out there?
  4. Fit Mommy added a blog entry in Fit Mommy's Blog   

    Pre-Op Day!
    Today I found out all there is to know about how to eat (liquids) and what multi-vitamins to take (Centrum 2 a day) before the surgery on Friday! Now, I must go to CVS and stock up on Protein Shakes (ensure because I got a coupon and rebate), vitamins...plus go to the grocery store for my husband and little girl to freeze some casseroles...and get a new robe and shoes for the hospital! Wow- soooo much to do so little time in just a few days!!! Tomorrow I go to speak to the doctor and to anesthesia doctors at the hospital. Two days of pre-op! I feel more ready than ever, but almost too ready to where I feel overwhelmed...it's coming so fast! I hope I am ready for everything that is about to happen to me!

    One thing, I would like to know more about is getting a chart to better organize the every 15minutes of sipping, sipping, walking that I heard about today...any suggestions?