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  • Website URL http://www.GBSurgery4me.com

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  • Gender Female
  • Location Rochester, NY
  • Age 43


  • Surgeon Dr. Forbes
  • Hospital Highland Hospital
  • Height (ft-in) 5-04
  • Start Weight 260
  • Current Weight 247
  • Goal Weight 130
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 42
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. HiTechGal added a post in a topic Please Help Me With Puree Food Choices   

    I've been eating greek yogurt. I take some Crystal Light Peach and some Splenda and mix it in. Tastes great! Mashed potatoes from Boston Market are delish too. Melt some cheese on top and you've got some protein. I also puree the chicken from Boston Market with Cream of Chicken soup made with skim milk. Just some suggestions that have been working for me. Good Luck!!!
  2. HiTechGal added a post in a topic No Support :(   

    Hi ZoesMommy,

    That sounds really frustrating. Please feel free to join us in Chat if you'd like a little other "outting" and get together with other friends. You can tell that people are in chat if there is a number next to chat on the 'chat' tab - and just click on the 'chat' tab to enter!

  3. HiTechGal added a post in a topic Scared Vs Heartbroken   

    My heart goes out to you and your family in this trying time - I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through, but I know you're strong enough to get through it.

  4. HiTechGal added a topic in Socialize   

    Workout Music
    I thought it would be fun to see the playlists that people work out to - and to give each other some ideas so our playlists don't get stale!

    Here's my current workout playlist:

    Jesus Walks - Kanya West
    The New Workout Plan - Kanya West
    It's a New Day - Will.i.am
    Lose Yourself - Emenem - 8 mile
    On the floor (Feat. Pitbull) - Jeniffer Lopez
    It's My Life - Bon Jovi
    Rock is Dead - The Matrix - Marilyn Manson
    She Bangs (English Version) - Ricky Martin
    I Like it Rough - Lady Gaga
    Shake your Bon-Bon - Ricky Martin
    Yeah! - Confessions (Special Edition) - Usher
    Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
    More - Usher
    Shut up and drive - Rihanna
    Erotica - Madonna

    Adds up to just about an hour - would love to hear what other people have!!!


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  5. HiTechGal added a topic in Socialize   

    Things To Ask The Surgeon
    Hi Everyone!

    I'm just wondering if there were any questions that you'd wished you'd asked your surgeon or nut or whoever that you didn't before you'd gone into surgery? Or general questions that I may not have thought of? Which could be anything...LOL

    Thanks so much!

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  6. HiTechGal added a post in a topic 7 Days Post Op   

    Mio is wonderful to add to water - it's a lot better than Crystal lite and a lot easier to use. Any of the flavors I've heard are good. Unjury has a great unflavored protein, that can go into your broth - if your broth is chicken broth, they have chicken soup protein. The unflavored protein can go into your pudding when you get to that stage. Also, if you don't like shakes, Isopure, from GNC is like flavored water - not like a shake at all. And has like...40gms of protein. I got the sample pack, and have enjoyed all the flavors. They're premixed and come in glass bottles. Very good.

  7. HiTechGal added a post in a topic :(   

    I know it's too late now, but why don't you make one for the office next time? I know when I worked in an office, and someone would bring in homemade stuff it was inHALED and loved!

    Just a thought.

  8. HiTechGal added a post in a topic Smoking?   

    I used to be a heavy smoker - up to 2 packs a day. I was told I needed to quit for this surgery. So I did (with the help of Chantix - which is WONDERFUL, BTW). I'd tried numerous times before to quit, so it's not like I didn't want to quit, so it's nice having a solid reason to. I've wanted this procedure for so many years, I'm not willing to ruin the chance for the puff of a cig! I'm working with my therapist to keep quit after the surgery, because right now I'm telling myself "do you want a cig or the surgery?" when I really want a cig - and the surgery wins out, of course. Of course, I could ask myself "do you want lung cancer, or not?", but for some reason, it's not the same. Most people won't understand that. But, in the end, I've been quit for 160 days, and I'm proud of myself for that.

  9. HiTechGal added a gallery image in Members Gallery   


    In album: Before and After

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  10. HiTechGal added a gallery image in Members Gallery   


    In album: Before and After

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  11. HiTechGal added a post in a topic Track Your Bloodwork!   

    Thanks for all this info!!! This is great! I may have missed this, but when should someone (me LOL) start getting these done? I'm pre op right now and about 2 months out from the projected surgery date. It would make sense to me to get these tests run now so as to fix anything that may be off, but I may be wrong?

    Thanks so much! great great topic!

  12. HiTechGal added a post in a topic 3 Weeks Out Wow !   

    Awesome Mesha! Way to go girl!!
  13. HiTechGal added a post in a topic Fitbit Group Created   

    Hi Hollyann! This is great! What a great Birthday gift to yourself! Happy Birthday!! Some of us are still waiting for our FitBit to get here in the mail, so you're a step ahead of us! LOL You should be able to see "Glittering WLS Buddies" on the FitBit dashboard. I think you have to be invited to join, so I just need your user name or email addy. (you can PM it to me if you'd like).


  14. HiTechGal added a topic in Socialize   

    Fitbit Group Created
    Hello Everyone!

    Some of us have got together and bought a FitBit (www.FitBit.com) and formed a private group on their site. We're calling ourselves the Glimmering WLS Buddies. If you have a fitbit or want to get a fitbit, you're welcome to join! Currently, we all join up in Chat, but we'd also like to keep this thread going as a way to cheer each other on - I think that there's a way to do that in the fitbit site as well. If you'd like to join, my user name on Fitbit is VibrantLynne, or catch me on Chat - it's not hard in the evening, or reply here.



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  15. HiTechGal added a post in a topic Trying Protein Now Before Surgery   

    Thank you thank you thank you for all this info! I just flooded the sites with emails for samples! The vitalady is great! I like that you can order what you want.